Daddy is 27... and some other great news...

Today is Clint's 27th birthday! Getting frighteningly close to the end of the 20's.

As with most things around here, it didn't go as planned...

He had a rough day at work, my surprise for him tonight was leaked last night, and Dallas got some kind of flu and screamed most of the evening (and as result Clint's birthday dinner was McDonald's, yeah you read that correctly, because I had no energy or free hands to do anything better).

Regardless, I hope he felt loved -because he is - and one INCREDIBLE piece of news came of the day. We went to get an early ultrasound. Yeah, we like getting ultrasounds by amateurs in dingy strip malls. Don't judge.

The verdict is in and she is a SHE. Baby Norah, how we love you already. I'm pretty sure I hit a home run on this birthday present, even if its delivery was not seamless. Daddy could not have been happier.

We came home and celebrated with birthday cake which Dallas decorated all by himself in PINK sprinkles & candles, for his new little sister.

I love my little guy, I love my new little girl, and I REALLY love their Daddy. April 21st is the best day of the year if you ask this girl..



There's this line in a Jewel song that I have loved forever... "It doesn't take a talent to be mean". (P.S. Have I mentioned on here previously that she is my third cousin or something of that nature? I'm kinda proud of it. And yes, I would have those teeth too were it not for my parents getting me braces.)

NieNie's recent post got me thinking a lot about how easy it is for people to be mean over the internet/phone. I mean, are you kidding? Judging a burn victim for going to the salon to try to get herself prettied up? I know no one would have ever said those things to her face... how is an email any different?

On what I'd like to think is a much smaller scale, I have been guilty of it (see the uncalled for mention of Jewel's bad teeth above). When you don't have to look someone in the eye, it's just so much easier to say whatever you darn well please.

I've also been the victim of it. Anonymous uncalled for comments on this very blog have nearly caused me to quit the blogging business on more than a few occasions. (I know.. gasp)

It really REALLY REALLY does not not take a talent to be mean. It's just a ridiculous waste of time and a serious sign of cowardliness. So this is my public vow to be nice, even to the person on the other end of the tech support line who doesn't speak English and never actually answers my questions with whom I would normally lose my patience.


Minute To Win It

Have you watched this show yet? We are hooked and we are super embarassed about it. But if you live within a 50 mile radius of us, watch out because there just might be a Minute To Win It party happening at the Bishop res as soon as I get enough energy to plan it. I can't wait to watch all of my friends and neighbors do things like this:


You guessed it

Ringo & Rosie (middle name O'Donnell, naturally).

Bah. Thankfully, I am kidding :)


What's in a name?

Just a few more weeks til we get a peek at the "goods" (or lack thereof) between this baby's legs and I can delve into my obsessive planning. As a result of said craziness, this kid was named before it existed.

We were the same way with Dallas… if he was a girl he was to be called Britain (which we’re now not huge fans of, so things work out).

Here are clues to both our boy & girl names. Happy guessing!


I like the important holidays.

Despite my recent posts on recent holidays, I really am not a total Grinch. I love me some Easter, for example.

I love that the "Easter Bunny" (aka Clint... I hope no one under 10 reads my blog) had been coming home almost daily for the past month with new treats and surprises for the munchkin's Easter Basket, and was so excited to see him enjoy them.

I love that the aforementioned "Easter Bunny" came home with a sack full of Cadbury Eggs after the Priesthood Session of General Conference on Saturday for his fat, pregnant wife.

I love that for the past few weeks, I have been able to sing songs like "He Sent His Son" & "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" with the Primary kids. Something about hearing children sing their testimonies cannot be matched.

I love that I got to snuggle up with my family and listen to the words of the Prophets on such an appropriate day.

I love the fact that the Savior loves me and my family so much that He died and was risen for us. What a sad and pathetic life this would be if I didn't KNOW that I have been given the gift of eternity with my husband and children... thanks to a Redeemer who broke those bands of death for us. He lives. I know He does.


Today just got better...

...because my sweet husband just spent 5 minutes convincing me that buying myself a pair of shoes that I have been swooning over for days doesn't make me selfish and terrible. So, I will soon be rocking these:
...and suddenly everything feels better.

Can I please whine?

Most days I just brag about how my kid is cuter than yours etc, etc, etc....
Today my life should make you feel good about yourself.

Woke up too late to get ready so I feel ghetto.

Rushed out the door and barely even got to kiss my man goodbye -- closed-lipped, lame ;).

Drove to work in snow.

Had to leave my boy with his Nana (SO THANKFUL for Nana for taking him, but I miss him terribly).

Have been on the phone with screaming people at work for the last hour, only 7 more to go.

My mouth still tastes like the Zofran pill I took this morning and it's making me sick.

It's April Fool's Day which means I can't eat anything or walk around any corners without being terrified - the only redeeming quality of this day is that two people I love very much were born April 1 :).

I left my bed unmade, which always drives me bonkers all day.

Thanks for listening.