bishop, out.

we're gonna have THIIIIIS much fun this weekend. We'll miss you all, cyberfriends. But not really cuz we'll be basking in the semi-sun at the pool all weekend.
Peace out.

one down.

It's probably the only one I'll actually complete, but I did complete ONE of my new years resolutions.

I read the Ender saga - 4 sci fi books in 5 months. Not bad for a girl, eh?

And I liked them. A lot. So much that I just may name a future child after the male hero. How has no one made a movie about this guy yet? Really, if Edward gets a movie so should Ender.

So there, Clint. (see here for previous post on same subject)



If you, too, think Kate Gosselin has the most agitating haircut of all time, check this out: http://www.usmagazine.com/photos/see-what-stars-look-like-with-kate-gosselins-hair?slideshow_id=1119&o=0

I laughed out loud.

Decor Swap

I am really trying to streamline my life and I had mentioned previously doing a home decor swap and had a few of my lovely readers say they would be interested. So, it's on:

When: Saturday, May 30th frmo 10:30 am-11:30am
Where: My house (if you don't know my address, email me for it)
Bring: Anything you don't use anymore that someone else might want (as in, don't bring a rusty office chair from the 60's with a wheel missing - but it certainly doesn't have to be fancy stuff by any means). I only really have home decor, but it could also be children's clothes, craft supplies, etc...

Anyone is welcome to come by. Even if you have nothing to bring, come take my stuff. Pretty please.

Anything left at my house at the end of the day will stay there until Monday and then be brought to DI.


peace out adam & kris.

this is why i really couldn't wait for the american idol finale:because it signaled the start of my true love.

i am giddy for tonight.



allow me to frighten and stress you out for a moment.

food storage. did your blood pressure just rise? mine did.

tonight for fhe we are going to inventory everything we have thus far. yippee. so today i found this gem: http://www.trackmyfoodstorage.com/. They allow you to enter your family members, your food storage goals, and help you know what you need (since we all know that's the hardest part).

here's to the end of the world. enjoy.


not pregnant. not trying.

just to clarify.

i just don't want to be still paying hospital bills 18 months later the next time around thanks to complicated pregnancies, which will more than likely occur again.

so i was wondering:
if any of you have done any of the supplemental maternity insurance plans that are available?

some are legit, that i know. but some seem a little sketchy.

what have you looked into/used? was it worth it?


one toddler for sale.

just kidding. but not really.

i might cry just thinking about it, but shannon is having her little tyson in a matter of weeks now. which means it's time for me to find someone new to watch dallas for me while i work. here are the details, let me know if you're interested:

*mondays 7:30am-4:30pm
*you would make significantly more money working the same shift at mcdonalds.
*pros: subject is super cute and still takes a 2-3 hour nap/day.
*cons: still in diapers :(

let me know if you are available/interested or know someone who is. we will love you forever. i promise.


i'm not listening.

yesterday in relief society (yes, i got to go for the first time in years. felt like a fish out of water.) the teacher commented on how the lord probably reveres holiness more than happiness (meaning we shouldn't pray for a lack of trials, just that we can become holier through them). i agree. but i am still going to pray for happiness. can't hurt anything, right?
if you read rockstar diaries, i'm sure you've been enjoying her {here's to happiness} posts as much as i have. they have inspired me to appreciate the small things the past week or so. i want to be happy like that. so, here's to happiness:

#1: nutella. in any form. with anything.
#2: watching tv in bed.
#3: dallas' naked rear.
#4: checking my bank account. because i love control over such things - not because the numbers in there make me particularly happy.
#5. love texts in the middle of the work day.
#6. half-melted otter pops.
#7. swimming pools.
#8. taking the back couch cushions off and spooning.
#9. fresh haircuts/colors.
#10. watching dallas sign.

i want to know what makes you happy. because i just know it will make me smile, and i like that.

is it ok...

...that my favorite part of mother's day is the apple jacks necklace that is now hanging from my rearview mirror? this is the life.


hodge podge of help. pretty please.

Pressing matter #1:
I sold all of the crap collecting dust in my basement to make some benjamins for a new living room area rug. I actually love the one I have but it is the last RED thing in the room, so I think it's time to find it a new home. This is the one I am thinking of:

Should look great with my cream couches & coffee table but I'm a little worried about how it will look with my chocoate walls. I have a black kitchen table with the same brown walls and I love the dining room -- but what do you think? too much? honest answers only please.
Pressing matter #2:
My son laughs hysterically everytime I put him on timeout. He knows exactly what to do to get put on time out -- and is starting to do them on purpose with a smirk on his face. I'm clearly not doing it right. Please help. How do you torture your children?


my little heartbreaker

Thank you carrie & dan (dcphotobooth.blogspot.com). You are beyond talented and we will be sending everyone we know your way. can't wait to see the rest!!