Long naps?

This week Dallas has been taking really long naps. Ridiculously long. Like yesterday and today I WOKE HIME UP after 4.5 hours. He is still sleeping at night, doesn't seem sick, and wakes up really happy - but should I be worried? That can't be normal, right?...


Bad mom/Busy mom

Last week I had one of those days where I felt like a complete failure. I ran out the door to work with a hungry baby, wet ponytail, makeupless face, and no lunch packed. When I got to work Dallas cried whenever I looked away from him. He wanted attention. He wanted his Mommy. I couldn’t give him either of those things because I had too much work to do. Makes me sick when I think about how many times a day I feel this guilt. I was in tears by 9am. Clint had to stop at Carl’s Jr. and pick up a very nutrient-deficient lunch for the two of us (and yes, I even fed my child french fries) because that is all we had time for and could afford. Dallas cried for attention most of the day. I got home and had about 10 minutes to get ready to leave for the temple. Though none slipped through my lips, choice words were running through my mind that entire 10 minutes as I tried to get myself dressed, feed & bathe D, and get Clint’s clothes ironed. All in 10 minutes. Then I felt unworthy to even go to the temple. But we went (thank you to the Maynes). The temple did help to calm me down, but I still went to bed with a guilty knot in my stomach that night.

The next day, Clint sent me this Orson Scott Card article: http://mormontimes.com/mormon_voices/orson_scott_card/?id=3875 which made me cry again. Please read it. I know it applies to most of my readers, and it is awesome (as are most of his articles). (note: for some reason it makes me scroll way down to see the column, so if it looks blank, scroll down).

And then on Saturday, Elder Uchtdorf gave his powerful talk on the same subject.

Tender mercies.


Clint's Post

Q. Why was Helen Keller such a bad driver?
A. Because she was a woman!

So now that I have your attention and you think I'm a sexist male, let me 'splain. Right now I'm enrolled in a U.S. Women's History class, and its going along just swimmingly. If any of you are wondering what the ratio of women to men taking the class is, I'm glad to satisfy your curiosity: It's about 40:2. Yep...me and another moron decided signing up for a class on women's history wouldn't be all that bad and yet strangely enough so far it hasn't been--except for the fact that I feel like if we weren't in there, the conversations would take a more militant tone and there might be a lot more bra burning going on.

So I have a little research project to do in this class and I'm entertaining a few topics that I've thought of. Here's where you come in. The two topics I'm thinking of right now are whether or not women are being demonized on TV (think Bridezillas, Sweet 16, The Bad Girls Club, Judge Judy, Rosie O'Donnel, and Omarosa from The Apprentice. the other topic is women and blogging--specifically if it's a gender phenomenon where women vent, celebrate, converse, etc. and why it's found such popularity from women. What do you think? Are TV shows demonizing women? Is blogging a gender phenomenon? Why or why not? Be sure to comment AND take the poll. I'm interested to see what y'all have to say!

This probably shouldn't make me laugh so hard.

But it did. Click the picture.

On a totally different note (kind of), here is my rant of the day:
Election day is on my birthday this year and that makes me want to barf. I want to enjoy my birthday. I want to pawn D off on my parents and go eat Indian food with my husband. Instead, I am going to be glued to my TV set awaiting what will inevitably be bad news. Either way I will be upset. I am going to vote for McCain (sorry if this is TMI for some of you) but mostly just out of fear of the alternative. But I do (according to this quiz my father in law sent Clint http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/MatchoMatic/fullpage?id=5542139), agree with Obama on immigration issues. Who knew I had something in common with him? I mean, I don't eat arugula.


Because you asked...

My sister Trisha asked about our new car, so here she is. Clint's friend Eric has named her Vader. All you haters of the box, go drive one! I have always liked them but Clint was a skeptic at first. He fell in love the first time we test drove one. They are SOOO roomy inside, amazing gas mileage (32-34 mpg), super affordable, and the Toyota engine will run forever. We love it!


If I have to put up with this...

Jana can put up with some fantasy football.


Hello, my name is Seagull Junker Palin

What would your name have been had you been born to Sarah Palin?
Find out here.

If you would like to hear my all-time-most-politically-incorrect joke regarding her children's names, ask Clint. I am too afraid to post it online for fear of being assasinated. Or worse, reprimanded once again by my anonymous commentor.

5 Reasons Fantasy Football is the devil:

#1. My husband basically pees his pants in anticipation on the way to my parent's house every Sunday because (thank HEAVEN) we don't have the internet at home and he can't WAIT to get at their computer to check out the stats.

#2. We have to watch a bunch of crap football games all week for teams even HE doesn't care about, except that his running back is on that team.

#3. I have to smile and nod as I get the low-down of how everyone did that week, which to me is about as intriguing as watching "How It's Made" on the Discovery Channel (and yet again, that's all him).

#4. He is on the phone with Eric Larsen every blasted night talking about it.

#5. It causes men to act like little girls because "that's not FAIR!" (Any of you Summer Village ladies who DON'T know what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky).

It's looking like we may lose all of our friends over it, but at least we haven't lost a job over it yet:



Thanks, Liz, for the darling pics :)


Today, I feel grateful

This Emily Dickinson poem has always been one of my favorites:
If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

That is motherhood. That is WHY I live - why I get out of bed every single morning even though I know today will be just as frustrating, challenging and exhausting as yesterday was.

I am so grateful.

For a few months, I have been reading A Daily Scoop (the blog of a mother who lost her little one earlier this summer). Lately, I have had to stop as it is too hard for me to think about - I can't even imagine how hard it is for Stephanie to live it everyday. Today, I decided to go back and this is what I stumbled upon: http://adailyscoop.blogspot.com/2008/09/wrong-number.html. And I cried.

So beautiful. I am so grateful.



My old friend Stacey (Holland) Sargent is this incredibly talented wedding planner. You HAVE to check out her wedding blog here. I so wish I knew how talented she was when I was planning MY wedding... but instead I stumbled my way through it myself (and, of course, credit should be given to my mom as well who did the bulk of the work).

Anyway, Stacey's wedding blog has the most fabulous ideas. Even though I don't plan to ever get married again (keep your fingers crossed for me), I check it pretty much daily. Everything she does is unreal.

Every week or so she posts a guest wedding and this week it was MINE. It was so fun for me to look back at old pictures and remember my special day. Thanks for posting, Stacey, and keep up the amazing work!


Ay Ay!

Someone used to be a hottie.
It's as good a reason as any to vote for him, I'd say.


Another weekend where we are more tired than we were when it started. This time that is a good thing... Unfortunately, I have been a horrible picture-taker lately so this is one of the picture-less posts that I loathe.

The Relay for Life was amazing! Clint and I are so glad we went. It was so positive, hopeful and supportive. We all just kind of walked until it got really late and then we took shifts. Our family was nice enough to give us a fairly early shift so we decided to just take off afterwards since we didn't have a tent to sleep in - we ended up getting home around 2am. I was laughing at how exhausted I was the next day because I used to stay up that late almost every night in college. I think for Clint and I both our favorite part of the night was that all of that walking gave us a lot of time to get to know our extended family even better. The next morning it felt really strange to wake up in our bed and not have Dallas in the next room talking in his crib -- but I hear he did GREAT at Nana and Pa's and we appreciate them taking him for the night!

After resting up, Clint got started on his homework and Dallas and I tagged along with my family to the BYU BLOWOUT!!! Go cougars!



United we stood - 7 years ago today as we stared shock, tragedy and fear in the eye. United we should stand again and always. There is still plenty to be afraid of - but more to be proud of and grateful for. Remember.


This is me:

...minus the black, male, big-eared part.

November 23, 2006 - My first anniversary and Thanksgiving day. Spending a lovely Thanksgiving in Dallas with the Bishop family when my eyes start swelling closed. Clint overdoses me on Benadryl and I pass out (literally) for the rest of the day. Happy Anniversary, baby.

December 31, 2006 - Celebrating New Years Eve when it happens again. Arg. At least this time we avoided the overdose. Figure out that the culprit is shrimp. Tragic.

Fast forward to September 10, 2008 - Heat up Clint's lunch at work and a few minutes later my eye is burning and swelling. Didn't even eat it. Just touched it.

I hate those little nasty critters and their toxic materials that hate my body.


Relay For Life - Last Chance!

Clint and I are participating in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life this Friday/Saturday in support of our darling cousin Madi, who is fighting Leukemia. Now is the LAST CHANCE to join our team if you want to join in the fun or to donate to the American Cancer Society. This is such a good cause and we are so excited to be a part of it. We love you, Madi.

So long

She is a gonner. Totalled. It always has to be the car you LIKE that gets totalled.

Thank you to my wonderful father-in-law and the good people at Park Place Lexus in Plano, TX for getting us such a good deal on this bad boy. It was a good three years.

We will now either be forced to enter into another car payment when we replace it (this one was paid for) or we will fix as much as we can and drive her around looking, mmm, not-so-much. Either way, we will miss our shiny, 6 cylinder (aka much peppier than my POS Honda), fully functional and actually-worth-something (though not a lot) 1997 Toyota Camry.

You have been good to us, old friend.


Poor Camry

This was our Labor Day Weekend:

This is the poor guy who caused this little pile-up:
This is what Dallas and I did while waiting for the cops/firetruck/ambulance to do their duties:

This is how white trash I looked driving to work this morning:

How I wish I could look after eating chocolate

Stupid social taboos.