getting personal

Clint told me recently that my blog has become personal, rather than a family blog. Perhaps I should change my URL?? (I secretly like it that way, but don't tell Clint).

Anyway, to prove otherwise and make my mother-in-law smile, here is a post all about Dallas:
-He says way more words than I could ever think to list now and is starting to put together sentences.
-He will now copy full sentences word-for-word, so I can make him say things like "My. Mom. Is. Skinny."
-He signs like a maniac and it makes me smile everytime.
-He spontaneously sings and dances. Simultaneously.
-He loves to throw his own diapers away in the diaper bin, put his dirty clothes in the laundry room, and clean up his toys.
-He can sing the clean up song, Ring around the Rosies, Patty Cake, and Popcorn Popping (not the whole songs, obviously, but enough to tell me he wants to sing it with me).
-He tell me he loves me without being asked. Once in a while.
-He carries stuffed animals around, pats their bums, and says "Oh, Baby". I think he is trying to hint something. Aim it at Daddy honey, Mommy is already convinced.
-He knows his nose, ears, hair, belly button, teeth, bum, and another body part I won't mention here.
- He can count to three and say "ABC"

There it is. My family blog post.


Did anyone catch Monday's episode?

They gave up.

I laughed at Jon's new earrings.
I cringed at Kate's haircut (again).
And I cried for their babies.
Then I made the Mr. promise never to divorce me.
Or get earrings.
He promised.


It's that time again...

This year's Relay For Life is in just under 2 months, so it's time to start fundraising! Click here to see my post from last year. Remember how amazing I told you Madi was last year? She's now 1 whole year stronger - and she sure has been through a lot. We love her and love supporting her in this cause.

Anyone who wants to donate or join our team to relay on August 14th - see here:

Thank you for your support!

How could you say no to this? She's adorable. Such a trooper. We love you, Madi.


Because we can get away with it.


Ko Olina

Book tickets... check.
Start diet... check.
6 months and counting.


I play favorites

Do you?


dear husband,

have you ever wondered why i love you so?

..it's cuz you're super duper weird (even that girl in the special olympics jacket at Aida agreed). ::smooch::
love, j

the otter-pop industry wins again

with these:

Unfortunately, there's no cute little picture of an otter on each package. Big bummer. But they are 100% real fruit, no sugar added, 40 calories, no fat. And mm-mm-good.

I am a fan. Excuse me while I go start my facebook group --- plllhh.


I thought I was a good parent.

Until he turned into a raging toddler that I have no control over.

May has come on gone...

..which means it didn't happen this year.

I will miss hearing, "I'm pretty sure the producers of the Amazing Race are going to call us this week" every Sunday. Man, I love this guy.

Boo. I will hate all of the contestants, because my husband would have looked hotter running around in the freezing cold in his skivvies.