...about how happy I am that my home is now binky-free. morning, noon, and night my friends.

...that going out tonight sounds a lot better than cooking dinner when I get home.

...that she's super super glad it's nap time.

...about how my weekend starts tomorrow.

...about how she wants to do a home decor swap with her friends/neighbors with stuff we're not using anymore.

...of some way to rationalize skipping my run tonight.

...that my throat hurts. still.

...about the $30 free dollars I get to spend at Kohl's this weekend.

...it sure would be nice if Clint still sat at that desk over there...

all at once.




look what i got yesterday for f.r.e.e. off KSL. works like a charm.

i felt very mrs. cleaver last night sewing up a storm.



twilight zone

i was just getting used to the fact that pirates exist in real life, and then i found out we are all going to die of a pig disease. it really is the end of the world, folks.

whole lotta nothin

After a beyond-crazy April, we Bishops couldn't be more excited about a week full of free evenings. I get to cook dinner. Yay.


Dear Bubba,

How about a lunch date on a blanket on the front lawn next Tuesday? It's a date because Mommy will be home with you every Tuesday from this day forward. It's a date - hopefully with many more to come.

I love you, little man.

Love, Mommy


pretty much 30

Mr. Bishop turns 26 today. I like to tell him since he's over the hump now, he's pretty much 30.

Happy Birthday. I'll do my best to make it a day filled with rainbow chip cake, shrimp fried rice and lots of kisses from me and the munchkin -- just the kind of day you deserve. I am just so glad you were born. Thanks for choosing me so I can spend the next 26 with you. I love your guts.


you go, girl!


Mr. & Mrs. Rauland SchaatI was too distracted to take any pictures of my own that day so I didn;t have any which is why this is a bit delayed (Thanks, T, for posting this pic so I could steal it).

We love this new little family!



last week i discovered our friend diana's sister coren's etsy shop and i have found myself back there everyday since. as soon as we get the tv in our garage up and running and i have to rearrange the living room, you better believe i will be ordering.


check it out: elephannie.etsy.com

i am loving all the birds.

bunco prizes to come? i think yes.

diana/coren: you're welcome for the free advertising :). sorry if posting that picture is some kind of copyright infringement - i couldn't resisit.


Mmm... money.

Dallas' latest is whenever he eats something he likes he says "mmm, money". He really means "mmm, nummy" but it makes me laugh every time. Honey, I think the same thing everytime I feed your little face -- "mmm, there goes my money".

I should also mention that when it's NOT something he likes, he throws it across the room. We're working on it. We have started time-outs prematurely in an unsuccessful effort to break this habit. But at those moments I think something more along the lines of "UGGGGH -- MONEY!"


how to enjoy easter the right way:

step 1:

step 2:

step 3:

step 4:


staying put

Since the world is falling apart and I will be living in my townhome for the rest of my life, I'm looking to take advantage of these crazy-low rates and refinance. I know a bunch of you have done it lately:

-who did you use?
-what were the fees? out of pocket?

Please, do tell. And if you say Paramount Equity I'll hit you in the face (don't aske, but I'm not even exaggerating).

Dear Rauland,

In 2 days you marry my sister and will be her new roommate. Having been her roommate for most of my life, here are a few things I thought you should know about her, just in case:

When she gets dressed in the morning, she will most likely sing about each and every article of clothing she puts on to the tune of "Singing In The Rain".

If you ever find her laying on top of the back of the couch, don't worry she's not dead. She's just resting her bottom.

It is very easy to rip her off - she is uber gullible. Just trick her with something along the lines of "man, I am so glad I have this peice of brocolli instead of that gross-looking cookie you are holding" -- you'll be eating that cookie in no time.

She likes organizers. You will never be lacking for large tupperware products.

She won't put 1000 useless pillows on your bed that you have to take off every night before bed. Clint will be jealous.

I hope you know how lucky you are. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I have had my own wonderful new roommate for a few years now, but I still miss my white metal bunkbeds with Stacie on the top bunk. Enjoy her. Love her. Take good care of her for me. And, just for fun, just for me, yell at her to clean up her mess and stay on her side of the room once in a while.

Love, J



Does anyone else see a striking resemblance between Anoop and Kevin the Mathlete from Mean Girls?I promise it's not even just a racial thing...
They're the same. Right up to the khakis pulled up to their nipples.


i'll fake it

It has, once again, fallen upon me to be the hairstylist for my sister's wedding (this is 4 for 4, including doing my own). This is mostly for stacie, but I want your opinion on which direction to go. Stacie loves things simple and wants her hair in loose curls, probably half up. The wedding is this Saturday, so vote asap. ---->>>

option 1 (my personal fav, especially since the bride is one of my favorite people):

option 2 (only smaller, I know you Stacie):

option 3:

vote --->> gracias.


Note to self

Shouldn't be on the internet during conference, I know.

Just sitting here trying to remind myself of all of the things I have told myself to remember and incorporate into my little family over the past few days. I know myself well enough to know that I will have forgotten how I feel right now by Monday morning -- perhaps this post will remind me next time I log into my blog. My boys deserve the me that I feel such conviction to become today.