Looking Back in books

My old roommate Allison posted a list of all the books she read in 2009 and I LOVED it, so I am copying her....because she's awesome. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

This year I read...

Verdict: * Summary: I shouldnt even put it on this list because I couldn't finish it. Lame.

Verdict: ***** Summary: Superb. Up there with The Giver & Fahrenheit 451 for easy-read science-fictions. Can't believe it took me this long to finally pick these books up. Loved it loved it loved it.

Verdict: **** Summary: Not as enthralling as Ender's Game but still excellent. Not as enthralling as Ender's Game but still excellent.

Verdict: ***

Verdict: ***

Verdict: *** Summary: Well it took me over 4 months to finish, so it certainly wasn't the MOST captivating of Orson Scott Card's books. But I wouldn't say it was terrible. For me, it did fill in a lot of gaps that the 4 main Ender books left wide open. It just didn't do much more than that. No great storyline or real new characters of consequence.

Verdict: * Summary: A wanna-be thriller. Pretty unrealistic at times and the amount of vulgar language only distracted from the rest of the book. A book I was happy to finish

Verdict: **** Summary: Definitely not uplifting, but a quick-read and a sad story of a true-life experience. Definitely not uplifting, but a quick-read and a sad story of a true-life experience

Verdict: *** Summary: Gives a great insight into the lives and struggles of Iranian women. Some of the literary comparisons were a bit dull and it definitely lacks organization (every chapter was in a different place in a different decade), but overall a good read.

Verdict: *** Summary: Well written and interesting -- a nice quick read. I had some fundamental issues with WHY she was on this "self-discovery", which bothered me as I read the book. But that aside, it was worth my time.

Verdict: ***** Summary: Honestly, probably the best book I have ever read. I was nervous going in because it is so long, but it has everything a good book should have. Great characters, great storyline, and it is riddled with political and social issues (90% of which I actually agree with, which helped). Must read!


Looking back

This time last year I posted the following goals. Here's how I did...

...get all of my household chores done during the week so I can spend time uninterrupted with my family on the weekends. A-

...cook healthy meals for my family at least 4 times/week. B-

...continue reading my scriptures daily D- (yes, I know where I am headed straight for if I don't get my act together)

...send birthday cards out to all parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, neices and nephews on time. A+

...get my rear end to the gym at least 4x/week. B

...make (but not birth) another baby??? F--

...read all of the Ender books and pretend to like them even if I don't just to prove Clint wrong. A+

...wear less ponytails. C+

Better luck next year.

Cleaning Frenzy

I was greeted this morning at work with an email that contained the following conundrum: "all of the accessories have vanished--probably inadvertently thrown out in a cleaning frenzy"

Made me laugh out loud -- because I cannot count how many times I have done this. I love the use of the word "frenzy" because that's totally what it is, I get some weird high off of giving/throwing things away. It feels SO good, until a week later when you need whatever it is you got rid of...


Open Misamus!

After almost a month of presents under the tree, Dallas has lost his patience and is now insisting he needs to "Open Miss-a-mus (Christmas)!!"

We will oblige shortly, my sweet boy. And I cannot wait.



2009 has been another blessed one in the Bishop household. Crazy and chaotic, but blessed.

Clint started his career in the sales department at BidSync. He did well there and has since been transferred to the marketing department, which is really his passion and he loves it. He toys with the idea of heading back to school for a graduate degree, but so far he’s just enjoying his free time playing soccer and videogames too much!

Jana cut back her hours at work this year and has enjoyed having more time to do “mommy things” and be with Dallas. Those few extra hours a week at home have translated into a much more organized life, which has been good for the whole family . She is also participating in a bowling league with her Mom which she loves, even if it is a little nerdy.

Dallas made the leap from baby to boy this year. The kid is all over the place and only sits still long enough to take toys apart and try to figure out how they work. He is the funniest kid in the world – yet another trait he gets from his Daddy. He thoroughly enjoyed his season pass to the Living Planet Aquarium this year – apparently going about a thousand times in one year still just isn’t enough for him because he keeps wanting to go back.

We hope we find you all well and happy! Merry Christmas and here’s to an equally great 2010!

Clint, Jana & Dallas Bishop


Come on, already

Presents have been wrapped and under the tree for weeks now.

It is friggin freezing outside.

I miss my regular decorations.

I am sick of hearing Josh Groban's "Oh Holy Night" on the radio.

I know I am blasphemous, but I get sick of the Christmas season. The music, Christmas trees, and lights all just last far too long for my taste. I think it's time for Christmas to COME, already.

I want to watch my kiddo open his presents.

I want to eat whatever I please for 24 hours, guilt-free.

Mostly, I want to read out of Luke on Christmas Eve with my family and feel that intense, Christmas Spirit (you know, the ACTUAL spirit) that only comes when reading the account of the Savior's birth.


My, how our attitude has changed since last year

Can you say terrible twos?

This is my life

P.S. I took it down. I don't think I took it the way it could have been taken, and I'm sorry if you did. I really am. If you know what I'm referring to, I really am sorry.



Ready for Christmas.
Ready for a nap.
Ready for the weekend.
Ready to be done with medical bills.
Ready to drive Clint's car off a cliff.
Ready for my tax refund.
Ready for lunch.
Ready for a haircut.
Ready for Hawaii.


Just gettin this out there...

Long ago, I came up with a brilliant idea all on my own.

Sell Oreo cream in a jar. No cookies, just the cream/lard.

Today, my husband is claiming this was his idea.

I am angry (and hungry).