Smarty Pants

This strapping young lad...
...was accepted to the University of Utah today! (and brought home a 4.0 report card yesterday for the first time in his life).

Congratulations, Alan. How are you not still 5 years old?? We are so so proud of the good decisions you are making as you prepare for "adulthood".

Clint, Jana & Dallas


tis the season...

...to lose my mind.

Starting next week, the world at our house turns into a giant whirlwind of stress (I mean, fun??) for 2 straight months.

I am bracing myself now for impact as I prepare for (in order):
*My 24th birthday
*Dallas' 2nd birthday
*Our 4th wedding anniversary
*Christmas Eve (this is the BIG one in our family)
*Our BIG trip to Hawaii :)
*(Plus 9 other birthdays in our immediate families in the next 2 months)

Bring it on. I'm ready.

I really am. This is where having an anal-retentive personality really comes in handy (ouch, my ulcer hurts).
Dallas' birthday shopping is done.
Christmas shopping is done (minus stocking stuffers).

If only I could prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinners this far in advance I would feel so much better.


Yeah, I watch too much TV. JealOUS.

This segment of a Q&A online made me giddy for LOST {and my favorite character, Claire} to come back. Heck yeah.

Question: Is Emilie de Ravin going to be back on “Lost” for the whole season or just a few episodes? And will we get to see what happened to her? —Jared

Answer: The answer to both of your questions is a resounding yeppers. Better prepare yourself though. My “Lost” mole says season 6 will showcase “a version of Claire we’ve never seen before — a Rousseau-esque version.” We’ll be in need of a Rousseau fix since the real version will be MIA. According to a “Lost” insider, the French Lady’s portrayer, Mira Furlan, turned down the show’s request to return for the final season due to a “prior overseas commitment.” Anyone know how you say “big bag-o-nuts” in fran├žais?

Big baby

You know your baby ain't a baby no mo when he can pretend to be one {"goo goo ga ga baby" with a huge smile on his face} while you're giving him snuggles.

Makes me wanna cry like a baby.



Dallas and I are back from visiting these monkeys:Oh how we miss them already.


Simple pleasures

My weekend was spectacular because I had...
...rainbow chip cupcakes.
...a hilarious toddler who says hilarious things.
...great neighbors who let their kids come over to play.
...family close by to go to the zoo with.

My Monday is spectacular because I have...
...6 more days until I have to tackle the chaos that is the Primary Program again.
...a boarding pass sitting on my desk to Arizona for TOMORROW.
...a great job that I love and am so grateful for.
...one of my favorite easy meals planned for dinner tonight.

Happy New Week! Make it great!


Go Seahawks!

I care more about global warming than I do about the Seattle Seahawks (which is not at all, by the way). That's not what this post is about.

Conversation with my one year old in the car last night.

Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: What?
Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: Clint, what is he saying? It sounds exactly like Go Seahawks.
Clint: Dallas, say that again.
Dallas: Go Seahawks.
Jana: Do we even KNOW anyone who like the Seahawks? Does ANYONE like the Seahawks?
Clint: Just a minute. (Gets on phone and calls his friend, Jon Mayne). Hi, Jon. Did you teach my son to say Go Seahawks? Nice.
Jana: That's ridiculous.
Dallas: Go Seahawks.

Part Deux

Dallas is stubborn and funny. So is this kid.


The Strange Case of Natasha Bedingfield (Clint's Post)

Dear Natasha Bedingfield,
You are extremely talented. Like uber-talented. Your "Soulmate" song is constantly on repeat in my headphones 'cause it's an amazing song and you have an amazing voice. But here's the catch. You're blonde. You're not fat. You have perfect teeth. You have a phenomonal voice. In short, you are very un-British. And yet...you are not very attractive. If a girl has all of those things, shouldn't she be attractive? I really can't put my finger on it. Part of me thinks it may be your strong jawline, which makes me think of Hilary Swank. This is not a good thing. For now, I'll just keep listening to your music...

P.S. I don't know what made you wear the shirt in this video but it was not a smart decision. You kinda look like a blonde, scaley lizard in it. Otherwise, great performance. Seriously.


Last night I dreamt...

...that it was the day of the Primary Program and I was completely unprepared. My posters weren't ready, I didn't have any of my music in order, and everything (including all of the kids) was complete chaos.

Don't worry, Nichole. I will not let this come to pass.


And that brings the tally to 6...

We are being overrun by mice in our home and I am seriously ready to move. 3 years in this house without a single one and now 6 in just a few weeks.

Last night I was greeted by THREE in the garage when I got home from work. Two were sharing one glue trap (awww...precious), and one was hiding in the corner.

Clint chased him out of the garage and did a lovely little dance for about 5 minutes trying to stomp him in the driveway. I was too busy crying inside of my car to be amused. He finally got him in the middle of the road. So if you live in my neck of the woods and saw a dead mouse in the middle of the street in front of my home last night, that was our doing. You're welcome. Now that little guy is not in your house :).

When I finish disinfecting for the 6th time, I am going to spend tomorrow shopping for houses that are no less than 25 miles away from ANY open fields/mouse breeding grounds.

...I am half joking. I won't really move YET. But it's definitely on my mind.