Top 3 Pregnancy Myths

(Please note that there is nothing scientific about this list. Simply my way of venting without making Clint listen to me whine and cry)

1. Morning-sickness... please. This term was invented by a man or some female doctor who has never carried a child. Morning-noon-and-night-sickness, maybe. Just-thinking-about-food-sickness, maybe. Morning-sickness, I don't think so. Whoever said this would go away by 12 weeks must have also been a man.

2. If you are blessed with the joys of intense "morning sickness", you are probably having a girl. If this one is true, I am pretty sure I am going to be hospitalized if I am ever pregnant with a girl.

3. Staying within the recommended weight gain will help your body stay as close to normal as possible and return to normal as quickly as possible. I pretty much eat whatever I can stomach... healthy or not. Still, at almost 6 months pregnant I have only gained about 3 pounds, not bad right? Wrong. Stretch marks are already plaguing my body and my hips are about 4 times wider than usual .... don't ask me how... I don't understand it. Needless to say, I am not planning on ever returning to normal.

...Now let me repent... I really do love being pregnant, I promise. Feeling him move is incredible. SEEING him move really freaks me out (just started this week)... but it is still so amazing. Hearing my husband talk about how excited he is to be a daddy makes me even more excited. Regardless of my griping, I will definitely do it again. I figure I'm not the first nauseus, achy, tired mom-to-be... and yet we all keep subjecting ourselves to this voluntary torture for thousands of years... there must be something that makes it worth it! :)


Weekend Project

With all of our fun vacations over for the summer, this is the kind of exciting information you get from me... Clint and I spent the weekend painting our living room/dining area. I guess I am in the "nesting phase". Here are the before and after pics...





Okay, well Jessica blog-tagged me, so I am supposed to give you seven facts about myself and then tag someone else to do the same. If you don't care, then don't read it... my feelings won't be hurt. :) I can admit that I am not very interesting, I am having a hard time even thinking of 7 things to tell you....

#1: I have always been TERRIBLE at tag. I am so grateful that blog tag doesn't require running or you would all be laughing at me. Somehow Heavenly Father missed me when he passed out the athletic genes... even when I am really in shape and run a lot, I am slow and awkward.

#2: I have a CRAZY obsession with my nieces and nephews. Everytime I have to leave them I bawl. And here's the amazing part... I was pretty sure my sisters' kids were the cutest kids in the world (which they absolutely are), but then I met all of Clint's sisters kids and they are adorable too! I love you Brigham, Raegan, Luke, Adam, Genevieve, Rebecca, Lilian, Maddy, and Morgi! I also have this terrible fear that my poor children will never live up to the high standard of cuteness that has been set... poor Dallas... I promise I'll think you're cute no matter what! :)

#3: I secretly LOVE 80's/early 90's television. I own lots of the seasons of Full House on DVD and watch them over and over again. I do get slightly offended when people tell me I look like DJ, even though I know it's a little bit true. It might not bother me but Clint always had a crush on Stephanie growing up, not DJ. Close seconds would have to be Saved By the Bell, Boy Meets World, Out of This World and Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

#4: I sometimes feel like a quitter because I will never work in the field I graduated in (speech therapy). If only graduate school weren't so long and hard.... Okay, let's be honest, if only I had any desire at all to go to grad school.... haha oh well.

#5: I can't wait to EAT again! Alright, I still eat. But I can't wait to enjoy it. For some reason during pregnancy, food is the enemy. I still can't understand why on TV they show all of these pregnant women with these terrible cravings who just stuff their faces all day! There are some things (Cafe Rio salad comes to mind) that I used to LOVE and now I can barely look at them. I am so afraid I will never enjoy food again... anyone who's been there want to falsely assure me that I will be able to love those things again?!?

#6: Feeling my baby move for the first time was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. Having Clint be able to feel him move was even more exciting.

#7: I am SUCH a homebody! Translation: I am basically socially inept. I just love spending time with my family. I just can't usually think of anything I would rather be doing than being at home with my hubby or over at my parents' house hanging out. I get teased because despite the fact that I work with my husband, dad, mom, sister, and brother every single day... I still can't get enough of them!

Heather and Trisha... you're it (when you get time)! Just think of it as a good excuse to update your blog... might as well put some pictures up while you're at it! :) Love you two!


There's no place like... Lake Powell!

We just had the most amazing week ever at Lake Powell! Trisha and Heather and their families were all able to meet us there for the whole week! It was so fun to have our whole family together (plus my brother's friend Russ) for an entire week.

We did lots of skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and tubing. It was kind of hard for me to watch everyone else have all the fun since I couldn't do much pregnant, but next year Dallas will be there to play with me and it will all be worth it!
Luckily, my mom was nice enough to take a nice slow tube ride with me so I could get behind the boat at least once! (Thanks, Mom!)
The boys (and brave Trisha) even went cliff-jumping which made me SOO nervous, but boys will be boys I guess. Pictures of cliff-jumping are coming later... I know, like there aren't already enough pictures on this post.

Raegan and Luke became quite the little buddies! They were both such troopers in their lifejackets all week... I would have complained a lot more than they did, that's for sure!

Brigham was so much fun to watch, he loved every minute of the trip! I'm not sure how many times I had to act out the 3 Little Pigs with him in one week, but it was totally worth it! In fact, when we got home Clint was watching a little video clip we took of him and I started bawling because I missed them all so much already... I must love my family or something!

Squirmy McSquirmster

Little Dallas is kicking up a storm these days... I love feeling him -- he's actually kicking the heck out of me as we speak -- luckily, he's still just a little squirt so it doesn't hurt yet. :) Clint was even able to feel one giant kick while we were at Lake Powell, so that was very very exciting for us both!

We had another ultrasound today and it looks like he's still a healthy little boy! (We are releived that the doctor and Fetal Fotos both agreed that he is, indeed, a he -- otherwise, our poor daughter would have been stuck with our cowboy-themed nursery.) They were able to rule out any basic abnormalities like cleft lip/palate, etc. so that's a relief as well.
I know I talk about him too much, but don't complain yet because it will only get worse when his adorable little self comes out!! Clint and I both just feel so blessed to have this little guy coming.


I Love New York!

Last weekend was the boys' turn to party! They all met in New York for a Yankees vs. A's game. They were a split crowd since Paul is a BIG Yankees fan and the rest of my family are major A's fans (although I hear Clint moved over to the dark side). :) Regardless, it was Paul's day to shine... the Yankees won 2-1!
They also got to see a lot of fun New York sites:
It was so fun for them to get together. I know Clint had lots of fun!

In other news, little Dallas has been kicking like CRAZY! I've been a little unsure as to whether it's really him I'm feeling or not but last night we were watching a movie and he was going insane! It was not a little flutter like they say you'll feel at first, he was trying to break his way out of there! Hooray! Poor Clint is a little sad that he can't feel him yet, but that time will come soon!