Getting closer...

Okay, this one is for those of you who don't get to hear my incessant baby-chatter all day every day. Here is the latest update: For about a month I have been going to the doctor every Monday and to Labor & Delivery every Thursday for non-stress tests because my blood pressure has been a little high. The American Fork Hospital seems to be my new home away from home... I was thinking of doing a little redecorating... it's not really my style....
Anyway, last night I went in for my weekly NST and ended up staying there for almost 3 hours. Very long and boring. For the last few weeks they have been telling me that I am having really regular contractions (about every 3 minutes) but I only really started feeling them this week. They are kind of annoying but not very painful, so I figure I'll know to start worrying when they start hurting like the dickens.... which I'm sure they will. Anyway, the doctor asked the nurses to run all kinds of tests on me. After being poked in each arm about a million times, not to mention all kinds of other tests, everything came back fine. I am, however, already 3cm dilated and 90% effaced at not quite 36 weeks. I've never had a baby before nor am I a doctor, so a lot of this means nothing to me... but I know that babies are supposed to be born at 40 weeks. At this point my blood pressure spiked about 20 points (no joke) and I got a little bit nervous, but all the nurse told me was to come back ASAP if the contractions start hurting more. So... who knows. I have heard everything from "oh, you could still have a good month ahead of you"" to "get ready... your baby is coming". Obviously, I am secretly praying that the former is true and I will have my little munchkin any day now (but the good mother inside of me who wants the best for her baby would never admit that, of course). The good news is... the baby is still looking great. He can come whenever he is ready... but let's make it snappy little buddy. Mommy's back hurts and she's tired of going to the bathroom every 5 minutes.


Dallas' 15 seconds of fame

My cousin Brittany is a Broadcast Journalism major at BYU and she did a story for KBYU News last week on baby names. She came and interviewed us about how we chose Dallas' name. She wasn't sure if it would air or not, but it did! Nice work, Brittany! Check it out... http://newsnet.byu.edu/story.cfm/65913 (it is like the second or third story, so you will have to fast forward a bit to get to the right place).


Bishop Family Visit

We had so much fun this week with Clint's family in town!

We went to the Provo Deaf ward on Sunday...

Had a gigantic Bishop FHE on Monday...
Went to the Salt Lake temple & celebrated Jana's 22nd birthday on Tuesday...

And dropped Jana off at the MTC on Wednesday...
We love you, Jana, and are so proud of you! Portland is so lucky to have you coming!

We love you all and we will miss you! Thanks for coming and visiting!

Ode to Stacie


Here are 10 of the many reasons I LOVE YOU:

1. You used to save your Halloween candy for disgusting & ridiculous amounts of time, which gave me the chance to eat most of it when you weren't looking (and we wonder why I had "a bit of a weight problem" as a child).
2. You came up with the brilliant idea of "resting your bottom".
3. You snort when you laugh.
4. You make up for what I lack in the domestic arts.
5. You used to suck at card games -- which meant I could always win.
6. All little kids love you to pieces!
7. You are the most creative person I know.
8. You are practically a genius.
9. You're my "sissy"
10. I just love your guts!


Come Back! We Miss You!

Once again, another visit from my sisters is over. The result: another cryfest. I started crying about all of them leaving about 30 seconds after Heather and Luke walked out my door on Saturday. Trisha, Paul, Brigham and Raegan leave this afternoon... hopefully I have already dried myself up enough to stay composed. Here are some pictures of the little darlings...

Luke having a snack... careful before he realizes that's milk, not juice! :)

Raegan in her very glamorous outfit.

Rafael, Brigham, and Brigham's smile.


Scarecrow Festival

Last night we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point. There was adult supervision, I promise, but somehow none of us made it into very many of the pictures!


Yes, please

I just ran across these pictures on my computer and I almost started crying. Oh what I would give to be in Hawaii right now. Now excuse me while I go grab a cup of pineapple juice and sit in my desk chair staring at these pictures and praying for teletransportation...



Lately I have been feeling a bit like a widow. Clint, bless his heart, is so busy this semester. Between school, work, and more hours per week of studying than I EVER did in college, I don't see very much of him to say the least. The poor guy is so patient. He gets home from school and still has hours of work ahead of him every night. And of course, being the female that I am, rather than leave him be I bombard him with questions, stories, a minute-by-minute log of the baby's movements that day, you get the point... I try really hard not to complain about my new solitary lifestyle because it makes him feel bad. I really am so grateful that he is such a hard worker and is so focused on providing for his family. I am the luckiest girl in the world -- I love you Clint!

However, despite my always-supportive role as wife/widow (sarcasm intended), I just had to write and let the world know how excited I am that I have company coming! My sisters are all coming in town this weekend for conference and then my in-laws are coming the next week to bring my sister-in-law Jana to the MTC! It will be so nice to have something to do after work besides pester my husband. I love you all and can't wait to see you!