I always wonder why...

...some days it feels like your brain is in a cloud? And no matter how much caffeine you drink you just can't wake up for the day. Today I'm in a cloud.


When did this happen?

It occured to me on Saturday night that I am pretty much a soccer mom. Nights out with these girls used to be spent "cruising the 8" and other such nonsense. They now look like this(pardon the photo quality):
L to R: Liz w/Gracie, Rachel w/ Zadan, Jessica w/ Brody & Olivia, Me w/ Dallas

At least they have kindly all joined me in my aged-ness.



Saturday Clint had a work party. Free food and baseball game. I can go for that. Until...

Monday he came home from work and told me his coworker said I looked like...

Lady Gaga.



I think the only celebrity it would be more embarassing to be told you look like is Munch from Law & Order SVU. You know...
...the guy who looks like his skin is being eaten by termites?


winner winner, chicken dinner!

The winner is...MINDY!!

Mindy's lovely life with her man, Matt, and her baby girl, Opal, are chronicled here: http://mattandmin.blogspot.com/ She has been my best friend since I moved to San Ramon, CA at the ripe old age of 6 months old. I love her to bits! (Email me, Min, and let me know what colors you want for the ribbon board).

Thanks again to all for commenting! I felt popular (for the first time) and I got to catch up on a bunch of people I haven't had contact with in years. Even the random, embarassed, blogstalkers who I don't know in real life made me smile. I do it, too. I pretty much know the daily happenings of way too many people who I will never ever meet in real life. It's okay, I've come to terms with my creepiness. So keep checking back.



Lately I've been thinking about myself a lot. Not in a weird way. More in a trying-to-better-myself kind of way.

I've been thinking about how it is the smallest decisions in life that have the largest impact. What if I hadn't have opened that first email from Clint? What if I had chosen a different major in college when I sat down with a list and forced myself to decide in a 5 minute timeframe?

I've been thinking about jealousy and how I want to rid it from my life. I don't want to envy mothers who get to stay home with their kids. I don't want to envy those with big, beautiful homes that are perfectly decorated and clean. I don't want to envy those who birth children and are back in their size 0 jeans the next day. The more I think about how to rid myself of it, the more it makes me think about these things and it's a viscious circle. I'm trying to overcome it.

I've been thinking about how I still feel like I am 12 years old and sometimes it is frightening that I am responsible for keeping other people alive and happy.

I've been thinking about how lucky i am to have this little person who loves me more than anything in the world and how I can improve myself as a mother. I really should put down the broom and pick up a toy truck once in a while.

I've been thinking about how good blogging has been for me (and my family in return). It has forced me to take my life for what it is and be open and honest about it. It gives me a chance to write. It gives me a chance to think about things and form my own opinions about them. All things that seemed like givens until I became a busy wife/mother/employee/chef/housekeeper. I'm grateful for the chance to be me a few times a week. Thank you, cyberspace.


i beg you

Your last post was 5 months ago. It's up to you to save this blog from being taken over by yours truly.

Love, yours truly.


Your biggest fan

I had honestly never heard them before, but these young fellas put on a heck of a show. I heart you, Jonas Brothers. Had you been around 15 years ago, I would totally have your poster hanging in my bedroom. I just don't think the Mr. would appreciate that now.


i want to meet you.

or at least know who you are out there.

The reader count of my little blog is growing - not outrageous or anything, i'm no nienie or taza. But more people are watching it than I know about (and certainly more than are commenting).

So, here's an invitation to introduce yourselves. I'm hoping most of you are long lost college/high school friends who I haven't heard from in a long time (I'm probably blogstalking you, too). But you're welcome to let me know even if I see you everyday or have never seen you a moment in my life.

Make yourself known and I'll send you this:

Customized to your own colors, etc... All you have to do is comment on this post between now and next Friday 7/10, and then I'll draw a winner.
Happy commenting! (I am giddy just thinking about it)