I can't decide...

Does anyone read TAMN? My first exposure was through a link on a friend from High School's blog and I was appalled that someone could be so insensitive and rude... click here to see what I am referring to.
For some reason I clicked back in today and realized that just reading that one post, I hadn't gotten the whole picture. Don't get me wrong, I still think that post is ridiculously cruel and insensitive, even if it is a satire. But I did find myself laughing at a lot of her other posts. Basically, the blog is totally fictitious and is just a satire of how silly us "Mormon Mommy Bloggers" can be. Really, it's only funny because I see myself in every one of her posts... Check it out if you get a minute.


Clint's Friday Post

Well, I have several things today but I'll try to be brief.

Item #1: My wife is great. Seriously. Three years and we still got "the fire" What more could a husband ask of a wife than what Jana has given me? She's funny, beautiful, caring and the best mother and wife a son and husband could ever have. Happy Anniversary!

Item #2: I realize that this is a HUGE weekend for all of you pale-skinned vampire-loving women. (FYI I have canine teeth and I'm practically translucent thanks to a redhead mother but sorry, I'm taken girls). Now I have two things to say about the movie that you'll on doubt be flocking to in the coming days. Number one: you will be disappointed if you take the movie seriously and judge it based on its contribution to film and the cinematic arts. Pretty much a no-brainer. Number two: you will love this movie because as much as we all hate to admit it, the perfect boyfriend is as legendary as a vampire or werewolf but that won't stop you from oogling over Edward. Now with that said, do enjoy the movie and the numerous (I'm sure!) scenes of slow and even slower kissing...

Item #3: Wouldn't this be the greatest commute home from work EVER?!


3 years and counting

This Sunday will mark 3 years since I married my best friend.

We both agree that we got married on the worst day ever (though it was, of course, perfect at the time). We got married the day before Thanksgiving - November 23, 2005. Our first anniversary was on Thanksgiving day and involved a massive allergy attack, our second anniversary we had a two-week-old baby, and this year it is on a Sunday and we will have loads of family in town. Needless to say, we don't exactly have ROMANTIC anniversary celebrations, but it is fun to remember how lucky we are to be together nonetheless.

Usually about once a week, one of us will look at the other and comment on how we can't believe we met on the internet. So unconventional. So embarassing. But seriously so meant to be. Five years ago I didn't even think I'd be married by now (I think my 9.5 year plan would have had me home from my mission and starting in on grad school right about now) and Clint thought he'd be married to someone else...

Life takes its twists whether we want them or not and I am so grateful for them.

The moment I met you changed my life forever.
For the good.
You are my soul mate.
I love you.
"From here to eternity..."


Jesus, take the wheel.

I seriously need it.

Yesterday I got called to be the Primary music leader. I am so terrified, I cried all the way home from the church. I know that sounds so lame and it could be so so so much worse, but something about this calling terrifies me. Standing in front of people is not my favorite thing. I know nothing about what I am supposed to do. It is a brand new ward so I really have no one to consult and no materials to work off of.

I think the biggest thing is that I know how important music can be, especially in primary children. So much of what I learned as a kid was through the primary songs and I feel this huge responsibility to make sure I pass that along and help them strenghten their little testimonies.

So come one, please tell me what a good job I will do. I'm not even kidding. I need it.


Christmas cards

Again, my anal personality is showing through. My Christmas shopping is done (a few weeks later than last year but this year I didn't have a fetus pressing on my bladder every 2 minutes reminding me to get it done while I had the time and energy) so now I am moving on to thinking about Christmas cards. Last year I know I missed a lot of people and I want to be better this year. If you read our blog and you're not on my ward list or in my immediate family, I probably need your address. Considering I have some crazies that like to visit, I wouldn't leave it as a comment... can you email them to me at {janahend at yahoo dot com} This is my junk email address (again, afraid of the crazies) so if you could put something in the subject that lets me know what the email is about that would be great! Yay for Christmas!! Boo for feeling guilty about decorating before Thanksgiving - it is KILLING ME to hold off a few more weeks.


What's on my mind today

**For my birthday, Clint took me to the Bodyworld exhibit on Tuesday. I have been dying to go. Clint is convinced I am totally twisted after taking all those anatomy classes in college. He was less than thrilled, but came out admitting it was pretty darn cool. I totally recommend it.

**This little number here is really making me want to clear my calendar for Saturday and get all sorts of crafty. What better place for a Christmas countdown than on a cookie sheet, am I right? We all know I won't get to it and if I did it would look nothing like this, but a girl can dream of being domestic...

**Speaking of domestic, anyone have a good recipe for wheat dinner rolls?

**Very excited about starting up this new tradition that I found while blogstalking "sheshe" yesterday. You hang random numbered socks up with little treats in them for the muchkins to take out each day as they count down to Christmas. Sometimes I wish I could take credit for these things.

**Dallas and I went to the new Smith's Marketplace in Lehi yesterday. It's like Smith's meets one of those really fancy grocery stores that are always on Take Home Chef meets Kohl's. Loved it.


Birthday Bash

Here you go, Trish. Enjoy!

We had such a fun party for D on Friday night. Apparently I was too focused on my cute little man that night because I have zero pictures of all of the wonderful people who came! But, regardless, we love you all and thanks for coming and loving Dallas on his big day (and for all the ADORABLE gifts, Mommy felt like it was Christmas!)

Copy Cat

I am going to copy MarKey and Nichole and post something I am grateful for from now through Thanksgiving. It'll be in the right column, so keep an eye out for it ----->>>


Happy Birthday, Little Man!

D is officially one year, 3 hours, and 24 minutes old. At 5:11am last November 6th I was introduced to my favorite little man in the whole world. It has been the longest, shortest, hardest, sleepiest, most wonderful year of our lives. We love you Dal-Pal! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Congratulations, California!

I know there are still about 4% of the votes to be counted, but it's looking GREAT! Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard, stepped so far out of your comfort zones, and really sacrificed your time and reputations to stand up for what you beleive in. I will probably never move back to California but I am so grateful to you for setting a precident for the rest of the country. It gives me hope for the scary future that my little Dallas is stepping into...

How did I forget?

I forgot how much I hate my commute in the winter. This morning I started in on a full-fledged panic attack when I got on UT-92 and it looked like a repeat of last February (see THIS POST if you don't remember what I'm talking about). One hour later I made it to work 25 minutes late. I love Utah -- but I hate snow. Did Brigham Young not know that he could have walked just a few more miles west or south and we could have avoided this?


Why didn't anyone tell me how fun the front facing carseat is?

Every drive we take is like a dance party - bring on the glowsticks!

Love it!