I can see the future...

We're the fakest smart people we know.

This little piece 'o paper came in the mail this weekend. We were so excited and Clint totally deserves it so I had to give him props. Sort of my "I'd like to bear my testimony. I know my family's true".

It did get me thinking though about how I felt when I graduated -- like I thought I would be a lot smarter when I graduated from college. I thought I would be the world's biggest know-it-all when it came to speech and hearing. And I wasn't. And I'm not. I was highly disappointed in myself for not becoming more chess-club-president-type-smart in those 4 years. Clint, on the other hand, seriously knows his subject so perhaps I'm alone on this. Anyone have any thoughts? Felt similarly?


Have I told you lately???

Sure, it's not Friday but it's time for me (Clint) to post. I just couldn't contain myself from blogging about how amazing Jana is. I know most of you probably already know she's amazing like I do, but I am seriously blown away every day by how much Jana does for our family. She's strong, smart, dedicated, honest, loving, funny, beautiful, giving and the most amazing wife and mother Dallas and I could've ever hoped for. She silently works her butt off for our little family, has put me through school and does virtually everything important in our family. Words really can't express how I feel about you J. Thank you!

Love, Clint



Today is Clint's first day at:
I have been a spoiled wife working right next to him for the last 3 years. I miss him. I'm lonely. I have no one to instant message. I hate growing up.

Good luck honey, I am very proud of you. Despite my selfishness.


Jana says

all females should be born like this......because that's how many arms it takes to simultaneously type, hold a chubby one-year-old who refuses to learn to stand/walk on his own, feed said one-year-old, feed myself, cook and clean. I just may suggest this when I get back up there.

Pray for Obama

I figure right about now President Bush is counting the seconds until sweet relief. I think I'm the only sympathizer left, but I really feel for the guy. Agree with everything he's done in the past 8 years? No. Wish things were different than they are right now? Of course. But I also think we have to step back and realize that he really pulled the short straw -- the poor guy was inaugurated just months before the biggest terrorist attack America has ever experienced. And let's give him some credit for the fact that there hasn't been another, right? I am so excited for the man to be able to just sit in his living room with his family and relax for the first time in a long time. I doubt it's even bittersweet, I'm sure he just can't wait to place that gigantic boulder on Obama's shoulders and walk away with a sneaky, squinty smirk on his face.

So the past few days as I've thought about this it has made me really realize what a huge job President Obama has set out for him. We expect too much of the President and I feel for them all. I probably agree with 5% of anything Obama-related, but I hope and pray that he does an amazing job for this country. So many Americans are so excited about him and I really hope they are right. I would SO LOVE to be wrong about him. Pray for Obama. We need him.


Sexual Chocolate

prologue: I am a little embarassed about this title because my parents and grandparents read this blog. Read on if you so desire, it's really not as inappropriate as it sounds...

I'm not a huge fan of the oh-so-sad early season American Idol episodes. If I wanted to hear someone sing off key, I'd ask my little brother to sing for me (sorry Alan, had to do it. Remember your inflamed nostrils or whatever that problem was you used to have?). But one of them got me laughing HARD last night. Well, not actually him but the way Simon referred to him as "Sexual" as though his given name were actually {FIRST NAME: Sexual, LAST NAME: Chocolate}.

I am stifling laughter as we speak.




Wrong on oh so many levels

Clint started growing out some facial scruff, upon my request, at Christmas. It looks fabulous. I loved it, very Jack-from-LOST-esque. Yum.

Last night he went upstairs and came back down looking like this:

Oh so foul.

I refused to kiss him and told him I wouldn't until Uncle Rico went back to his van and I got my husband back. He shaved it this morning. Is it wrong that this made me feel really powerful? ;)


Mama said there'd be days like this...

On New Year's Eve, being the uber-great wife I am, I surprised Clint with a night stay in Salt Lake as his graduation gift. We saw Doubt (totally recommend it) and then ate some Indian food --- awww yeah. Then we stopped at the scariest Wal-Mart of all time to get some games to keep ourselves busy until midnight and headed to the hotel. Here's how it ended up going down:

I watched the ball drop in New York at 10pm and quickly rolled over and fell asleep. The games are still in the shrink wrap. At about 1:45am we were rudely awoken by all of the drunkards returning from their nights out. Okay, understandable. But when we started "hearing" the people next door, ah-hem if you know what I mean, we decided to turn on the furnace fan to block out the noise. Two hours and about a thousand tosses and turns on the world's most uncomfortable Sleep Number bed, we fell back asleep.

Plan for a good date backfired.

Fast-forward to 8am -- I called my parents (who had watched Dallas overnight) to tell them we were on our way and found out Dallas had been having trouble breathing all night. They had even driven him to the ER but when his breathing regulated, they brought him back home. For the next 5 days we piddled away our 4 day weekend sitting at home with a baby with croup. Ugh.

Here's to 2009...