Because Clint informed me that blogs without pictures are lame.

He said it before he realized that I put pictures in like 1/10th of my posts... if that. Then his face turned a little red and he tried to back-peddle. It was cute. Think of it this way, lover-boy, every word I type on this blog is one less word you have to listen to me say when you get home from work :)

Here's a picture (and a darn tootin cute one) to avoid being crowned "lame":
(...is it wrong that he doesn't seem to be hatin it?)



In six months...we will have a new member of our family.

In six weeks... we will be in Disneyland.

In six days... we'll be enjoying General Conference and Easter Sunday.

In six hours... we will be at the park enjoying the warmth.

In six minutes... I will still be hungry, tired, and wishing I were with my boys.


Sweet nothings...

Lots of sweets & a whole lot of doing nothing.

For the last 3 months, I have eaten whatever I can stomach (think CARBS and lots of them), and have gone to the gym precisely zero times. I am praying with all of my might for my energy to return to me so that I can lug this rapidly spreading derriere onto a treadmill. I am craving it -- almost as strongly as my daily craving for a gigantic Cherry Limeade from Sonic. See... this is my problem. I feel so unhealthy, it's nasty (and I'm sure my poor baby feels even worse).

On a more hilarious/slightly depressing note... Dallas walked past the vacuum in a closet at the office today and said "That's for Mommy".


If you live in Utah...

...and you agree with any of my politics, check out http://www.mikelee2010.com/. If you are one of the haters who leaves me mean comments every time I get political, steer clear. You'll hate him.

I'm really excited about Mike Lee for Senate. I even picked up a sign to put in my yard... Clint told me he wanted to read up on him before I advertised him in front of our house. So, Clint, here's your chance. You have 48 hours (the rest of you have a few months to make your decision).

...AND attend your local caucus tomorrow night! I will be attending for the first time (thanks to the many nudgings of my mother) and am actually really excited about it. Plus, it's super fun to say. Caucus. Caucus. Caucus.

I was right.

Yesterday was anything but perfect, thanks to some men with bad hair in suits in Washington.

To celebrate, I am quitting my job and taking up smoking and bunjee jumping -- are you excited to pay my medical bills America?


It is 8am.

8am. And I just woke up. I literally cannot remember the last time this happened. I am almost certain it was before Dallas was born.

I can hear my two-year-old making unreasonable breakfast requests downstairs. I can hear my sweet husband caving to his demands. It may not be right, but you'd do it too if you had the cutest son in the history of the world.

I have a house to pick up - but that means I have a house to live in.
I have a few meals to cook today - but I get to cook them for the two people I love most.
I need to get out of bed and get ready for church - but that, my friends, means I have the most amazing knowledge of truth.

I went to bed admittedly grumpy last night. I woke up feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. Today will be far from perfect, which is perfect.


P. to the S.

Remember this post from last year?

For the record, I still think this holiday is the worst.

I did wear a bright green cardigan, so as to prevent annoying people from annoying me.

The Fix-It Fairy

This weekend a miracle occurred.
I sat down on the couch for 3 hours and watched a riveting Lifetime movie (about an unfaithful husband... are you shocked?). While I sat there... under-cabinet lighting appeared in my kitchen. At least that's the way it felt, Clint might have a different story...


As of late...


Time for a new blog header...

Becaaauuuse… “the three of us” will soon be “the FOUR of us”. Baby Bishop #2 is on its way this fall. We had an ultrasound today and everything looks perfect. I am almost through my first trimester – due Oct 2 (although it looks as though the blood pressure issues I had last time around are going to resurface, so the Dr says the baby will come no later than Sept 18).

So far…

Feeling… slightly better than last time around. I’m doing pretty well managing the sickness (thank HEAVEN for strong medication) and haven’t lost any weight… so we’re counting our blessings. My fetuses (feti??) hate me, but I certainly love them anyway.

Looking… surprisingly humongous. I hardly showed with Dallas at all until probably 5 months. But you better believe I’ve got a nice little bumpus going on already.

Loving… all of the kisses my belly gets all day from Dallas and Daddy.

Dreaming… of holding this little munchkin. I love me some baby smell. Mmmm, can’t wait!

Apologizing... for blatantly lying to so many of you. Please know that I love you and hated all the false witness I bore for the last 3 months.


I get annoyed...

...when people claim they never watch TV. Yeah, right. Don't try to make me feel lazy. I watch TV every.single.night. And love it. I also watch it while I fold laundry. While I do the dishes. While I make dinner. And while I blog (yup, it's on right now).

And guess what? If you don't have cable, you probably watch DVD's, and that counts too.

See ya.


Recurring Nightmare

Last night, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of my three recurring nightmares...
...I was in a dance recital, all dressed and on stage to perform dances that I had never learned. I haven't been in any form of dance performance for almost 5 years. Yet, I still get to have this lovely experience a few times a month.

Recurring Nightmare #2: Similar to the first, but I am enrolled in a college course and realize it is the end of the semester and I don't have a clue what the class was about. I graduated from college 3 years ago, yet this dream still comes as well.

Recurring Nightmare #3 (which comes less frequently, but I've been having it since I was a little girl): My family is at Sea World in the shark tunnel:
...and a GIGANTIC Great White shows up, breaks through the glass, and eats my Dad. Lovely.

Why? Oh why?

What are YOUR recurring dreams/nightmares?