Please don't feel like you have to comment. The only reason for this post is because I am sick of seeing that ugly meter thing every time I log in to check all of your blogs (which is much too often). I would much rather see Dallas.


This week...

Here are the Bishop happenings of the past week or so. You know, things that excited me but no one else will care about :). Thanks for being patient with me. I love my child. Too much, perhaps??

Dallas learned to roll over (sometimes it startles him, like in this videoclip).

Dallas got attached to this little monkey. It's so cute.

Dallas learned to laugh. Clint is the only one who can really make him do it for a long time and I haven't caught it on tape yet. Just trust me, it's adorable. :)

And Clint took me to Rockapella for our Valentines date. It was so great and so nice to not have to lug a carseat around with me (Thanks, Liz, for watching the boy).


Camp Layton

Holy smokes. Last night was the craziest night of my life:

3:50pm - Leave work

4:00pm - -Realize I probably shouldn't have left at all but am completely stuck in the middle of a white-out and can't turn back now.

4:15pm -- Still stuck in the same place. Dallas starts crying because he's hungry. Realize I only have one ounce of water to make him a bottle. Feed him the one ounce and pray he falls asleep.

5:00pm -- Still stuck in the same place. Dallas is asleep - thank Heaven. All I can see is white in all directions. I know there is a car about 3 feet in front of me. I can only see his lights about once every 10 seconds through the white snow.

5:45pm -- Still stuck in the same place. Trying to decide if I should pull off to the side of the road. Decide against it because I can't see anything in any direction and I have no idea what I might hit or what kind of ditch I might fall into if I pull over. Finally start moving. Literally can't see a thing except those flickering taillights in front of me. Praying like there's no tomorrow. Really starting to wonder if there will be a tomorrow for Dallas and I.

6:00pm -- Still moving at a snail's pace into the white abyss. Have no idea where I am because all I see is white and flickering taillights. Can barely see a stoplight but now I know where I am. Decide now is as good a time as any to turn. Can't see anything. Turn left across traffic with only a prayer that no one is headed straight at me.

6:15pm -- At a dead stop again. Get out of car and ask a few people if they have water so I can make Dallas a bottle. No one does. Start moving again. All familiar roads are closed and visibility is still minimal. Somehow find myself in an unfamiliar neighborhood with no idea what direction I am driving.

6:50pm -- Miraculously pull into the Layton's neighborhood where Clint is already. I am shaking. I guess the party that was scheduled for my house at 7pm is off.

11:00pm -- The news is talking about how this is the worst storm they can remember. The roads to our house are still closed. Decide to camp out at Liz & Zac's (along with Liz's sister and her family who also got stuck).

8:00am -- Roads to our house still closed.

10:45am -- We finally arrive home. Only took 19 hours.

Needless to say, we feel like we literally owe our lives to Liz & Zac. We love them so much and really feel like they are an answer to our prayers. I have never felt more grateful to be safe and warm with Dallas. It's crazy how it takes something like this to make you SO grateful for the safety of your family. Thank Heaven for answered prayers.

Clint... like Eastwood...

This year I get two valentines! TWO boys who treat me like a queen... I couldn't ask for more!Thank you, Nana, for Dallas' darling Valentines bib. Heaven knows the bib is the most important part of his outfit everyday, so he may as well look cute while he's spitting up. Thanks, Nana! We love you!

So, I have been avoiding doing this "tag" because it is really long and I feel like no matter what I say I can't do justice to how AMAZING Clint really is. But, in the spirit of Valentines Day, here goes...

What is his name? Clinton (Clint) Travis Bishop
How long have you been together? 3 years
How long did you date? We got married almost a year after we met
How old is he? 24
Who eats more? If it's sugary, him. The boy can pack away the chocolate like he's PMS-ing.
Who said I love you first? He did. But i basically begged him to.
Who is taller? He is 5'9'' and I am 5'6'' - so he is, unless I am wearing heals
Who can sing better? Him. I love to tell people about how he played Rooster in Annie & sang SOLO. Woot woot! My husband is better than yours ;)
Who is smarter? He is. He puts my college GPA to shame. It's sad, really.
Who does the laundry? I do. But he will usually help me fold it after he gets sick of pulling clean clothes out of a basket because I hate folding laundry.
Who pays the bills? I do - and I like it. I'm a little too anal to let anyone else do things like that.
Who sleeps on the right side? I do now. He used to until Dallas was born and we switched so I could get to him easier for feedings in the middle of the night.
Who mows the lawn? HOA. Praise Heaven.
Who cooks dinner? I do most of the time. But only because I get home earlier -- he makes some mean waffles.
Who drives? He does. We don't even think about it.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me... and i liked it.
Who asked out who first? Neither. We dated long distance so there wasn't a lot of "asking out" going on.
Who proposed? He did. I flew to Dallas to drive out here with him when he moved to Utah, and we stopped at his Grandpa's house in AZ on the way and he proposed in the mountains there. I had no idea he was going to propose so the first thing I said was "What about my Dad?" (really romantic, I know. It was just really important to me that he talk to my dad first. He already had).
Who has more friends? Weird question. We have the same friends.
Who is more sensitive? What does that mean? I cry more. He only cries when he watches Field of Dreams. But he is really sensitive to my needs, etc.
Who has more siblings? He does. He has 4 sisters and 1 brother. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.
Who wears the pants? We both wear pants. Every day. And you should all be grateful.

And this part I am ad-libbing. Here are a few more things that make me so thankful for Clint every morning when I wake up and see him next to me:
*Between school and work, he is the busiest person I know - but he never complains.
*He is always willing to get up in the middle of the night to feed Dallas.
*He will kiss me even if I look like I just got hit by a cattle truck.
*He has an amazing sense of style and always looks incredible.
*All he has to do is walk in the room and Dallas goes crazy!
*He is ridiculously smart.
*He does the best impersonations.
*He is the most amazing Daddy.
*He is so politically informed.
*He eats my cooking without complaining.
*He tells me he loves me before he hangs up everytime we talk on the phone.
*He still takes me on dates.

"Marriage is perhaps the most vital of all the decisions and has the most far-reaching effects, for it has to do not only with immediate happiness, but eternal joys as well. "

-Spencer W. Kimball

"May we heed the voice of the prophets, who, from the beginning of time, have warned us about the importance of fathers in the home." -L. Tom Perry

Thank you for all you do for us, Clint. I thank Heavenly Father every single day that things worked out the way they did and that I get to be with you forever. You are my world. Dallas and I both love you more than anything. Happy Valentines Day!


I never get bored of this kid

DISCLAIMER: Please either mute your computer or excuse my annoying baby talk. For some reason I can't shut my mouth when I am videotaping him. I'll be honest, I'm really embarassed but my son is too darn cute to not post this.


CoolMama & HepCat

Clint's parents came into town this past week so Dallas got to meet his CoolMama & HepCat! He instantly loved them both... especially the Texas accents! We had so much fun and we miss them already! Can't wait to take Dallas to Dallas to see them again and so he can visit his namesake!


Bob's House

I don't know if any of you caught this commercial during the superbowl (we actually didn't), but since Clint and I both sign (ok, Clint signs and I fake it) we thought it was pretty cool. It's actually an old deaf joke that we had both heard, but it's pretty cute. Check it out!


Dallas - 2 month pictures

Thank you to Lily -- you are so talented and we love you!