Looking Back in books

My old roommate Allison posted a list of all the books she read in 2009 and I LOVED it, so I am copying her....because she's awesome. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

This year I read...

Verdict: * Summary: I shouldnt even put it on this list because I couldn't finish it. Lame.

Verdict: ***** Summary: Superb. Up there with The Giver & Fahrenheit 451 for easy-read science-fictions. Can't believe it took me this long to finally pick these books up. Loved it loved it loved it.

Verdict: **** Summary: Not as enthralling as Ender's Game but still excellent. Not as enthralling as Ender's Game but still excellent.

Verdict: ***

Verdict: ***

Verdict: *** Summary: Well it took me over 4 months to finish, so it certainly wasn't the MOST captivating of Orson Scott Card's books. But I wouldn't say it was terrible. For me, it did fill in a lot of gaps that the 4 main Ender books left wide open. It just didn't do much more than that. No great storyline or real new characters of consequence.

Verdict: * Summary: A wanna-be thriller. Pretty unrealistic at times and the amount of vulgar language only distracted from the rest of the book. A book I was happy to finish

Verdict: **** Summary: Definitely not uplifting, but a quick-read and a sad story of a true-life experience. Definitely not uplifting, but a quick-read and a sad story of a true-life experience

Verdict: *** Summary: Gives a great insight into the lives and struggles of Iranian women. Some of the literary comparisons were a bit dull and it definitely lacks organization (every chapter was in a different place in a different decade), but overall a good read.

Verdict: *** Summary: Well written and interesting -- a nice quick read. I had some fundamental issues with WHY she was on this "self-discovery", which bothered me as I read the book. But that aside, it was worth my time.

Verdict: ***** Summary: Honestly, probably the best book I have ever read. I was nervous going in because it is so long, but it has everything a good book should have. Great characters, great storyline, and it is riddled with political and social issues (90% of which I actually agree with, which helped). Must read!


Looking back

This time last year I posted the following goals. Here's how I did...

...get all of my household chores done during the week so I can spend time uninterrupted with my family on the weekends. A-

...cook healthy meals for my family at least 4 times/week. B-

...continue reading my scriptures daily D- (yes, I know where I am headed straight for if I don't get my act together)

...send birthday cards out to all parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, neices and nephews on time. A+

...get my rear end to the gym at least 4x/week. B

...make (but not birth) another baby??? F--

...read all of the Ender books and pretend to like them even if I don't just to prove Clint wrong. A+

...wear less ponytails. C+

Better luck next year.

Cleaning Frenzy

I was greeted this morning at work with an email that contained the following conundrum: "all of the accessories have vanished--probably inadvertently thrown out in a cleaning frenzy"

Made me laugh out loud -- because I cannot count how many times I have done this. I love the use of the word "frenzy" because that's totally what it is, I get some weird high off of giving/throwing things away. It feels SO good, until a week later when you need whatever it is you got rid of...


Open Misamus!

After almost a month of presents under the tree, Dallas has lost his patience and is now insisting he needs to "Open Miss-a-mus (Christmas)!!"

We will oblige shortly, my sweet boy. And I cannot wait.



2009 has been another blessed one in the Bishop household. Crazy and chaotic, but blessed.

Clint started his career in the sales department at BidSync. He did well there and has since been transferred to the marketing department, which is really his passion and he loves it. He toys with the idea of heading back to school for a graduate degree, but so far he’s just enjoying his free time playing soccer and videogames too much!

Jana cut back her hours at work this year and has enjoyed having more time to do “mommy things” and be with Dallas. Those few extra hours a week at home have translated into a much more organized life, which has been good for the whole family . She is also participating in a bowling league with her Mom which she loves, even if it is a little nerdy.

Dallas made the leap from baby to boy this year. The kid is all over the place and only sits still long enough to take toys apart and try to figure out how they work. He is the funniest kid in the world – yet another trait he gets from his Daddy. He thoroughly enjoyed his season pass to the Living Planet Aquarium this year – apparently going about a thousand times in one year still just isn’t enough for him because he keeps wanting to go back.

We hope we find you all well and happy! Merry Christmas and here’s to an equally great 2010!

Clint, Jana & Dallas Bishop


Come on, already

Presents have been wrapped and under the tree for weeks now.

It is friggin freezing outside.

I miss my regular decorations.

I am sick of hearing Josh Groban's "Oh Holy Night" on the radio.

I know I am blasphemous, but I get sick of the Christmas season. The music, Christmas trees, and lights all just last far too long for my taste. I think it's time for Christmas to COME, already.

I want to watch my kiddo open his presents.

I want to eat whatever I please for 24 hours, guilt-free.

Mostly, I want to read out of Luke on Christmas Eve with my family and feel that intense, Christmas Spirit (you know, the ACTUAL spirit) that only comes when reading the account of the Savior's birth.


My, how our attitude has changed since last year

Can you say terrible twos?

This is my life

P.S. I took it down. I don't think I took it the way it could have been taken, and I'm sorry if you did. I really am. If you know what I'm referring to, I really am sorry.



Ready for Christmas.
Ready for a nap.
Ready for the weekend.
Ready to be done with medical bills.
Ready to drive Clint's car off a cliff.
Ready for my tax refund.
Ready for lunch.
Ready for a haircut.
Ready for Hawaii.


Just gettin this out there...

Long ago, I came up with a brilliant idea all on my own.

Sell Oreo cream in a jar. No cookies, just the cream/lard.

Today, my husband is claiming this was his idea.

I am angry (and hungry).


Thank you

Four years ago today, you married me.

On our wedding day we danced to Natalie Merchant's "Kind & Generous" I had no idea then how appropriate that song would be for our life together.

Since then I have gotten older and fatter, but you still love.
Since then I have nagged you about thousands of things, and somehow you still love me.
Since then we have had some struggles, and we now love each other more.
Since then we have had a son, and I have watched you love him.

Thank you, Clint. I will never be able to thank you enough for the husband and father that you are.

I love you.


Conversation today at work...


Me: Yes, that's true. It's a $1000 package so it will require a signature for delivery, so that someone doesn't steal it off of your porch.


Me: The slip UPS left you should have an address where you can pick it up at their location if you will not be home when they try to deliver again.


Me: Well we could also reroute it to a friend who will be able to receive the package if you'd like.




Proud to be a Utard

I really am. I cringe when I hear people complaining about it. I just want them to move away. No, snow is not fun. Yes, there are a plethora of Mormons and we have arguably the worst hairstyles in the country. But I like it, and if you don't you can move.

I love Utah's history.
I love how everyone waves at each other when you are driving through town.
I love that there are 3 stakes in my tiny town.
I love that we have TWO outstanding universities (academics and athletics) in such a small state.
I love the shopping and restaurants.
I love that we have one major freeway.
I love that I can get through our airport so fast because it is small.
I love the Christmas lights at Temple Square.
I love seeing the giant Rocky Mountains everywhere I turn.
I love that my Texan husband is so willing to stay here with me (not that I'm not willing to move if I have to, because I totally am)

And today, I am proud to be a Utahn because...
we are the #2 healthiest state in the nation:

5New Hampshire
10Rhode Island
17North Dakota
18New Jersey
20South Dakota
25New York
31New Mexico
37North Carolina
42West Virginia
46South Carolina

Woot! Woot! Break out the green jello and root beer!


He's had a birthday, shout hooray!

{Yeah, I think in Primary songs. They say in a foreign language, that's when you know you're fluent... I guess I'm finally getting "fluent" in my calling?? }

This little munchkin (who was too excited too look at the camera all day)...
turned T-W-O on Friday. All day he would point to himself and say "Dallas birthday!" and tell everyone he was "two" (while holding up 5 fingers, of course). We had a fun day of breakfast with Daddy (a rare treat), bowling, the Aquarium and then a birthday dinner with my family.

We love you, Dallas.
You are so smart, so funny, so handsome, so sweet, and such a joy to have around. I can't even handle that it has been 2 years since we brought our 6LB bundle home and you spent weeks laying on those jaundice lights screaming your guts out and refusing to sleep. I loved you so much then, and I love you even more now. "Best friends!"
Love, Mommy

P.S. Congrats on your first day ACCIDENT FREE yesterday! You are rockin' the big boy underwear in style, Bubba. Love your guts!

...And as promised, a Halloween picture. Better late than never.


Crappy Mama

I know, it is November 2nd and still no pics of Big D in his Halloween costume. How has my child not been taken by Child Protective Services yet with this kind of parenting??

They are to come shortly, I promise.


Smarty Pants

This strapping young lad...
...was accepted to the University of Utah today! (and brought home a 4.0 report card yesterday for the first time in his life).

Congratulations, Alan. How are you not still 5 years old?? We are so so proud of the good decisions you are making as you prepare for "adulthood".

Clint, Jana & Dallas


tis the season...

...to lose my mind.

Starting next week, the world at our house turns into a giant whirlwind of stress (I mean, fun??) for 2 straight months.

I am bracing myself now for impact as I prepare for (in order):
*My 24th birthday
*Dallas' 2nd birthday
*Our 4th wedding anniversary
*Christmas Eve (this is the BIG one in our family)
*Our BIG trip to Hawaii :)
*(Plus 9 other birthdays in our immediate families in the next 2 months)

Bring it on. I'm ready.

I really am. This is where having an anal-retentive personality really comes in handy (ouch, my ulcer hurts).
Dallas' birthday shopping is done.
Christmas shopping is done (minus stocking stuffers).

If only I could prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinners this far in advance I would feel so much better.


Yeah, I watch too much TV. JealOUS.

This segment of a Q&A online made me giddy for LOST {and my favorite character, Claire} to come back. Heck yeah.

Question: Is Emilie de Ravin going to be back on “Lost” for the whole season or just a few episodes? And will we get to see what happened to her? —Jared

Answer: The answer to both of your questions is a resounding yeppers. Better prepare yourself though. My “Lost” mole says season 6 will showcase “a version of Claire we’ve never seen before — a Rousseau-esque version.” We’ll be in need of a Rousseau fix since the real version will be MIA. According to a “Lost” insider, the French Lady’s portrayer, Mira Furlan, turned down the show’s request to return for the final season due to a “prior overseas commitment.” Anyone know how you say “big bag-o-nuts” in fran├žais?

Big baby

You know your baby ain't a baby no mo when he can pretend to be one {"goo goo ga ga baby" with a huge smile on his face} while you're giving him snuggles.

Makes me wanna cry like a baby.



Dallas and I are back from visiting these monkeys:Oh how we miss them already.


Simple pleasures

My weekend was spectacular because I had...
...rainbow chip cupcakes.
...a hilarious toddler who says hilarious things.
...great neighbors who let their kids come over to play.
...family close by to go to the zoo with.

My Monday is spectacular because I have...
...6 more days until I have to tackle the chaos that is the Primary Program again.
...a boarding pass sitting on my desk to Arizona for TOMORROW.
...a great job that I love and am so grateful for.
...one of my favorite easy meals planned for dinner tonight.

Happy New Week! Make it great!


Go Seahawks!

I care more about global warming than I do about the Seattle Seahawks (which is not at all, by the way). That's not what this post is about.

Conversation with my one year old in the car last night.

Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: What?
Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: Clint, what is he saying? It sounds exactly like Go Seahawks.
Clint: Dallas, say that again.
Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: Do we even KNOW anyone who like the Seahawks? Does ANYONE like the Seahawks?
Clint: Just a minute. (Gets on phone and calls his friend, Jon Mayne). Hi, Jon. Did you teach my son to say Go Seahawks? Nice.
Jana: That's ridiculous.
Dallas: Go Seahawks.

Part Deux

Dallas is stubborn and funny. So is this kid.


The Strange Case of Natasha Bedingfield (Clint's Post)

Dear Natasha Bedingfield,
You are extremely talented. Like uber-talented. Your "Soulmate" song is constantly on repeat in my headphones 'cause it's an amazing song and you have an amazing voice. But here's the catch. You're blonde. You're not fat. You have perfect teeth. You have a phenomonal voice. In short, you are very un-British. And yet...you are not very attractive. If a girl has all of those things, shouldn't she be attractive? I really can't put my finger on it. Part of me thinks it may be your strong jawline, which makes me think of Hilary Swank. This is not a good thing. For now, I'll just keep listening to your music...

P.S. I don't know what made you wear the shirt in this video but it was not a smart decision. You kinda look like a blonde, scaley lizard in it. Otherwise, great performance. Seriously.


Last night I dreamt...

...that it was the day of the Primary Program and I was completely unprepared. My posters weren't ready, I didn't have any of my music in order, and everything (including all of the kids) was complete chaos.

Don't worry, Nichole. I will not let this come to pass.


And that brings the tally to 6...

We are being overrun by mice in our home and I am seriously ready to move. 3 years in this house without a single one and now 6 in just a few weeks.

Last night I was greeted by THREE in the garage when I got home from work. Two were sharing one glue trap (awww...precious), and one was hiding in the corner.

Clint chased him out of the garage and did a lovely little dance for about 5 minutes trying to stomp him in the driveway. I was too busy crying inside of my car to be amused. He finally got him in the middle of the road. So if you live in my neck of the woods and saw a dead mouse in the middle of the street in front of my home last night, that was our doing. You're welcome. Now that little guy is not in your house :).

When I finish disinfecting for the 6th time, I am going to spend tomorrow shopping for houses that are no less than 25 miles away from ANY open fields/mouse breeding grounds.

...I am half joking. I won't really move YET. But it's definitely on my mind.



Why is it that I feel I can't blog unless I have something hilarious and witty to say?

I have none of that as of late.

Just writing to say hello to my cyber-friends.



When I grow up...

...I want to be brave enough to risk breaking a hip like this stud:



We had some special visitors arrive last night. During dinner, Dallas refused to sit at his chair and eat - which made Mommy angry. Until she looked over and saw the reason for his distraction:

He was just far too busy checking out his newest cousin, Morgan. Needless to say, he evaded his timeout. I just couldn't blame him. She is the bomb dot com.


I get the hint

People are constantly asking me "when are you going to have another one?"

Excuse me. He's only one (for a few more weeks at least).

I hate that question. But I still love you, Nosey McNosertons.


I'll Be Brief

It's my first post in like 6 months. What could be so great that it would make me post when I haven't done so in half a year? This video (watch with sound:

And also this one:

And last but not least, I'm glad Captain Kirk didn't teach me how to kiss my wife:





*one instance of child coming downstairs with a huge smile on his face 40 minutes after being put down for his nap and exclaiming "Hi!" (I think he thought he would never have to nap again)
*one night of child trying to escape from his bedroom every hour
*one mommy having an epiphany and childproofing him into his own bedroom
*one instance of finding child asleep on the floor in the middle of the night
*one sad mommy who is coming to grips with her baby becoming a not.so.baby
*lots of jumping on the bed

love your guts, big boy.



Speaking of marital strife as a result of finances (see my last post)... this is a direct quote from my dear Clinton last night:

"Can't we just budget NEXT month?"

He was not kidding.



I had a memory this morning while reading an article that made me smile/want to throw up. It was of times in college when I was making less-than-desirable wages working on campus at BYU and each paycheck was almost enough for a Big Mac meal... at those times I RARELY checked my bank account online. I threw away every paper statement without even looking. I even remember my Mom calling me once to make sure I was okay because she had seen my account balance (our accounts were connected at the time) and it concerned her, as it well should have.

I mean, really, who wants to see a bank statement that shows like $14 in your checking account? It was easier not to look. So I didn't. And when I did it was a quick peak, a quick stomachache, and a quick closeout of the web browser. Am I alone on this? I think not. I guarantee you there are a lot of 60-somethings out there right now who are avoiding looking at their 401K/Stock profiles. It's just too depressing.

Times have changed and the pendulum has swung. Not necessarily the bank balances, but my attitude toward them. I have become obsessed with them. I check multiple times a day to see what auto-bills have been posted and what damage has been done. More than once a week I email Clint at work to "discuss" a lunch charge on the debit card. I can't beleive he stays married to me.

That was a long story to introduce this article I read today that made me laugh at myself remembering those old feelings (and, as most MSN Money articles do, made me grateful I'm not in as deep as a lot of Americans right now). Thankfully, I can't relate to most of the article except the avoidance. Oh, the avoidance: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Banking/YourCreditRating/are-you-afraid-to-open-your-mail.aspx.


New beginning...

I might get in trouble for blogging about this, but I'm excited. So sue me.

Today Clint starts a new job. Same company, different position (he's moving from sales to marketing).

I know he's excited because he did a little jig in the living room before we went upstairs to bed last night. It was super cute, trust me.

Reasons I am even more excited than he is:
-He'll no longer answer the question "How was your day?" with the amount of sales he made that day.
-This is so right up his alley and is what he has always wanted to do.
-He doesn't have to leave the company and all of the awesome friends he has made there.
-I can actually budget accurately now that the paycheck will be a stable, non-commission based one.

Congratulations, Clint. Here's to a new beginning! I love you.


If you want to have a headache for 48 hours...

...go see this movie.
You will cry until your head is so stuffed up you think it might explode. Just the way I like my movies. A+

(Even my better half agreed it was worth his time).


I was going to be done blogging for the day...

...until I found this surprise on my camera. Who doesn't love a good self-portrait session when no one is looking??

Please, still be my friend.

I'm about to use potty language.

Is your kid ready to pottytrain when he:
-Tells you everytime he "goes"
-Plugs his nose and says "EEW" everytime I change his diaper
-Loves watching Daddy go (sorry, honey)
-Has a panic attack if he doesn't get to flush the toilet when anyone in his world uses the restroom.
-Wakes up dry almost every morning

...but cries everytime you try to put him on the toilet?

I just can't decide. He's only 21 months, but I feel like he's giving me all of the classic "signs".

Any advice?

Welcome, Baby Morgan!

Since the day Dallas was born he has been "Baby Dallas" to his cousins, even though he weighs more than most of them now :). He was officially booted from the "Baby" crown last Friday.
Welcome, MORGAN CANNON! Your Mommy will love you forever for showing up almost a month early for her (and perfectly healthy). A dream-child already. We love you so much.

I can't stinkin wait to squish your chubby cheeks and stare at your tiny toes. Try not to grow too much before October 13, okay? Promise?
And a note to your Mommy... no one should look that good right after giving birth. I have locked all pictures of myself in that state in a steel box and buried them 6 feet under ground. HOW do you do it??


First Day of School

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." -You've Got Mail

Despite making me a few minutes later to work than usual (thank you, four school zones on my route), I loved the first.day.of.school feeling this morning. I don't have kids in school yet, and *hallelujah* neither Mr. Bishop or myself are students anymore -- but I still got butterflies in my stomach watching the children in their so-new-they-still-have-creases-in-them outfits cross the streets to their first day of school. I miss that feeling. New teacher. New friends. New clothes. Fresh folders that still smell like Office Depot.

Clint, on the other hand, used to throw up on the first day of school. I don't get that.



How is it possible that summer is almost over? My late-season regrets have kicked in.

Should have swam more.
Should have played outside more.
Should have gotten a better tan.
Should have taught D how to ride a tricycle.
Shoulda woulda coulda.

For real though.

So bring on Fall. I'm ready to regret not playing in the leaves, jumping in the puddles, and snuggling up with a good book.

55-gallon drums

I found a gem last week. After being transferred around to countless departments at the CocaCola plant in Draper, I struck gold...

Call Darren at 801-816-5458 and he'll get you on a list for FREE 55-gallon drums (for water storage). It'll be about a week wait and the drums will have Coke concentrate remnants, so they'll need a good hose-out. But then you'll be in water storage heaven and be able to sleep easier at night.

P.S. PLEASE Don't mention my name. Just pretend you got transferred around too and aren't even sure if it's something he can do ;). I don't want him to hate me before I even pick mine up next week.


Are you kidding me with this face?


For a husband with a 9-5. I hate this week and the "working late" that comes along with it. Boo.


It's ok to beg when it's for a good cause, right?

Last few days to donate or join our Relay for Life team! The big day is on Friday...


It'll give you the warm fuzzies. I promise.


Here we go again...

As soon as Dallas gets attached/comfortable with a babysitter I like to rip him away from them. Add it to the list of things that make me a terrible mother.

Just kidding, I really hate it but these awesome moms who have taken him in as their own have their own lives/children/jobs. Go figure. So since Nichole's real job starts up again in a few weeks I am once again begging for help. Here are the details. Again.

Mondays 7:30am-4:30pm
I will pack all of his food for the day and have a porta-crib he can nap in at your house.
It does pay, but not a lot. Just warning you :).

It brings me to tears everytime this happens. Because it reminds me how much I hate leaving him. And it reminds me how lucky I have been to have such awesome help for the past year (thank you Shannon and Nichole, I could just kiss you).

Let me know if you're interested! Dallas thanks you.


the money pit

ever bought a car and a week later the transmission started dying on you?

ever driven with whiplash for 3 years thanks to said transmission?

ever finally had to replace a transmission on a car when you would have much rather just driven that car off a cliff?

ever wished someone would just invent teletransportation before the bill came so you could be rid of the p.o.s forever?

i have.


I always wonder why...

...some days it feels like your brain is in a cloud? And no matter how much caffeine you drink you just can't wake up for the day. Today I'm in a cloud.


When did this happen?

It occured to me on Saturday night that I am pretty much a soccer mom. Nights out with these girls used to be spent "cruising the 8" and other such nonsense. They now look like this(pardon the photo quality):
L to R: Liz w/Gracie, Rachel w/ Zadan, Jessica w/ Brody & Olivia, Me w/ Dallas

At least they have kindly all joined me in my aged-ness.



Saturday Clint had a work party. Free food and baseball game. I can go for that. Until...

Monday he came home from work and told me his coworker said I looked like...

Lady Gaga.



I think the only celebrity it would be more embarassing to be told you look like is Munch from Law & Order SVU. You know...
...the guy who looks like his skin is being eaten by termites?


winner winner, chicken dinner!

The winner is...MINDY!!

Mindy's lovely life with her man, Matt, and her baby girl, Opal, are chronicled here: http://mattandmin.blogspot.com/ She has been my best friend since I moved to San Ramon, CA at the ripe old age of 6 months old. I love her to bits! (Email me, Min, and let me know what colors you want for the ribbon board).

Thanks again to all for commenting! I felt popular (for the first time) and I got to catch up on a bunch of people I haven't had contact with in years. Even the random, embarassed, blogstalkers who I don't know in real life made me smile. I do it, too. I pretty much know the daily happenings of way too many people who I will never ever meet in real life. It's okay, I've come to terms with my creepiness. So keep checking back.



Lately I've been thinking about myself a lot. Not in a weird way. More in a trying-to-better-myself kind of way.

I've been thinking about how it is the smallest decisions in life that have the largest impact. What if I hadn't have opened that first email from Clint? What if I had chosen a different major in college when I sat down with a list and forced myself to decide in a 5 minute timeframe?

I've been thinking about jealousy and how I want to rid it from my life. I don't want to envy mothers who get to stay home with their kids. I don't want to envy those with big, beautiful homes that are perfectly decorated and clean. I don't want to envy those who birth children and are back in their size 0 jeans the next day. The more I think about how to rid myself of it, the more it makes me think about these things and it's a viscious circle. I'm trying to overcome it.

I've been thinking about how I still feel like I am 12 years old and sometimes it is frightening that I am responsible for keeping other people alive and happy.

I've been thinking about how lucky i am to have this little person who loves me more than anything in the world and how I can improve myself as a mother. I really should put down the broom and pick up a toy truck once in a while.

I've been thinking about how good blogging has been for me (and my family in return). It has forced me to take my life for what it is and be open and honest about it. It gives me a chance to write. It gives me a chance to think about things and form my own opinions about them. All things that seemed like givens until I became a busy wife/mother/employee/chef/housekeeper. I'm grateful for the chance to be me a few times a week. Thank you, cyberspace.


i beg you

Your last post was 5 months ago. It's up to you to save this blog from being taken over by yours truly.

Love, yours truly.


Your biggest fan

I had honestly never heard them before, but these young fellas put on a heck of a show. I heart you, Jonas Brothers. Had you been around 15 years ago, I would totally have your poster hanging in my bedroom. I just don't think the Mr. would appreciate that now.


i want to meet you.

or at least know who you are out there.

The reader count of my little blog is growing - not outrageous or anything, i'm no nienie or taza. But more people are watching it than I know about (and certainly more than are commenting).

So, here's an invitation to introduce yourselves. I'm hoping most of you are long lost college/high school friends who I haven't heard from in a long time (I'm probably blogstalking you, too). But you're welcome to let me know even if I see you everyday or have never seen you a moment in my life.

Make yourself known and I'll send you this:

Customized to your own colors, etc... All you have to do is comment on this post between now and next Friday 7/10, and then I'll draw a winner.
Happy commenting! (I am giddy just thinking about it)


getting personal

Clint told me recently that my blog has become personal, rather than a family blog. Perhaps I should change my URL?? (I secretly like it that way, but don't tell Clint).

Anyway, to prove otherwise and make my mother-in-law smile, here is a post all about Dallas:
-He says way more words than I could ever think to list now and is starting to put together sentences.
-He will now copy full sentences word-for-word, so I can make him say things like "My. Mom. Is. Skinny."
-He signs like a maniac and it makes me smile everytime.
-He spontaneously sings and dances. Simultaneously.
-He loves to throw his own diapers away in the diaper bin, put his dirty clothes in the laundry room, and clean up his toys.
-He can sing the clean up song, Ring around the Rosies, Patty Cake, and Popcorn Popping (not the whole songs, obviously, but enough to tell me he wants to sing it with me).
-He tell me he loves me without being asked. Once in a while.
-He carries stuffed animals around, pats their bums, and says "Oh, Baby". I think he is trying to hint something. Aim it at Daddy honey, Mommy is already convinced.
-He knows his nose, ears, hair, belly button, teeth, bum, and another body part I won't mention here.
- He can count to three and say "ABC"

There it is. My family blog post.


Did anyone catch Monday's episode?

They gave up.

I laughed at Jon's new earrings.
I cringed at Kate's haircut (again).
And I cried for their babies.
Then I made the Mr. promise never to divorce me.
Or get earrings.
He promised.


It's that time again...

This year's Relay For Life is in just under 2 months, so it's time to start fundraising! Click here to see my post from last year. Remember how amazing I told you Madi was last year? She's now 1 whole year stronger - and she sure has been through a lot. We love her and love supporting her in this cause.

Anyone who wants to donate or join our team to relay on August 14th - see here:

Thank you for your support!

How could you say no to this? She's adorable. Such a trooper. We love you, Madi.


Because we can get away with it.


Ko Olina

Book tickets... check.
Start diet... check.
6 months and counting.


I play favorites

Do you?


dear husband,

have you ever wondered why i love you so?

..it's cuz you're super duper weird (even that girl in the special olympics jacket at Aida agreed). ::smooch::
love, j

the otter-pop industry wins again

with these:

Unfortunately, there's no cute little picture of an otter on each package. Big bummer. But they are 100% real fruit, no sugar added, 40 calories, no fat. And mm-mm-good.

I am a fan. Excuse me while I go start my facebook group --- plllhh.


I thought I was a good parent.

Until he turned into a raging toddler that I have no control over.

May has come on gone...

..which means it didn't happen this year.

I will miss hearing, "I'm pretty sure the producers of the Amazing Race are going to call us this week" every Sunday. Man, I love this guy.

Boo. I will hate all of the contestants, because my husband would have looked hotter running around in the freezing cold in his skivvies.


bishop, out.

we're gonna have THIIIIIS much fun this weekend. We'll miss you all, cyberfriends. But not really cuz we'll be basking in the semi-sun at the pool all weekend.
Peace out.

one down.

It's probably the only one I'll actually complete, but I did complete ONE of my new years resolutions.

I read the Ender saga - 4 sci fi books in 5 months. Not bad for a girl, eh?

And I liked them. A lot. So much that I just may name a future child after the male hero. How has no one made a movie about this guy yet? Really, if Edward gets a movie so should Ender.

So there, Clint. (see here for previous post on same subject)



If you, too, think Kate Gosselin has the most agitating haircut of all time, check this out: http://www.usmagazine.com/photos/see-what-stars-look-like-with-kate-gosselins-hair?slideshow_id=1119&o=0

I laughed out loud.

Decor Swap

I am really trying to streamline my life and I had mentioned previously doing a home decor swap and had a few of my lovely readers say they would be interested. So, it's on:

When: Saturday, May 30th frmo 10:30 am-11:30am
Where: My house (if you don't know my address, email me for it)
Bring: Anything you don't use anymore that someone else might want (as in, don't bring a rusty office chair from the 60's with a wheel missing - but it certainly doesn't have to be fancy stuff by any means). I only really have home decor, but it could also be children's clothes, craft supplies, etc...

Anyone is welcome to come by. Even if you have nothing to bring, come take my stuff. Pretty please.

Anything left at my house at the end of the day will stay there until Monday and then be brought to DI.


peace out adam & kris.

this is why i really couldn't wait for the american idol finale:because it signaled the start of my true love.

i am giddy for tonight.



allow me to frighten and stress you out for a moment.

food storage. did your blood pressure just rise? mine did.

tonight for fhe we are going to inventory everything we have thus far. yippee. so today i found this gem: http://www.trackmyfoodstorage.com/. They allow you to enter your family members, your food storage goals, and help you know what you need (since we all know that's the hardest part).

here's to the end of the world. enjoy.


not pregnant. not trying.

just to clarify.

i just don't want to be still paying hospital bills 18 months later the next time around thanks to complicated pregnancies, which will more than likely occur again.

so i was wondering:
if any of you have done any of the supplemental maternity insurance plans that are available?

some are legit, that i know. but some seem a little sketchy.

what have you looked into/used? was it worth it?


one toddler for sale.

just kidding. but not really.

i might cry just thinking about it, but shannon is having her little tyson in a matter of weeks now. which means it's time for me to find someone new to watch dallas for me while i work. here are the details, let me know if you're interested:

*mondays 7:30am-4:30pm
*you would make significantly more money working the same shift at mcdonalds.
*pros: subject is super cute and still takes a 2-3 hour nap/day.
*cons: still in diapers :(

let me know if you are available/interested or know someone who is. we will love you forever. i promise.


i'm not listening.

yesterday in relief society (yes, i got to go for the first time in years. felt like a fish out of water.) the teacher commented on how the lord probably reveres holiness more than happiness (meaning we shouldn't pray for a lack of trials, just that we can become holier through them). i agree. but i am still going to pray for happiness. can't hurt anything, right?
if you read rockstar diaries, i'm sure you've been enjoying her {here's to happiness} posts as much as i have. they have inspired me to appreciate the small things the past week or so. i want to be happy like that. so, here's to happiness:

#1: nutella. in any form. with anything.
#2: watching tv in bed.
#3: dallas' naked rear.
#4: checking my bank account. because i love control over such things - not because the numbers in there make me particularly happy.
#5. love texts in the middle of the work day.
#6. half-melted otter pops.
#7. swimming pools.
#8. taking the back couch cushions off and spooning.
#9. fresh haircuts/colors.
#10. watching dallas sign.

i want to know what makes you happy. because i just know it will make me smile, and i like that.