I'm an underachiever

So when I took some humanities classes last semester, I really was dreading talking about Pablo Picasso. I mean, really, who gets this?

So when I saw paintings like the one above, I thought to myself "Gee, Clint you could do that!" Until I saw what he was drawing and painting at the ages of 11:

And age 13:

Am I the only one that feels like an underachiever here?

Today's YouTube video: who knew you could do this?


Naptime is to chocolate as....

...Mommy is to happy. Or something like that.

Call me a bad mother if you must, but naptime is bliss. I need it. I crave it. I savor it.


Back By Popular Demand

Jana sometimes gives me guff about being "frugal" on certain things but I'm NOTHING compared to Crissy the Coupon Clipper. I ran across Crissy's story at Consumerist.com, a site I check and read religiously for all of its consumer hilarity. I invite all of you to take 1 minute to read the blurb Crissy the Coupon Clipper, then weigh in on whether you think coupon clipping is worth the time and effort or not.

Today's video: One of the funniest bits ever from Jim Gaffigan. If you haven't seen it, you should. And you'll never think of Hot Pockets the same way again...

Bye Bye (insert Dallas' emphatic waving here)

My sister Trisha and her munchkins Brigham & Raegan just left this morning after a 3 week visit. We also got Stacie for a weekend at the beginning of the trip and then Paul for almost a week at the end. We had so much fun and it is going to seem way too quiet around Nana & Pa's house now that they are gone. Dallas loved his cousins and he was more frustrated than ever that he can't crawl - he wanted to run after them! We love you guys, thanks for taking so much time to come out and visit!


That's right, right??

Call me crazy if this never happens to you...

You look at a word you just wrote or typed and you know you have written it a million times, but it looks so weird to you this time. The longer you stare at it the worse it looks. Then you start second guessing your elementary spelling skills and the next thing you know you are opening Microsoft Word and typing it in to see if the red squiggly line shows up beneath it (that red squiggly line is what got me through college). And it's always the simplest words. Today, for me, it was "awkward" -- fitting, right?


Happy Birthday, Heather!

Happy Birthday to my littlest biggest sister! She really is 5 1/2 years older than me, despite the fact that I outgrew her when I was about 3. I love you, Heather! We wish we could be there with you. I hope your day is wonderful, I know Beau and Luke will treat you like a queen.

Happy Father's Day

Just wanted to give a tribute to the fathers in my life. Clint, Dad, Don, Pop, Grandpa (who I miss so much), Grandpa Don, and G-pa (who I can't wait to meet in the next life). I love you all! Thank you for the amazing impacts you have been on me and my little family!


Come on, own up...

I am officially inviting all of my blog-readers to take a look at the comments from my "Billary" post last week in order to publically embarass my anonymous commenter. Come on, buddy, own up. I double dog dare you.

And, for the record, I didn't say I didn't like Obama because he was black and a democrat - I think anyone who does or does not vote for anyone because they are black, female, MORMON, or even solely because they belong to certain party is ignorant. I vote according to MY moral and economic concerns, (not according to the concerns of "anonymous") - and I have a right to post my opinions on MY blog without having words put into my mouth. So, to clarify and to be perfectly frank - I feel like I am being forced to choose between bad and worse - worse being the economically uninformed, America-hating and frighteningly one-sided Osama... I mean Obama (pardon the cheap joke, that one's just too easy to pass up). No race, gender, age, or religion involved.


If men never had bitter, they could not know the sweet (D&C 29: 39)

Why does it sometimes take the hardest things in life to make us remember the sweetest things? I don't understand why or how the Lord blesses and tries each of us. I don't understand why some people have to go through so much more than others. But, I am always amazed by how strongly the Spirit is able to penetrate us in times of trial. I can't imagine having to watch someone struggle through the pain of some of the things that life throws at us without knowing that they have the gift of the Holy Ghost to comfort them and remind them of how very literally the Savior knows what they are feeling.

I am grateful for the examples of others in my life and how I can learn from their strength. As much as I wish that nothing bad ever happened to anyone I love, I am so grateful to have been blessed with people that I love so much that I can cry with them.


6 month photos

Lily did Dallas' 6 month photos last month and they turned out amazing! Thank you, Lily!


Like mother, Like son

Believe it or not, I lay him down straight in his crib and wrapped up in a blanket every night, but this is what I wake up to every morning without fail. Anyone who has ever lived or slept with me is not surprised.


Happy Birthday, Trisha!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISHA!! We love your guts and are so glad we get to PARTAY with you for your birthday this year! I am so blessed with such wonderful sisters. We love you!!
(No, this is not the way I originally posted this picture. See Heather's comment on this post for explanation. And, I know, I am master photoshopper. So lifelike.)


I never thought the day would come where I would be sad to see a "Billary" presidential campaign end. The day has come. I am sad. And scared.