twitter. call me a total old.school child.o.the.90s but I so don't get the hype.

dear husband,

stop feeling guilty. yes, we miss you. yes, i was very excited that you would be getting off of work at 4:30. yes, i am disappointed that i can count on one hand the number of times that has actually happened. yes, we're still grateful for this job and for how well you're doing. yes, i appreciate the long hours. yes, we still love you.

yes, you're my favorite.

love, wife.


"My pet peeve is people who have more than 2 pet peeves"

My mother deserves credit for the hilarity of that statement. Thought you should know where I get my funny genes. Right. Well, mommy-dear, here is my list...

#5. Strangers (or not) who talk very loudly and openly about exactly how much money they have in their bank account/the rash on their rear/their marital problems/fill in the blank. What exactly am I supposed to say?

#4. People who sing to themselves constantly. In public.

#3. Drivers who speed and swerve around you just to stop at the red light 50 ft. ahead.

#2. Ketchup on eggs. Ketchup belongs on any food you would find at a baseball stadium. I, for one, have never seen scrambled eggs at a baseball stadium,

#1. At work, we ship most of our orders out of state. Anything shipped out of state does not require sales tax. Yet somehow I get this about 30 times a day: Q: "What is the sales tax?" A: "There is no sales tax as long as you are not in Utah" Q: "Ok. I live in (insert any of the other 49 states here). Is there sales tax?" Ever heard of deductive reasoning, my friends?


dear mother nature,

stop this trickery. thank you.

love, j


patrick o'lame

i vote today the stupidest holiday of all time. what is your vote?


i have evolved.

So, it turns out I'm a hardcore blogger. Over the past two years, my blog-style has certainly evolved. I'm not sure if it's for the better or not, but it has nonetheless. Lots less pictures of our trips to the park and lots more words/opinions. I am seriously sorry about that. So -- in memory of the blogger I once was (and since it's been like 20 posts since I even included a picture of my peanut), here he is:

Doesn't he just look happy to be alive???

(Leave it to Lily to capture the TRUTH about our family. You caught us. We aren't perfect. Thanks Lily, we love you!)

One in one hundred

Those are the odds Clint says he has of making it on the show after his adventure this weekend. One in one hundred. I made the mistake of asking how he came up with that number, I will spare you the details. At any rate, it's better than the one in a million I figure it really is :).


Third post in one day, I know someone stop me. I don't know how I run across these websites but I just found another blog that brought me to tears: http://thegledhillfamily.blogspot.com/. I love you, my Dallas. I will savor every whine I hear from your little self, at least until I forget this feeling of gratitude. I'll try not to forget.

Make me millions

Tomorrow Clint and his friend Zac head down to Las Vegas to audition for:Nope, not kidding. Picture camo wife-beaters, bandanas around their heads, and a big fat bag of cash draped over their shoulders. At our house we say things along the lines of "when you are on the Amazing Race" and "when we win a million dollars"... no one ever won by saying "if". Good luck, baby. Can't wait for my new, mortgage-free lifestyle.

it's about to get political up in here... again

I found this gem whilst blog-stalking the wife of someone I dated for a quick minute my freshman year of BYU. I felt I should give that disclaimer in case she, too, blogstalks me (flattering myself there).

Just to remind you all how much I hate the money this government spends on stupidity, here's a bit of perspective:





$1 billion:

$1 trillion:

Yup, that's a little man on the bottom left standing next to double stacked pallets of $100 bills.

Ain't no thing for America to spend, right? Wrong.


i want to meet you, dr. jon.

Great business sense, a great sense of humor, and absolutely no conscience/ethics: http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/smartspending/archive/2009/03/09/all-you-can-eat-for-free-if-you-re-fat.aspx


Hello, my name is Jana

And I am addicted to online shopping. Rarely do I purchase, but when I do find a smoking deal it makes it all worth it. I love getting the order confirmation emails. I love having a package on my doorstep when I get home from work. I HATE waiting for my goods to arrive. There is a box full of kitchen backsplash tiles out there somewhere with my name on it. Oh, pretty please, make this the best Monday ever and be there when I get home.


Insert bad words here. Lots of them.


false hopes

I just flipped my calendar at my desk at work and this month's picture is of a girl in short sleeves holding a flower. Let it be so. The grey skies outside my window are glaring at me. Go away, we want short sleeves and flowers.