Our surprise visitors!

On Thanksgiving, we walked into my parents house and Luke came running around the corner. We had no idea Heather & Beau were coming and it was such a fun surprise to have them here for the weekend! We love you guys and Dallas misses you like crazy!

More pictures

There is really no point to this post besides that I think these are the cutest boys in the world...


Back by popular demand

Okay, first an apology that it has taken me so long to post more pictures. We have been using our neighbors' wireless internet for the past year (should I admit that?) and we finally got firewalled, so I am internet-less at home :(

Anyway, Dallas and I have been doing great. There is so much to learn about him, it's crazy that such a small person can be such an individual and I am having the best time getting to know him. Here are some of the things I have learned so far:

1. He hates to be swaddled because he loves stretching his legs out and has to have his hands by his face when he sleeps.
2. His sleep patterns are totally unpredictable at night... we're working on solving that problem.
3. He makes SO many different faces and most of them look exactly like faces his dad makes. I love it.
4. Despite the fact that I know he doesn't smile for real yet, I pretend he's doing it on purpose every time I see that gummy, gassy smile.
5. He makes the cutest noises when he eats. He makes much less-cute, more-angry noises when his diaper is changed.

Here are a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Dallas' first bath at home:

Sleeping beauty:

With Daddy:

With Mommy (who, yes, is as tired as she looks):


Dallas Henderson Bishop

He's here! Dallas was born on Tuesday, November 6th at 5:11am. He was 6 lbs 4 oz. We went to our doctor's appointment on Monday night and my blood pressure had elevated a lot so they decided to induce. He was here 10 hours later and he is absolutely perfect! The verdict seems to be that he looks like his Daddy... I have no complaints there! He does have jaundice, so he spent his first night home sleeping on those horrible lights, which he hated and we experienced our first truly "sleepless night". Last night was much better. He is so adorable. Everytime I look at him I want to cry (hormones, maybe?). Life doesn't get better.