That was totally WICKED!!!

Last weekend my Mom took my sisters and I all to LA to see Wicked! It was GREAT!
Besides the INCREDIBLE show, we also had lots of fun shopping, visiting the Walk of Fame, celebrating Heather's birthday, and enjoying each other's company. (And aren't they all pretty?) :-) Thanks so much Mom!



Yesterday was the big day. We brought my parents and my sister Stacie. It was so fun to have them there. So...here's the good news: It's a little hard to see, but the back of his little bum is at the top and you can see his two little legs coming down and... surprise... he's a HE! :)

Here are a few more pictures as well... he was all curled up so his head is at the bottom and his body comes up on the left side. What a cute little face!

Look at that hand! Five fingers... phew!

Well, if you can't tell, we are absolutely ecstatic. He was SO SQUIRMY the whole time. It's so crazy that he moves around that much and I can't even feel him yet! We love that little guy so much!



Clint and I went to California last week for my friend Mindy's wedding and to visit our family! We had such a blast!

We went to an A's game

...Went into San Francisco

...Played on the beach at Santa Cruz

...And had tons of fun hanging out with Heather, Beau and Luke!