Alive and being kicked

My entire main page on my blog was pictureless (5 pictureless posts in a row). It looked boring so I am rectifying the situation. And, believe it or not, we have actually had some fun this summer. Here's lots of proof:



Just call my blog Joan Rivers. As in... facelift gone bad.

Sorry if your retinas have already been permenantly burned by the flourescent colors, they will be changed again as soon as I have time.

I am, however, loving Blogger's new tab options.


I am blessed far beyond what I deserve.
In every facet of my life.
Every single one.

I have a hard time knowing other people are stuggling in so many ways that I am not.
I have a hard time appreciating the blessings, instead of feeling guilt about them.
I have to be reminded and reminded again to just be grateful for what I have.

The pessimist inside me is often afraid of what horrendous trial I have ahead of me, since my path thus far has been so smooth.

I can count on one hand (one finger, really) the number of stones that have been thrown in my path in this life. It caused a detour on my lovely little smoothly paved path for sure, but even that detour has been full of lessons learned, blessings in disguise, and moments where I have never felt closer to the Lord as I travel it.

I am a bit backwards, I suppose.
Trials evoke gratitude for me, and so should the blessings.
I am so grateful.