Is it wrong that this list makes me really hungry? I don't think the point of this Men's Health article was to make readers crave these artery-clogging treats, but that's certainly what they did for me (and Clint, but anyone who knows him won't be surprised by that). Maybe it's just because post-baby I have denied myself these greasy culinary masterpieces. I could really go for a nice big plate of America's worst food right now. Check it out:

P.S. Any comments on Paula last night? Drugged much? I think yes.


These Are a Few of My (Least) Favorite Things

Well, it's another pointless post for me this Friday. I just thought I'd blog about my least favorite people from TV. They're not people I really wish bodily harm on, but they're definitely people I don't care much for.

Spencer Pratt: Sure, I could pretend I don't watch The Hills with Jana and pretend that I didn't faithfully watch Laguna Beach but that wouldn't be the truth now would it? I love LC and Lo but I loathe Spencer Pratt. Anybody with me on this one?

Dr. Phil: Saw him at a car show in Dallas once and I'm pretty sure my eyes burned holes in the back of his fat, shiny head. Stacy London: the only thing worse than her being on TLC's What Not to Wear is giving her her own talk show. Seriously.

Paula Abdul: Straight up now tell me...is it possible to make millions on TV when you can't even string a coherent sentence together? It is! And for those of you who stalk our blog, the question of the week: Who's YOUR least favorite TV personality?

For this week's YouTube post, my brother reminded me how funny the Trunk Monkey commercials are. Apparently they're for a car dealership back east and this video is a compilation of all of them. I think the second one is my fave...


Ben Folds

For Clint's birthday, I surprised him with tickets to the Ben Folds concert last night at Saltair (for those non-Utahns who read my blog, from the outside it is a miniature Taj Mahal in the middle of the Salt Flats, from the inside it is a giant empty warehouse - not my favorite venue, but worth it for a good show). Clint didn't know where we were going until the drive up. This is how excited he was when he found out:
We are both ridiculously tired today, but we had so much fun! The doors were supposed to open at 6, but didn't until 7. Then there were FOUR opening acts, only one of which was any good (Chris Merrit from here in Utah if anyone is interested). One of the other opening acts was supposed to be really good (Ben Lee), but ended up to be more like a comedy act. His guitar was malfunctioning - he ended up unplugging and pulling his guitar up really close to his face and the microphone (see photo evidence below). I felt so bad for the poor guy. From this catastrophe emerged the quote of the night, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a ______ _______ breakdown". Inappropriate, I know, but so funny in the midst of such an awkward mess.

Anyway, about 9:45, Ben Folds finally came out. He put on an awesome show. Even the songs we didn't know from his upcoming album were excellent. Our camera is terrible in the dark, so we don't have great pictures, but it was fun nonetheless.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for watching Dallas so we could go!


Music of the Night

He may have a giant forehead and awful hair, but how hot was David Cook's performance last night?


Happy 25th, Clint!

Today is Clint's 25th birthday. Poor guy is taking a final as we speak. I do have surprise plans for Wednesday night, but since today's not gonna be a great birthday I thought I'd cheer him up by posting all the things that make him smile:

Happy Birthday! We love you!!

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was one of those where you are more tired on Monday than you were on Friday, but it was totally worth it.

First, on Saturday I threw a baby shower for my friend Jessica. It was a little tight in my tiny living room/kitchen, but we had a great turnout and a lot of fun.Then, later that day my in-laws came into town for a last minute visit! Dallas was VERY happy to see them and had a blast. Dallas also got to meet his Aunt Jana (Clint's sister) for the first time and he literally stared at her all weekend long. He is going to be so sad when he goes home tonight and they aren't there anymore.


Four years and counting...

So I really couldn't think of anything interesting to blog about this Friday and just happened to notice that next month will mark the 4th anniversary of finishing my mission to England and Wales. A lot sure has changed in my life in the last four years (for example: marriage, baby, moved to Utah, etc.) but I still think about my mission everyday. Don't get me wrong, I don't have this obsessive longing that some return missionaries have, and this might strike some of you as odd but I actually didn't ask if I could extend my mission beyond two years like some do. As much as I loved my mission, I realized that life must go on and as great as they were, those "best two years" really haven't been as good as the last two with Jana. So today is my "Ode to England" (uh, and Wales too I guess). Here are a few pictures of some of the most memorable places I visited. Jana and I would love to go back to England and see some people and the sights before heading over the continent but I'm afraid we're too poor and the dollar's exchange rate ($2 for 1 British pound?!) isn't having us holding our breath. At any rate, I'm visiting there right now by doing this post I guess. Enjoy!

And no, I didn't take these pictures. I'm afraid I was on the mish before digital cameras were ubiquitous so I've got lots of strips of film that need to be developed and scanned. If you're insteresting in knowing what these places are: Shugborough Estate (Stafford, England), Buxton Opera House (Buxton, England), Conwy Castle (North Wales, and no that's not a typo), and Chester England town center (the famous walled city). Just so everyone is aware, though I love England and would love to visit, I wouldn't move to live there in a thousand years. Seriously people: rain, crap cars, crap food (except chocolate), 17.5% sales tax and inefficient nationalized healthcare. Not exactly my cup of tea (pun intended). For today's video, I thought you all should get a glimpse of what the accent in my mission was like. It wasn't this nice, posh English accent you're probably all imagining. I found this video of a comedian I like who's from a city in my mission. It gets pretty funny at 2 mins 15 secs. Enjoy it if you can understand any of it!


A Letter To Me

If you don't listen to country music, this post will seem very random.

Here is the letter I would write to myself at age 17:

Dear Jana,

I know you think you're fat but you're not. You're in the best shape you'll ever be in, so enjoy it!

Keep up the "no boyfriend" rule. You'll still get a lot of free meals on first and second dates and it's a lot more fun that way.

You don't go on a mission or on study abroad. In fact, you've still never left North America. But it's really okay. You come to terms with it.

Yes, you get into BYU. You even graduate.

Yes, you get married. And yes, he is hot.

Yes, you are fertile and you make VERY cute babies.

Appreciate your parents. When you become a mom, you will gain a new respect for them. Make sure you tell them you love them everyday.

BE NICE TO YOUR LITTLE SISTER!! She will become one of your best friends and you will never be able to shake the fact that you treated her so poorly, no matter how many times she tells you it's okay.

Get all the sleep you can while you can. Especially in college. There is just no good reason to stay up all night. You'll miss it later, trust me. (Ignore this advice the first time Clint calls. Go ahead and talk all night. That one missed nights sleep will be well worth it).

Count your blessings. I'm not sure why the Lord gives you so much, a lot of the time you don't deserve it. But don't question it, just enjoy it and thank Him everyday.





Blog Name Change

I decided to change our blog's URL, so that we can keep our internet exposure to first names only. So, effective next week, we will be changing it to: clintandjana.blogspot.com

I am going to give it til next week so people can get their links changed, etc. Sorry to be such a pain in the you-know.

Clint's Friday Post -by Jana

Since Clint didn't have time to do his Friday post I thought I would take the chance to expose him as he did to me last week. Here are Clint's Hollywood crushes:
Jessica Beil & Evangeline Lilly (from LOST). Now tell me they don't look like twins. I, however, look like neither of them. Nor could I ever pull off such plunging necklines. Nor am I tan. Nor do I have my hair perfectly curled everyday.

But, here's the shocker: I don't care. Clint has seen my bedhead every morning for the past 2.5 years. He has seen me wash my make-up off every night. Heck, he watched me give birth. And he still loves me. So, Jessica, I win. Even if you are prettier, bustier, tanner, and have better hair :)

P.S. My mourning over the passing (it is basically a passing because we will never hear his name again after last night) of Michael Johns was short lived. He may have been pretty enough to make my list of celeb crushes, but he was SO arrogant last night when he got voted off American Idol I almost threw up.


Circus Tricks

Okay, they're not circus tricks, but Dallas has learned a lot in the last few months. This vid is especially for all the family outside of Utah. At the end of the video is where Dallas does his new dance move with his arms (what a strange child...). We really are SO proud! Enjoy!


Dallas Returns

Four posts in a row with zero pictures of Dallas is just unacceptable. Here he is, in all his splendid chubbiness. These are just a few cute moments from Conference weekend. I'll admit it, I am going to be pouring over the Conference Ensign because having a kid and trying to watch conference do not mesh. Shoulda guessed - I haven't learned anything in church for the last 5 months besides where to sit in Sunday School for the fastest escape route.

I kid you not, he wanted to wear these glasses. At one point Stacie took them off of his face and he was not a happy camper. What a weirdo:

Two months ago, who woulda thunk he'd be SMILING while on his tummy?!? I'm not complaining. Okay, I do have one complaint. The kid is only 5 months old and he is already trying to get his knees underneath himself. All of my prayers that he won't become mobile until AFTER I am bringing him to work with me 40 hours a week are being ignored. I am, however, very grateful that my prayers for a happy, healthy baby are being abundantly answered:

In an effort to occupy my ever-more-active little guy so that I could listen to at least a few minutes of Conference, we put him in this awesome contraption at my Mom's house. Boy did he love it. It is now sitting next to my desk at work in hopes of the same reaction here so Mommy can get some work done:

I know this is really narcistic but I swear he is so cute that sometimes I just stare at him and can't believe I grew him myself. Is that weird?


What a scruffy bunch! (Clint's post)

I'm all tired out of politics right now so here you are, folks. Jana's celebrity crushes. Notice anything in common among them? Maybe the fact that none of them can afford razors? And notice how none of them look like me :-) Oh well. If you don't know who these guys are, it goes (left to right) Matthew Fox (from LOST), Michael Johns (from American Idol), George Clooney (ancient!), Heath Ledger (now dead) and Collin Farrell (soon to be dead). So this week's poll: Who's your biggest celebrity crush? Next week, I'll post mine but I also want to know who you gals (and whatever guys read this blog, if any) think the really beautiful celebrities are (please don't joke and put Julia Roberts on your list of women) Sorry Julia Roberts lovers!
Now for the YouTube clip of the week...He's probably the funniest guy on the planet and my all-time favorite standup comedian: Demetri Martin. Allow me to introduce him to you...


Guilty Pleasure

I know I am the only person over 14 who cares about this but here goes...

I love Miley Cyrus. I am not too proud to admit it. That's not say that her style of music is my favorite, but I find her absolutely adorable and I love that her music isn't way too mature for her age. Hello! The girl sings "The last time we hung out, I just kept freaking out". It is adorably simple and juvenile -- so cute. Now, contrast that with someone like JoJo, age 13 at the time, who sang "I gave up everything I had on something that just wouldn't last. But I refuse to cry. No tears will fall from these eyes". Is she serious? What exactly did she give up for him - her recess?

I pray everyday that Miley won't achey-break her Daddy's heart and will stay away from the likes of **ahem** Linsday Lohan and little pregnant Spears, who both started out as cute little child stars and ended up hopped up and knocked up.