Workout buddies wanted

I have caved - I am joining Anytime Fitness in an effort to assist this weight loss torture. I really wish I lived nearer to a 24-hour Fitness since they are my FAV, but I completely resigned myself to being fat for life when I moved to Saratoga Springs - until darn Anytime came to town, dang them for ruining my excuse for a sedentary lifestyle.

So, to all of my Summer Village buddies - tonight Charle Bell and I are going over there to sign a contract. It's $34/month and then $20/month to add additional people to the contract. So for the 2 of us it will be $54/month ($27.50 each). We can add more people at the $20/month rate which would make it even cheaper the more people we add. Just wanted to put the offer out there - if you were going to do it anyway it's way cheaper to go in on it together. You can add to our contract anytime (but if you sign up before the end of August, the first month is free). Let me know!

Some other info I asked that you may want to know:
-The only sign-up fee is key activation: $29
-Your membership will get you into any Anytime Fitness location.
-18 month contract but if you move more than 25 miles away, you can cancel with a $50 cancellation fee. If you die you can cancel at no fee (this one made me laugh, so I had to include it).

Is it really so important that I live a long and healthy life? Eh, the jury's still out on that one.


Do Tell

I had my first humiliating parenting experience this weekend. It was Saturday and Dallas and I were in the elevator at IKEA waiting to go up when in walked a woman pushing a wheelchair. The woman in the wheelchair looked like she was straight from one of those Discovery Health specials -- she was HUGE, if you catch my drift. I have to give Dallas a little credit - she was the largest person I had ever seen, too. But in my almost 23 years of life I have learned not stare. Apparently Dallas hasn't learned that in his 10 months of life. Despite my attempts at distraction and hilarity, he would not stop staring. I was mortified.

A quick note to my sister Trisha: Let's just say I was very glad he hasn't yet learned the phrase "She's huge".

So in an attempt to make myself feel better, I would love to hear YOUR embarassing parenting stories. Please, do tell.



I should blog about all of my life's problems. Just days after posting about my concerns with Dallas, he started crawling and pulling up on things.

Apparently, the kid's not going to be a thespian like his Daddy because he is a bit camera shy, but take what you can get and enjoy. He actually does a real crawl now, but I took these clips last week when it was mostly just an army crawl. At the end of the video he was totally crawling and then the camera died (of course) so there is like a 1/4 second clip of it. Boo.

This one is just a montage of my chubber. Since I was going through the torture of uploading video (any of you readers who are also bloggers know exactly what I'm talking about), I figured I'd just go for it. Can you even handle him??


I am old.

I am more than a little excited about these lovelies once again gracing American television. I mean what could be better than a bunch of 30-year-olds acting like spoiled teenagers? Let's see... how about a bunch of now 50 year olds coming back to do it again? Yes, please.

Now I am hoping and praying they will bring back my REAL favorite teens. We already know Matthew Fox is still pretty darn foxy and the sole reason that millions of Americans watch LOST. I wouldn't mind seeing how Scott Wolf is doing these days, either...

As for those who were once Saved By The Bell, we have already seen WAY TOO MUCH of Skreech, if you know what I mean... hemhem. I'll pass on that one. Though I do miss Mr. Belding.


This past week...

We went to the driving range:

Went to the Alpine Days Parade:

Floated the Provo River (Thanks Mom & Dad for watching Dallas):

...And we got to have Stacie over Friday night for a movie night, which was SO much fun!!


Being the Anglophile I am...

I recorded a BBC special a few weeks ago about a "graffiti artist" who goes by the name of "Banksy." Though "Banksy" hasn't formally unveiled who he/she is, there is some speculation about who it is. "Banksy's" art can be seen in and around the London area but isn't limited to England, with some of the "artist's" work being found around the globe. Most of the "artist's" pieces draw on familiar art or cultural icons, usually with a twist, sometimes political and sometimes not. Though I don't agree with all of his/her political statements, I join "Banksy" in declaring war against CCTV (security cameras) and London's congestion charge (the $16/day charge for entering the already tax-funded streets of London's central business district). Some images of "Banksy's" work are below...but it begs the question...is this art? Or is it still graffiti? Vote in the poll to see what the general consensus is...

Now for what you all really check my posts for: not the borophyll writing, but the YouTube video of the week! I loved going to scout camp every year for one thing: The Blob!

Dallas is 9 months old

Dallas had his 9 month well baby check-up last night. Here are the stats this time:

Weight: 50th percentile (20 lbs. 1 oz.)
Height: 90th percentile
Head: 90th percentile

My most recent Mommy-concern has been that he is 9 months old and not crawling yet. I have been so looking forward to going to the doctor so that he could tell me that my child was totally normal. Unfortunately, he was a bit more concerned about it than I expected he would be. He checked Dallas' muscle tone and said it looked fine, so it wasn't anything physical. Then he checked a few other skills (ie. standing holding onto something, walking while his hands are being held, etc) and said that he is behind in all of those areas... SO if he's still not crawling in 6 weeks I have to bring him back in.

The good news is that as soon as we got home while he was playing on the ground he was able to scoot to a toy about a foot away from him - and he did it twice. It's nowhere near a crawl but it makes me hopeful that he'll get moving soon and we won't hit that 6 week mark! I know that he is fine, I just hate to see him missing out on things and he is getting SO frustrated about not being able to move around.

Everything else went well! He is growing great and is now allowed to eat whatever we feel comfortable with except for high allergenic things like shellfish, nuts, honey, etc.

We love our little man! I can't believe he is the same little peanut I brought home 9 months ago. We are so proud of you, Dallas!

On another note, anyone else disappointed with the results of So You Think You Can Dance? I know, I know, Joshua really was an outstanding dancer but he got under my skin for some reason. I have been a major fan of Courtney (probably only because I favor her style of dance) all along so I was super disappointed.


I heart Dallas

Liz had a birthday...

...So we had a partay!

Thanks to the Laytons, Lotts, and Byes for humoring me and my cheesy birthday decor. Love you all!

Afterwards Liz, Jess, Rachel and I joined all the crazies in line at Wal-Mart at midnight eagerly awaiting our Edward fix. We finally found them at the Smith's right by our house. I didn't get the pic we took on my camera - Liz, Jess, who has that picture??


Quotable Quotes

I'm thinking of starting to post a new quote each Friday as my weekly post. Sometimes they'll be political and other times they won't be. Here's one you might have missed because the media seemed to "overlook" it:
"We can't drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times ... and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That's not leadership. That's not going to happen." -Barack Obama, May 2008

I don't even have to comment on that one. If you want to read Orson Scott Card (an LDS Democrat, no less) analyze this statement and Obama in general, there is a terrific "must read" article here. On a lighter note, this week's video. I went on this ride when I was maybe 18 years old. A week after I went on it, a kid died on the ride. Hey, maybe this is the kind of person Obama was talking about?!