We spent the entire weekend sick. My poor in-laws were still here and we bored them silly doing absolutely nothing but sitting and watching TV all weekend.
The only glimpse of good that came of it all was that we extended the long weekend because Clint stayed home from work yesterday.

I'm just not sure I will ever get better given my current schedule/routine. Y'know, never sleeping for longer than 3 consecutive hours...

Every morning I wake up and promise myself I will take a nap and then it never happens. Turns out nap time for the kids is the ONLY time during the day that I can get any work done. And, like all mothers, I spend their awake hours in an endless circle of preparing food (or nursing in Norah's case) and cleaning up the messes Dallas inevitably makes faster than I can keep up with him.

I think I will have this cold for the rest of my life.


You don't have to read this list but I have to write it...

Thankful for:

A husband who makes my marriage easy and who makes me smile every time he walks in the room.
Children who exhaust me.
Parents who I try to emulate every day.
Siblings who are my best friends.
In-laws who taught my husband well and love me.
Our jobs (and the jobs of our family members).
A warm home.
The gospel of Jesus Christ.
A healthy body.
Freedom to worship as I please.
Modern medicine.
The Internet.
Good books.
The comfortable bed I am about to go get in...


5 years

5 years
2 diplomas
5 jobs
4 cars
1 apartment
1 house
2 kids

A lot has changed since we were two little lovebirds in my Grandma's basement apartment doing homework and living off of canned chili and saltines.

It's been a good five years.

The tip of the iceberg.

I love you.


Norah's blessing

Norah received a name and a blessing yesterday. Clint gave her a beautiful blessing full of amazing promises, if she makes good choices throughout her life. I was so proud of them both.

We have the Bishops in town from Texas for Thanksgiving so we got to share the day with them as well as my family and it was a great day.

For my baby shower gift my Mom gave me her blessing dress. Rather than buy one off the rack, Stacie made it and it is perfect. Every last detail is flawless. Yes, she even made the little sweater.



I spent the afternoon with my sister Stacie making these:
They're adorable, right? I'm excited about them.

But mostly I had such a great day spending time with my sister. She's wonderful.



Someone had a birthday. Three years old.

He thought his birthday was on Monday when we had a bit of an early celebration at Nana & Pa's house. So when Saturday rolled around and we told him it was his REAL birthday he was completely confused. We had to convince him that it wasn't a whole new birthday and he wasn't now turning four.

I think I enjoyed his birthday more than he did. What can beat an entire day centered around this face?


oh, and another thing...

Stacie is also challenging and encouraging people to make their own beautiful and meaningful holiday gifts. Here are the details:

challenge objectives
1. To get you making your own gifts this holiday season
2. To encourage you to save money
3. To get it all done early

challenge dates
November 1, 2010 - December 18, 2010

Then when your projects are complete, go to the challenge page here and share what you have done, so we can all give each other even more ideas! I'm doing it! ...which means so can you. Your budget will love it. Your loved ones will love it.



My little sister Stacie got all of the talent in the family. She is unbelievably creative and crafty (and beautiful and sweet to boot), so I had to brag and make a shameless plug for her. She posts all kinds of tutorials on her website here:
And, if you are like me and haven't a crafty bone in your body, she will make beautiful things FOR you which you can find at her shop here (for a steal, might I add):

Here's a little sampling to make you drool...