How beautiful is this?

All babies are beautiful and miraculous. But something about my newest niece who was born yesterday 7 weeks early, is so beyond beautiful to me.

All 4 pounds of her are perfectly formed, and that is beautiful.

It's beautiful that we live in a day where there are such amazing doctors who can help her continue to develop as she should, even though her arrival was a bit early.

It is beautiful to watch my son stare at her picture and ask me questions about her (he is naturally concerned about all of the medical equipment) - he loves her so much already.

And it is so beyond beautiful to think of my sweet little sister Stacie, who was born to be a mother, as her mother. She is so lucky to have such incredible parents.

Congratulations to the new little family.

Welcome, Lenna Rue Schaat. We love you so much and are praying hard for your speedy departure from the hospital. You are so beautiful, it literally brings me to tears.


A girl can dream...

I just want a day full of...
...Cafe Rio for lunch & my Mom's chicken parm for dinner
...matinee movies
...unlimited supply of Charleston Chews

And a day void of....
...child-rearing duties
...housekeeping duties

Too much too ask? Darn.


My gospel scholar

I had a little conversation with Dallas last night while laying in his bed about Jesus. We talked about how much He loves us and went through each of our family members and how we love Him too. Then it went as follows:
Dallas: "Jesus going to come back"
Me: "Yes, He is. He's going to come back and live with us and teach us, isn't he?"
Dallas: "Yeah, he wants show you"
Me: "Show you what?"
Dallas: "His owies"

I was simultaneously in awe and slightly creeped out (is that wrong?) Maybe creeped out isn't the right term, but it definitely gave me goosebumps.

I have three possible theories:
1. He has incredible Nursery leaders at church who teach him things I never thought to teach him yet.
2. He is just still really in tune with things of a heavenly nature.
3. He is a genius, and reads the scriptures on his own when I'm not looking.

*for more info on our beliefs, see here: http://mormon.org/mormonorg/eng/ I love what I know, and I love teaching it to my child(ren).