You asked for it.

I'm warning you, this is not going to be pretty. You may wish you had never commented and asked me to elaborate about this Q-tip thing.

Here's the thing... your eardrum is only a few inches into your ear and it is very thin. More bad news: your ears are basically worthless without them.

So, picture this: You are slightly grossed out about the orange wax inside your ear that NO ONE will even see unless you dig it out with a Q-tip. You stick the Q-tip in your ear canal and then your darling little 2-year-old throws open the bathroom door, which pushes on your arm, which pushes on the Q-tip you're holding, which pushes right through your tympanic membrane. Eek, right? You ain't seen nothing yet... not only can you not hear for the time being until it heals, soon fluid will be flowing freely between your outer and inner ears which will cause a massive infection, lots of pain, and that gross pink medicine we all hated as kids.

Best case scenario: Your two-year-old is in the other room watching The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where he should be and none of the above transpires. Instead, you clean your ears out, leaving cotton remnants in your ear. Then your body tries to invade the foreign substance (the whole point of earwax) and creates even MORE wax... and you're doing it all again tomorrow and the next day and the next day - just asking for that kid to leave his television fortress and swing that bathroom door open right into your arm. Ouch.

Just don't put anything smaller than your elbow into your ear.

On another even more disgusting note, check out our newest blogging venture: http://bishop-losers.blogspot.com/


"Alright, I'll do it"

I shouldn't say this since it takes SO MUCH nagging to get Clint to post, but I was sick of looking at Al Freakin Gore everytime I came to our blog, so I got this beauty off of Mindy's blog and thought I'd give it a go.


A. Attatched or Single- Very eternally attached, most days this is a good thing.
B. Best Friend- Growing up: Mindy & Rachel (who both remain two of my best friends), the Laytons, my parents, and of course Clint.
C. Cake or pie- Brownies??
D. Day- Saturday
E. Essential item - cell phone
F. Favorite Color- Green, but I don't wear it or decorate with it. Go figure.
G. Gummy bear or worms- Let's be honest, they're the same thing.
H. Hometown- San Ramon, CA & Alpine, UT
I. Indulgences- Pedicures, Chocolate, My Mom's cooking on Sundays.
J. January or July- July
K. Kids - Dallas Henderson Bishop (almost 9 months)
L. Life would be incomplete without- Clint & Dallas, the Bishop & Henderson families, french fries (darn dieting is killing me).
M. Marriage date- 11/23/2005
N. Number of siblings- 4:Heather, Trisha, Stacie & Alan. 5 sibling-in-laws: Lily, Andreya, Vivian, Rusty & Jana.
O. Oranges or apples- Oranges
P. Phobias or fears- Heights, sleeping when Clint's not home.
Q. Quote - “It doesn't take a talent to be mean." -Jewel
R. Reason to smile- Dallas' smile.
S. Season- Honestly, I always crave whatever season we aren't currently in. Horribly negative, I know.
T. Tag- all of my Summer Village neighbors, since they are the ones I won't know most of these things about already.
U. Unknown fact about me- I don't use Q-tips. If you had seen some of the nasty punctured ear drums I had to see in college you would deal with a little wax, too. Clint thinks it's gross, but it's really not good for your ears and causes more wax in the long run. ::Dismount soapbox::
V. Vegan or oppressor- Opressor of fish & chicken
W. Worst habit- not being able to sleep unless my house is perfectly clean, nagging my poor husband, and messing with my split ends - I can't handle having them.
X. Xrays or ultrasounds- Luckily, I've never had to have an XRay and Ultrasounds have been some of the most amazing experiences ever.
Y. Your favorite food- Red Lobster trout, Cafe Rio chicken salad, my Mom's chicken parmesan
Z. Zodiac Sign- Scorpio

P.S. Stacie, I hope you noticed and appreciated my blog title :)


Do as Al says, not as Al does

I have plenty of favorite Al's in my life. There's straight-laced Al from Tool Time, jovial and smooth singer Al Green and even the simultaneously funny and annoying Weird Al. But there's one Al I don't care too much for: Al Gore. I ran across an article this week that pretty much summed up why Al Gore drives me up a wall. Here are the highlights:
  • After calling on all Americans to reduce fossil fuel use to absolute zero in 10 years, he holds an event encouraging those attending to "please use public transit, bicycling or other climate-friendly means" to get there. How does Al Gore arrive? "In two Lincoln Town Cars and a full-sized SUV that sat idling with the air conditioners blasting while the Gore party was inside."
  • Remember, too, the Nobel prizewinning environmentalist lives in a Tennessee mansion that produces a carbon footprint 20 times that of the average American home. A sizeable chunk of his personal fortune comes from royalties on a zinc mine which had to be temporarily closed five years ago in part because the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled it one of the worst-polluting mine sites in America. Illegal toxins were frequently discharged into nearby rivers.
  • To cover the emissions from his own frequent use of private jets, Mr. Gore set up a company that buys carbon offsets, so that in effect he is paying himself for his carbon indulgences, writing off the expense on one hand, while pocketing the proceeds on the other. (Are you freaking kidding me?!)
Now let me say that I am all for using more fuel-efficient cars to break out dependence on a fractured and hostile (yet oil-rich) Middle East. I would absolutely love to drive an electric car as an everyday car and hope some giant leaps in technology are coming soon to make this feasible. For all the "sky is falling" Chicken Littles out there who think global warming is not part of the normal cooling/warming cycle, I offer the following lesser known and even lesser talked about facts:

  • On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that seven mountain glaciers in northern California were advancing. They joined glaciers in southern Norway, Sweden, the New Zealand Alps and the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan. Indeed, worldwide, there are nearly half as many glaciers advancing as retreating.
  • Greenland isn't melting. And while Arctic sea ice may have thinned in the past three decades by about 3% per decade, according to the U. S. National Snow and Ice Date Center, Antarctic ice (which is about 20 times as voluminous as the Arctic kind) has grown by 1% per decade.
  • Also, after last summer's record melt in the Arctic, this summer's melt in Antarctica was the smallest on record. And NASA satellites have found that Arctic Sea ice coverage this year is more than one million square kilo-metres greater than last year's, greater than the average of the last three years and 10-20 centmetres thicker than in 2007. According to observations by the Danish Meteorological Institute, we "have to go back 15 years to find ice expansion so far south."
  • And while global temperatures increased slightly in June, through the end of May, the nine-month decline in temperatures beginning in September was greater (0.8C) than all the warming of the 20th century (0.6C).
I'll get off my soapbox now. Now the YouTube video of the week: "Ooooooh! The Claw! The Claw chooses who will stay and who will go" -Toy Story



I'm pretty sure this is the best picture I have ever taken. Dallas bit my finger last night... and it hurt! Better late than never, he cut his first little tooth. In true Dallas fashion, his tongue is sticking out in this picture so it's a little hard to see but it is there nonetheless on the bottom right of his mouth (his bottom left).


Fun Saturday

First, we went to the park and Dallas played on the swings for the first time - he loved it and his Daddy was so proud:

Then, that night we went to the American Fork Steel Days fireworks with the Laytons. This, of course, means that Dallas was up until 11:30pm (4 hours past his bedtime), but he did so great and he LOVED the fireworks!




You may have seen a billboard about this. I had, and then my friend Amy Olmos emailed me the link to this video. It's about a father who has run hundreds of races, marathons and triathalons while pushing his handicapped son in his wheelchair, because the son asked him to. For more info, check out their website here. This video is just incredible and makes me want to be a better parent. Totally worth your 4 minutes:

It was also kind of fitting because I just finished reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road last night, which is the story of another amazing father. I recommend it, although it was a bit depressing.


So... I think she CAN'T dance

Oh geez. And I was so happy about last week's results...

Check it out (if you watch So You Think You Can Dance, otherwise you won't care)


Long time, no blog

Since I have been away from the computer for almost 2 weeks now, it is time to "clean house" and quickly post everything I have been thinking of blogging for the past 12 days. Yes, I think about blogging while I am on vacation - can you say nerd?

First off, I want you all to know I loved all of your posts of the last week. Since I came home to 108 new blog posts to read, I didn't comment on anyones - so just know that I do love you, my fellow bloggers!

Secondly, we had an amazing trip to Lake Powell. Weather was awesome. Company was excellent. Dallas was a major trooper. I'll get the pictures posted as soon as I can. As always, a HUGE thanks to my parents for inviting us along! You guys are the best - I already can't wait for next year!

To my amazing, wonderful, lifesaving anonymous friend - THANK YOU FOR THE CAMERA ON MY PORCH! We all know any mother would die if she had to take an entire vacation without documenting how cute her child looked throughout it. Your camera got me through Lake Powell and I owe you my left arm for doing that for me! I am all set now though, and I would love to get it back to you if only I knew who you were! Please let me know so I can get it back to you (you may even get some homemade cookies out of it, too).

And lastly, I have a confession. Clint and I never actually started our Biggest Loser competition. Apparently we are both big losers, just not the good kind. Between all of our summer vacations, we just haven't gotten around to really going for it. Bad news: all of our summer fun is now completely over. Good news: no more excuses and today is the official kick-off. Watch out for plenty of annoying update posts and pictures of my husband shirtless ;)


God Bless America

This time of year I always feel a great sense of patriotism. Despite the fact that we are still at war, I feel grateful for my American soldiers and how much they lay on the line everyday for me. Despite the fact that the economy is terrible, my mortgage is way too high, and I have to pay over $4/gallon for gas, I feel grateful to have a car and a job that requires me to drive. Despite the fact that I don't care for either of our presidential candidates, I feel abundandtly grateful for the opportunity to vote.

I love this country. I love the wide open space. I love the diversity (people and landscape). I love baseball and hamburgers. I love our flag. I love our national anthem. I love that most Americans (with a few very annoying exceptions) feel that same way I do about this beautiful country.

Now let me preface my next statement by saying that it is going to be vague because there is really no way to describe it. But, as I have contemplated America this week leading up to Independence Day, I have been reminded of how similar my sense of patriotism feels to the way I "feel the Spirit". I always have to wonder if that is coincidental or not...

May God continue to bless America.


Heather's visit

Heather and Luke came into town just a few days after the Cannons left! Since my camera broke last week (I know, sad day) I asked Heather to pass her pictures from her trip along to me. Excellent idea, right? I thought so, too ...until I realized that means I have ZERO pictures of Heather. But, it was a fun visit regardless.

We played at Nana & Pa's house:

Went to Courtney's beautiful wedding:

Played at the park:

And went out on Pa's boat:

We love you guys and miss you already! (And, Beau, we sure did miss you.)