How it all began...

I have seen this on a few people's blogs so I thought I'd do it too...

1. Where did you meet your husband? I can't believe I am about to divulge this information -- ugh, here goes. Clint & I first met on LDSLinkUp (which is supposedly not a dating site, but like the Facebook of Mormons -- BUT, at the same time we were engaged there were 2 other girls at my work who were engaged to guys they met on the same site). He sent me an email just saying it was weird that my name was Jana and I knew ASL because he had a sister named Jana who was deaf. We emailed back and forth for a few weeks, talked on the phone for a few weeks, and then met when he came out to Utah during his spring break (he was still living in Dallas at the time).

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband? "Hello? Can I call you right back?" -- The first time he called me I immediately asked him if I could call him back... how rude. He thought I was blowing him off. The real story is I had another boy over at my apartment and wanted to get rid of him so I could talk to Clint. I did call him back and we literally talked all night. We only hung up because it was time to leave for work.

3. Where was your first date? I picked Clint up from the SLC airport and we spent the evening at Temple Square. It was such an incredible day. I already knew him so well from talking to him so much and it was so great to finally have him there!

4. Where was your first kiss? At the airport when I picked him up. That is embarassing but it's the truth. :)

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship? We first started talking in January, first met in March, got engaged in August, and got married in November.

6. Where did you get engaged? In the mountains outside of Kingman, AZ. I had flown out to Dallas to drive back with Clint because he was moving to Utah. On the way, we stopped at his Grandpa's house and we got engaged while we were there.

7. Where did you get married? The Salt Lake Temple. We were going to get married in Mt. Timpanogos but it was closed that week.

8. How did your reception go? It was awesome! It was at the Alpine Art Center. We were worried no one would come because it was the day before Thanksgiving, but they did and it was wonderful!

9. The Honeymoon! We got married on a Wednesday and went to Park City for the weekend. It was great. The only downer was that we were there for Thanksgiving and couldn't find anywhere open to eat so I'm pretty sure we ate food from a gas station for Thanksgiving dinner.



Dallas' first bath at home. I read in all of these books that baths are a great way to relax your baby for bedtime. If crying and screaming at the top of your lungs is relaxing, then I agree...

My son was born with a mullet... no joke. So, at the ripe old age of 3 weeks, my wonderful friend Liz cut it off and welcomed Dallas into the world outside of the trailer park.

Thanks to the best employers in the world (who also happen to be the best parents in the world), Dallas gets to come to work with me. It has been a bit of an adjustment, but he really enjoys his home-away-from-home under my desk... right next to the trash can.

Again, not his favorite thing in the world, but he is getting better at it. I love watching him squirm :)

I see a lot of this. Clint LOVES snuggling his sleeping son.

And this is just a really funny story that I thought I would share.... Dallas loves TV (see evidence below). Sad, I know, but it's true. I am really looking forward to the day when the TV can act as a baby-sitter for short amounts of time (did I just admit that out loud?). So, yesterday morning before work I had Dallas on the floor in the family room while I was getting ready for work. He was thoroughly enjoying the Friends episode that I had playing on the DVR. He had been quiet as a mouse for almost a full half hour so I decided to go upstairs and grab a few things we needed to bring with us. As soon as I got upstairs, he started screaming. I was so flattered thinking my son missed me... wrong. When I got downstairs he was still staring at the TV screaming. The show had ended. So I started a new show and he shut right back up again. Wow. Do we have a couch potato on our hands?


He smiled!

I don't have any pictures of it and Clint hasn't seen it so I'm not even sure he believes me, but Dallas decided to smile at me yesterday. I went in my Mom's office to get him while I was at work. I picked him up and then I kept talking to my Mom and he started breathing weird so I looked down and he was staring at me with this HUGE grin and was so excited he was breathing really fast! Since then, he has done it a few times... always right when I pick him up. It makes every minute of sleep I have lost so worth it!


Merry Christmas!

Here is our Christmas card, which most of you will get in the mail if I ever get around to actually getting it and Dallas' birth announcement printed :). So, if I don't.... Merry Christmas! We love you all!
Also, for Family Night on Monday we went to see Santa. Trust me, Dallas was ecstatic.


Our surprise visitors!

On Thanksgiving, we walked into my parents house and Luke came running around the corner. We had no idea Heather & Beau were coming and it was such a fun surprise to have them here for the weekend! We love you guys and Dallas misses you like crazy!

More pictures

There is really no point to this post besides that I think these are the cutest boys in the world...


Back by popular demand

Okay, first an apology that it has taken me so long to post more pictures. We have been using our neighbors' wireless internet for the past year (should I admit that?) and we finally got firewalled, so I am internet-less at home :(

Anyway, Dallas and I have been doing great. There is so much to learn about him, it's crazy that such a small person can be such an individual and I am having the best time getting to know him. Here are some of the things I have learned so far:

1. He hates to be swaddled because he loves stretching his legs out and has to have his hands by his face when he sleeps.
2. His sleep patterns are totally unpredictable at night... we're working on solving that problem.
3. He makes SO many different faces and most of them look exactly like faces his dad makes. I love it.
4. Despite the fact that I know he doesn't smile for real yet, I pretend he's doing it on purpose every time I see that gummy, gassy smile.
5. He makes the cutest noises when he eats. He makes much less-cute, more-angry noises when his diaper is changed.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Dallas' first bath at home:

Sleeping beauty:

With Daddy:

With Mommy (who, yes, is as tired as she looks):


Dallas Henderson Bishop

He's here! Dallas was born on Tuesday, November 6th at 5:11am. He was 6 lbs 4 oz. We went to our doctor's appointment on Monday night and my blood pressure had elevated a lot so they decided to induce. He was here 10 hours later and he is absolutely perfect! The verdict seems to be that he looks like his Daddy... I have no complaints there! He does have jaundice, so he spent his first night home sleeping on those horrible lights, which he hated and we experienced our first truly "sleepless night". Last night was much better. He is so adorable. Everytime I look at him I want to cry (hormones, maybe?). Life doesn't get better.


Getting closer...

Okay, this one is for those of you who don't get to hear my incessant baby-chatter all day every day. Here is the latest update: For about a month I have been going to the doctor every Monday and to Labor & Delivery every Thursday for non-stress tests because my blood pressure has been a little high. The American Fork Hospital seems to be my new home away from home... I was thinking of doing a little redecorating... it's not really my style....
Anyway, last night I went in for my weekly NST and ended up staying there for almost 3 hours. Very long and boring. For the last few weeks they have been telling me that I am having really regular contractions (about every 3 minutes) but I only really started feeling them this week. They are kind of annoying but not very painful, so I figure I'll know to start worrying when they start hurting like the dickens.... which I'm sure they will. Anyway, the doctor asked the nurses to run all kinds of tests on me. After being poked in each arm about a million times, not to mention all kinds of other tests, everything came back fine. I am, however, already 3cm dilated and 90% effaced at not quite 36 weeks. I've never had a baby before nor am I a doctor, so a lot of this means nothing to me... but I know that babies are supposed to be born at 40 weeks. At this point my blood pressure spiked about 20 points (no joke) and I got a little bit nervous, but all the nurse told me was to come back ASAP if the contractions start hurting more. So... who knows. I have heard everything from "oh, you could still have a good month ahead of you"" to "get ready... your baby is coming". Obviously, I am secretly praying that the former is true and I will have my little munchkin any day now (but the good mother inside of me who wants the best for her baby would never admit that, of course). The good news is... the baby is still looking great. He can come whenever he is ready... but let's make it snappy little buddy. Mommy's back hurts and she's tired of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes.


Dallas' 15 seconds of fame

My cousin Brittany is a Broadcast Journalism major at BYU and she did a story for KBYU News last week on baby names. She came and interviewed us about how we chose Dallas' name. She wasn't sure if it would air or not, but it did! Nice work, Brittany! Check it out... http://newsnet.byu.edu/story.cfm/65913 (it is like the second or third story, so you will have to fast forward a bit to get to the right place).


Bishop Family Visit

We had so much fun this week with Clint's family in town!

We went to the Provo Deaf ward on Sunday...

Had a gigantic Bishop FHE on Monday...
Went to the Salt Lake temple & celebrated Jana's 22nd birthday on Tuesday...

And dropped Jana off at the MTC on Wednesday...
We love you, Jana, and are so proud of you! Portland is so lucky to have you coming!

We love you all and we will miss you! Thanks for coming and visiting!

Ode to Stacie


Here are 10 of the many reasons I LOVE YOU:

1. You used to save your Halloween candy for disgusting & ridiculous amounts of time, which gave me the chance to eat most of it when you weren't looking (and we wonder why I had "a bit of a weight problem" as a child).
2. You came up with the brilliant idea of "resting your bottom".
3. You snort when you laugh.
4. You make up for what I lack in the domestic arts.
5. You used to suck at card games -- which meant I could always win.
6. All little kids love you to pieces!
7. You are the most creative person I know.
8. You are practically a genius.
9. You're my "sissy"
10. I just love your guts!


Come Back! We Miss You!

Once again, another visit from my sisters is over. The result: another cryfest. I started crying about all of them leaving about 30 seconds after Heather and Luke walked out my door on Saturday. Trisha, Paul, Brigham and Raegan leave this afternoon... hopefully I have already dried myself up enough to stay composed. Here are some pictures of the little darlings...

Luke having a snack... careful before he realizes that's milk, not juice! :)

Raegan in her very glamorous outfit.

Rafael, Brigham, and Brigham's smile.


Scarecrow Festival

Last night we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. There was adult supervision, I promise, but somehow none of us made it into very many of the pictures!


Yes, please

I just ran across these pictures on my computer and I almost started crying. Oh what I would give to be in Hawaii right now. Now excuse me while I go grab a cup of pineapple juice and sit in my desk chair staring at these pictures and praying for teletransportation...



Lately I have been feeling a bit like a widow. Clint, bless his heart, is so busy this semester. Between school, work, and more hours per week of studying than I EVER did in college, I don't see very much of him to say the least. The poor guy is so patient. He gets home from school and still has hours of work ahead of him every night. And of course, being the female that I am, rather than leave him be I bombard him with questions, stories, a minute-by-minute log of the baby's movements that day, you get the point... I try really hard not to complain about my new solitary lifestyle because it makes him feel bad. I really am so grateful that he is such a hard worker and is so focused on providing for his family. I am the luckiest girl in the world -- I love you Clint!

However, despite my always-supportive role as wife/widow (sarcasm intended), I just had to write and let the world know how excited I am that I have company coming! My sisters are all coming in town this weekend for conference and then my in-laws are coming the next week to bring my sister-in-law Jana to the MTC! It will be so nice to have something to do after work besides pester my husband. I love you all and can't wait to see you!


Vampire Fever

My friend Jessica posted this on her blog and I thought it was fun... If you've read any of the Twilight series (or if you are like Clint and you don't need to because your wife blabs on and on about them), try this quiz on for size: http://www.quizilla.com/users/twilightnexus/quizzes/Which%20Twilight%20novel%20character%20are%20you%3F

Here are my results:

You're Esme Cullen - Your maternal instinct to take care of people and be kind draw people towards you. You're compassionate and loving, yet firm when you need to be. You appreciate hard work and value the beautiful results of your dedication to any project.



We finished our nursery with 2 months to spare (to the day)! Since Clint is insanely busy with school and work, I have tried to make most of the preparations by myself. This hasn't been too rough since I have found myself with ridiculous amounts of time on my hands since graduation. But, since I am growing by the day, simple tasks are getting a little more difficult! So I figured it would be good to get all of the furniture put together before my belly is so big that I can't reach past it to work a screwdriver -- which is becoming frighteningly more eminent....

Thank you to Lily for our free crib, Stacie & Mom for making my bumpers & sheets, Mom for the CUTEST rocking horse ever (which is my shower gift, but she just couldn't wait!), Clint for painting while I was off vacationing, the country of Sweden for inventing IKEA, and all the random people on craigslist & eBay for selling us their old junk!


30 weeks

I am so sorry that this entire blog has been about me and my bump for the past 7 months, but Clint convinced me that the people who don't get to see me everyday would want an updated picture of my beer belly... so here it is, in all its glory.



No, I am not having twins... so now you can sit back for a minute and let your blood pressure return to normal. Here's the real story: Over the weekend we went over to our friends Liz & Zac's house. (Who, I should mention, I think are so wonderful! Liz is my friend from high school and I am so lucky that her husband Zac and Clint get along so well! It's no wonder since they are both a little nutso, but I really am so grateful for good friends who I know we can turn to for anything). Anyway, when we got there Clint & Zac were wearing the exact same shirt and my easily-amused self thought it was the funniest thing in the world... so I documented it for posterity's sake. Enjoy...


She really left...

Stacie left for Idaho to go back to school on Saturday. We will miss her lots! Before she left, my dad whipped out the Martinelli's and we all had a little toast for her (any excuse for Martinelli's is great with me)! I can't believe how fast the summer went! We love you Stacie!


My own little sweatshop

This is a thank you to my Mom and my sister Stacie for being SOOO nice and sharing their talents with me by helping me make my crib bedding. If you're wondering why I'm not in any of the pictures, it is because by "helping me" I really mean "doing EVERYTHING"! They are so awesome and the bedding looks absolutely adorable. I didn't post pictures of the final product because I want to wait until I have the whole room put together, but I just wanted to tell my Mom & Stacie THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!


Growing Belly

We figured it was time for a monthly belly update -- I am now 25 1/2 weeks. This time you get the side view plus the view from my perspective (notice how you can't see my feet).