Happy Halloween!


a sad day

At the urging of our pediatrician, we took Norah to see an Orthopedic specialist this morning for a "hip click". I didn't think it would be a big deal at all. Turns out I was wrong.

She was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Basically the ball at the top of her femur is outside of the hip joint in both of her legs. She now gets to wear this bad boy 24/7 for a minimum of three months:
It's called a Pavlik Harness and it basically forces her legs to stay in a position where the femur is in the correct position to correct the problem without major surgery.

It is horrible and I cry every time I look at her. Literally.

The vain part of me hates how it looks. I'll admit it. I hate that I can basically throw away every dress she owns that is smaller than 6 months because there is no way you can wear a dress in that thing.

I hate that every picture of her from age 1 month to at least age 4 months will be in that ugly thing.

But mostly I hate that everyone who walks past us in the grocery store will see the harness, and not the cute little body beneath it or the beautiful face above it.

I hate that people will stare and kids will ask questions.

I hate that I can't watch her lay on her back and kick her little legs like a normal baby.

I worry that with such limited mobility in the harness she will miss important milestones like rolling over.

I'm glad it is a problem that is fixable and that she will never remember it.

I know there are worse problems people deal with every day with their kids. I felt like a fool crying my eyes out as they fitted the harness on her.

But it is a big deal to me.


One month

Yesterday marked one month since Norah arrived. It feels like she has always been here -- just a part of our family. She celebrated by giving us her first real smile.

From the noises she makes to the way she holds her hands, it surprises me every day how innately feminine she is. She is my girl, and when I see her I look forward to the friend she will become as she grows older. I hope she loves me as much as I love my Mom. I hope we are best friends.

One month has flown by far too quickly. Next thing I know we will be shopping for prom dresses, and then wedding dresses. And I can't wait.

I love you, baby girl.


Dallas loves Jillian

Since the weather is getting colder, exercising outside is getting harder to do with both kids. So I summoned the help of my "challenge" friends and got some great suggestions. I've been running up and down my stairs like a buffoon at the suggestion of Trisha and thanks to Jeannie, I got started on Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.

Since I never get 5 minutes to myself, Dallas has been joining in. The only way i can describe how he feels about it is LOVE. He LOVES to put on his "exercise clothes". He LOVES to use his "weights" (they're spices that weight about 1 oz. each) and he asks to do it again every time it ends.

I LOVE to finish the workout and then sit on the couch and watch him do it all over again :)



Oh, how I love this duck.


Thanks, I grew it myself

Another huge thank you to the oh so talented Carrie. photographybydc.com


Schedules are overrated.

The baby honeymoon is over. Starting today I am back to work, back to a schedule, back to schlepping the big kid around to his activities.

It has been two and a half good solid weeks of pajamas all day, not cooking dinner because everyone was bringing it to me, and asking other people for favors. I'm not gonna lie, I kinda wish I could keep using the baby excuse to do nothing... but I think my time has run out.

I was a little sad about it when I went to bed last night. But I'm really not hating that I have already exercised, showered for the day, worked a little bit, and gotten the kids dressed and ready. I can do it. I can be human again.