Happy Halloween!

Love, George

This morning I got really really sad realizing that this is Dallas' last, first holiday. My baby is going to be one next week. Where did it go?


Fourth Folder, Fourth Picture

The fourth picture folder, fourth picture tag.

That's right, this is a picture we took to sell these pillows that came with our couch on eBay.

I would feel like this tag is a total dud except that it is so me and Clint. I bet a quarter of the pics in my folders are pictures of stuff for eBay. Always selling our junk on eBay so that we can buy used baby junk off Craigslist for Dallas. I'm not ashamed of my cheap streak.



or -ites, or whatever we are:
...and you can too! The UCCU right across the road from Summer Village is doing early voting. M-F 1-5 pm from now through October 31st. So fast, so easy. Go vote! Now you have no excuse.

Abby, this means you better make up your mind.


Post-Afternoon Nap

This is certainly not how I would look if I just got to sleep for 2 hours in the middle of a Tuesday.

P.S. Don't let this post make you miss Clint's post below....

Clint's Post: I Need Your Help!

So I'm enrolled in this American Folklore class in my last semester at BYU and it's been pretty interesting. One HUGE project we have is to write a research paper on a folkloric item or topic of our choice and I've chosen the tradition wedding proposals. That's where YOU come in. I really need a dozen or so stories about how your husband proposed to you and some answers to other questions I'll have for you. The story doesn't have to be creative, original or amazing but it's great if it is. I'm excited to hear your stories so if you're kind enough to help me out, either comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at thehouseofbishop@yahoo.com and I'll reply with the stuff I need to know. It shouldn't take you more than 5-10 minutes. Thanks for being willing to help. I can't wait to hear your stories!


Sneak Peak


There's a bright side to being poor...

...I don't feel my wallet getting lighter watching the stock market everyday.

Not really sure why I watch it given that I have a big fat $0 invested. Maybe it's because I have nothing better to do? Maybe because in a very real way it will effect my family and the kind of employment that's available for Clint as he looks forward to graduation?

But at least I have the very relieving knowledge that I have, quite literally, nothing to lose in this big economic mess. I may never gain anything, but I've got nothing to lose. Ahhh....


I want a free bag!

Click here if you do too! Hooray for Handbag Planet and FREE STUFF!



(picture taken 3/9/08)

Dallas' sweet great-great-great (yes, 3 greats) Grandma, Bedstemor, passed away earlier today. She would have been 103 in December. She was such a wonderful lady - so kind and upbeat. I'm sure there is a very sweet reunion taking place right now, which I know she has been looking forward to.

Last night we got a call from Granny that she was doing poorly and would most likely be passing soon, so I went up to her nursing home with my parents. I am so grateful I was able to have that experience. She was heavily medicated and seemed to be asleep - although she tried to open her eyes a few times when my Mom talked to her, which makes me think she may have been more aware than we think. We were able to sit by her bedside for a few hours while she slept. My mom took the time to tell me all about her amazing life. She married my great-great grandfather, who had previously lost his wife (my biological great-great grandmother), and they were sealed together in the temple. My parents were always so impressed by how gracious she was. She would often pull out pictures of his previous wife and comment on how beautiful she was. After he passed, she insisted on bringing her name to the temple to be sealed to her husband - what a wonderful lady.

We will miss you, Bedstemor. We love you.

My Little Man

I caved to Clint's requests and got D a haircut.



At least now he looks like someone actually cares about him :). The perma-bedhead was a bit much. Thanks for fixing him up for me, Liz!


Protect Marriage

My sister Heather lives in the heart of liberal Northern California. She, like many others, has been actively working to pass Prop 8 - to protect traditional marriage between a man and a woman. She just started a new blog: http://www.thoughtsonprop8.blogspot.com/ on the subject. Also, make sure to check out the links she has posted on the right column. They are both sites I've been to before and are super informative. Check it out, keep informed, and help us preserve marriage. If it's important to the prophet, it's important to the Lord - and important to me. Thanks for your great example, Heather!Kim, I stole this awesome pic of Cutler off your blog. Hope that's ok. Thought it portrayed this perfectly...

Sometimes I wish I lived in the South

And I say that with nothing but love for southerners, given that my own husband is a proud Texan.

But, seriously folks, where else do you find this unrivaled level of genius?

Pretty sure if that were my car I would pray it would blow away in the wind so I could make an insurance claim on it.

If you haven't yet enriched your life with the beauty that is failblog.org, you're missing out. I must warn you though, it is clearly run by boys given their love of all things resembling genitalia.


Friday afternoon I drove past this...

I had to turn around and take a picture. Wow. It makes me want to go home and drink hot chocolate.


VP Debate

Rehearsed and safe. But coherent, so I was pleased. What did YOU think?


Taco Bell Quesadilla, anyone?

I freakin love em. How about the whole wheat, low fat version? Here it is and it is mmm mmm good. This one's going on our neighborhood recipe blog too, but I thought I'd post it here for those who don't check that blog.

Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas
Grated Cheddar Cheese
Shredded chicken
1/4 c fat free mayo
2 tsp. canned minced jalepenos
2 tsp. juice from canned jalepenos
3/4 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp paprika
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp garlic powder

Mix together all ingredients except tortillas, chicken and cheese. spread a thin layer of sauce on one side of tortilla. Layer cheese and chicken on top of sauce and top with another lightly-sauce-coated tortilla. Cook on stove or skillet on both sides until cheese is melted.


According to my calculations there are about 425 calories in one WHOLE quesadilla (2 full tortillas with filling).

Also, mostly for Trisha, my latest low-fat find: lowfat blue cheese. I get it in the deli section at Wal-Mart and it is HEAVEN on salads, or just as a snack. Only 80 calories for 1/4 cup (which is WAY more blue cheese than anyone can eat in one sitting :).