New beginning...

I might get in trouble for blogging about this, but I'm excited. So sue me.

Today Clint starts a new job. Same company, different position (he's moving from sales to marketing).

I know he's excited because he did a little jig in the living room before we went upstairs to bed last night. It was super cute, trust me.

Reasons I am even more excited than he is:
-He'll no longer answer the question "How was your day?" with the amount of sales he made that day.
-This is so right up his alley and is what he has always wanted to do.
-He doesn't have to leave the company and all of the awesome friends he has made there.
-I can actually budget accurately now that the paycheck will be a stable, non-commission based one.

Congratulations, Clint. Here's to a new beginning! I love you.


If you want to have a headache for 48 hours...

...go see this movie.
You will cry until your head is so stuffed up you think it might explode. Just the way I like my movies. A+

(Even my better half agreed it was worth his time).


I was going to be done blogging for the day...

...until I found this surprise on my camera. Who doesn't love a good self-portrait session when no one is looking??

Please, still be my friend.

I'm about to use potty language.

Is your kid ready to pottytrain when he:
-Tells you everytime he "goes"
-Plugs his nose and says "EEW" everytime I change his diaper
-Loves watching Daddy go (sorry, honey)
-Has a panic attack if he doesn't get to flush the toilet when anyone in his world uses the restroom.
-Wakes up dry almost every morning

...but cries everytime you try to put him on the toilet?

I just can't decide. He's only 21 months, but I feel like he's giving me all of the classic "signs".

Any advice?

Welcome, Baby Morgan!

Since the day Dallas was born he has been "Baby Dallas" to his cousins, even though he weighs more than most of them now :). He was officially booted from the "Baby" crown last Friday.
Welcome, MORGAN CANNON! Your Mommy will love you forever for showing up almost a month early for her (and perfectly healthy). A dream-child already. We love you so much.

I can't stinkin wait to squish your chubby cheeks and stare at your tiny toes. Try not to grow too much before October 13, okay? Promise?
And a note to your Mommy... no one should look that good right after giving birth. I have locked all pictures of myself in that state in a steel box and buried them 6 feet under ground. HOW do you do it??


First Day of School

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." -You've Got Mail

Despite making me a few minutes later to work than usual (thank you, four school zones on my route), I loved the first.day.of.school feeling this morning. I don't have kids in school yet, and *hallelujah* neither Mr. Bishop or myself are students anymore -- but I still got butterflies in my stomach watching the children in their so-new-they-still-have-creases-in-them outfits cross the streets to their first day of school. I miss that feeling. New teacher. New friends. New clothes. Fresh folders that still smell like Office Depot.

Clint, on the other hand, used to throw up on the first day of school. I don't get that.



How is it possible that summer is almost over? My late-season regrets have kicked in.

Should have swam more.
Should have played outside more.
Should have gotten a better tan.
Should have taught D how to ride a tricycle.
Shoulda woulda coulda.

For real though.

So bring on Fall. I'm ready to regret not playing in the leaves, jumping in the puddles, and snuggling up with a good book.

55-gallon drums

I found a gem last week. After being transferred around to countless departments at the CocaCola plant in Draper, I struck gold...

Call Darren at 801-816-5458 and he'll get you on a list for FREE 55-gallon drums (for water storage). It'll be about a week wait and the drums will have Coke concentrate remnants, so they'll need a good hose-out. But then you'll be in water storage heaven and be able to sleep easier at night.

P.S. PLEASE Don't mention my name. Just pretend you got transferred around too and aren't even sure if it's something he can do ;). I don't want him to hate me before I even pick mine up next week.


Are you kidding me with this face?


For a husband with a 9-5. I hate this week and the "working late" that comes along with it. Boo.


It's ok to beg when it's for a good cause, right?

Last few days to donate or join our Relay for Life team! The big day is on Friday...


It'll give you the warm fuzzies. I promise.


Here we go again...

As soon as Dallas gets attached/comfortable with a babysitter I like to rip him away from them. Add it to the list of things that make me a terrible mother.

Just kidding, I really hate it but these awesome moms who have taken him in as their own have their own lives/children/jobs. Go figure. So since Nichole's real job starts up again in a few weeks I am once again begging for help. Here are the details. Again.

Mondays 7:30am-4:30pm
I will pack all of his food for the day and have a porta-crib he can nap in at your house.
It does pay, but not a lot. Just warning you :).

It brings me to tears everytime this happens. Because it reminds me how much I hate leaving him. And it reminds me how lucky I have been to have such awesome help for the past year (thank you Shannon and Nichole, I could just kiss you).

Let me know if you're interested! Dallas thanks you.


the money pit

ever bought a car and a week later the transmission started dying on you?

ever driven with whiplash for 3 years thanks to said transmission?

ever finally had to replace a transmission on a car when you would have much rather just driven that car off a cliff?

ever wished someone would just invent teletransportation before the bill came so you could be rid of the p.o.s forever?

i have.