Our little fish

I have been getting a little nervous about taking an 8 month old to Lake Powell for a week so we took Dallas to the AF rec center last night for his first crack at swimming and to get used to his lifejacket. Of course, he was a little nervous and clingy at first, but he warmed up SO fast and was kicking and splashing in no time!

You can tell we are depserate for summer. It was totally overcast and the pool was packed! Plus, you can barely see it but in the background of the second picture you can see mountains still COVERED in snow.


I am jealous

This article is so funny. I don't really give a darn about Heidi and Spencer, but whoever wrote this is one jaded, funny little man. Some of my favorite highlights are:

"Yes, they’re attractive people. But I’ve seen thousands of women just like Heidi coming and going at the local breast augmentation center, where I sometimes hang around for research purposes."


"Heidi and Spencer are everywhere. That is their plan. They want to take over. They want to become bigger than Ryan Seacrest. They want to become bigger than Oprah. If Ryan Seacrest and Oprah had a baby together, and that baby grew up and married Suri Cruise and THEY had a baby, Heidi and Spencer want to be even bigger than that baby. "

I am jealous. I wish I was this funny.


Well Rested

This little angel has slept through the night for 3 nights straight. I even find myself calling him a "happy baby" all the time now - something I would have never thought I would be able to say honestly a few months ago.

I figured since I used this blog as a method of complaint during my 6 months of sleep deprivation, I should grace its readers with the good news.


Temple Kid Swap

This one is for those of you who live near us.

Would anyone be interested in doing a kid swap for temple nights? I still haven't been to the temple since Dallas was born and the guilt is giving me ulcers. So I was thinking this would be a good way for me to actually get out and do it once a month - we could each set a day each month where we would watch each other's kids while we go to the temple.

Let me know if you're interested -- if guilt is your greatest motivator, let me tell you that my eternal salvation depends upon you.

The Host - book review

Don't worry - I won't give anything away for those of you who are reading it now.

Title: The Host
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Rating: 7/10

First of all, I am NOT a sci-fi person so the first few chapters of this book were a little hard for me to swallow. But, I was able to get past my snobbiness and enjoy the book.

In general, I really thought this one was much better than the Twilight series (which I liked ok, they were just poorly written in my opinion). It is probably because this book was aimed toward adults rather than teens, but the level of writing was far better. The main character still reminded me a lot of Bella, but I thought she did a lot better job with character development in this one.

My only major pet peeve while reading the book were the names and stories from the other planets. Are you kidding? Let's get a little more creative, I felt like a 7th grader wrote those parts and I always ended up skipping right past them to save myself the pain.

So, there's my two cents.


Recent Conversation

The place: Seattle The scene: Holiday Inn hotel room. Jana and Clint debate over whether or not to tip the maid (when the maid hadn't cleaned the room or made the bed their entire stay):

Clint: Should we tip the maid?

Jana: They didn't do anything.

Clint: So why tip I guess?

Jana: I always thought you tipped so they don't pee on your toothbrush.

Clint (mouth agape): What?!

Jana (matter of factly): Yeah, I saw it on TV once...

Clint (mouth even more agape): Like, they showed a maid actually peeing on a toothbrush?!

Yet another reason why I think Jana is one of the funniest girls I've ever met. For today's YouTube video, it's a classic American idol audition--the one I think is the funniest I've seen yet:


Dallas is 6 months old!

Dallas' 6 month stats:

Length: 26.5 inches - 50%
Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz - 50%
Head Circ: 45.6 cm - 90 %

He also won "Cutest Baby of the Day" according to the nurse. I am pretending they don't say that to everyone because I certainly think it's true.



We got home last night from our first family vacation! Here are the highlights:

Dallas' first airplane ride:

Woodland Park Zoo:
Mariner's Game:

Dallas' first "big boy bath" - did not go over well:

Walks in the park:

Pike's Place:

Edmonds town center:

Snoqualmie Falls:

Seattle Temple:
Dallas's bathroom naps (because he refused to nap in his crib in the hotel room). This was his favorite part:

Here's to many more family vacations to come!

For Madison

Clint's cousin Madison was diagnosed with Leukemia in December. She still has a lot ahead of her, but she is such a trooper. My cousin Dallin went through the same thing when we were the exact same age as Madi so I've seen how hard this is on these kids. They are amazing and are dealing with something that hopefully most of us will never have to go through.

On August 8-9, Clint and I are going to participate in the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. They are asking for team members and/or donations. It is such a great cause. For details, click here.

We love you, Madison.


Ah, the weekend.

Thank you for your input and poll votes! The results were that I would win (I'll do my best not to disappoint) and that we will have weekly weigh-ins together - just like on the Biggest Loser.

In other un-interesting family news, this weekend we spent HOURS at the park on Saturday with Clint's sister Lily and her munchkins Adam & Genevieve who we can't get enough of! We had so much fun. I totally needed those hours of relaxation - it was excellent. And on top of it all, Lily shot some new family photos and Dallas' 6 month pictures while we were out there. She is amazing and I can't wait to see the final products! Here is a glimpse into the best Saturday ever:

We're leaving for Seattle on Wednesday, so there will be no Clint's Friday Post this week - ::sniffle::. I think this vacation is coming at an excellent time, I have been posting way too often lately, so I hope you all enjoy the break and I'll be back with plentiful photos in a week.


It's On Like...Donkey Kong

Many of you might know that Jana and I have a mild obsession with NBC's The Biggest Loser. We love to snarf on full fat ice cream and shovel chocolate into our mouths while we watch fat people try to lose weight and silently pass judgment on them. Jana has always complained about there never being a female Biggest Loser (until this season, that is) and declaring that women are at a disadvantage in the weight loss game.

Complaints aside and taking a hint from one of her high school friend's similar plans, Jana proposed that between now and our trip to Lake Powell (July 5th), we compete with each other for the greatest percentage of weight loss. That gives us two months to compete, with the first weigh in coming tomorrow morning (and you can bet that means I finish off the Heath Bar ice cream tonight). Some of you may read this and think, "But Clint, hasn't it occured to your feeble little mind that Jana is conning you into losing weight since you utterly suck at doing so without any form of competition or bribery?" And to that, I would reply with a fervent "Yes." But I honestly don't care. I need fuel in my fire and I hope this will help. Now, the question most of you are probably wanting to ask:

"What's the prize?"

Well, Jana's friend and her friend's husband are competing for a Playstation (for him) or for the same amount of money as a Playstation to be spent by her. Because I already own an Xbox and we're not exactly "rolling in it," Jana decided she wanted couple hundred dollars to spend on clothes if she wins. She asked what I wanted, and my first thought was a surround sound system. Then I told her I wasn't sure because that would mean she gets to benefit from my prize too. She then quickly reminded me that her winning and being skinny would also benefit me (sorry, I forgot to warn you this post is slightly PG-13). Arguments aside, she would get money for clothes and I would get money for whatever since I really can't think of anything I want right now. When we began discussing the terms of the competition, we came to an impasse--and this is where you guys come in. The disagreement was this: Jana believes we should be able to weigh ourselves all along and just keep it as a secret from each other how much we've both lost during the competition. I favor not weighing ourselves at all during the next two months. I'm obviously ready to commit to not weighing myself for two months but Jana is less so. So, the vote is up to you guys and I'll post a poll on our blog to vote. I'll also post a poll on who you think will win. Judging by the ovewhelming female readership of this blog, I think I have an idea of who will garner the most votes on that one. Anywho, that's the scoop for today. Today's YouTube video is short, sweet, and funny so turn your volume up and watch it, people.