I lurve you.

Hopefully you all use Google Reader. Otherwise you have seen a huge picture of my nasty foot every time you have checked my blog for the last 11 days. And for that... I apologize.

Just had to give a shout out to this guy:
... who entered my life six years ago today.

This is the first picture I ever saw of him.

We met on the world wide web, if you forgot. You probably didn't because you probably judge us for being such computer nerds and we don't even care.

It was the start of something good. Seriously... how could you NOT fall in love with those dimples??? They still make me weak in the knees.

I love your face, Clint BISHOP.


Use #56439879846 for duct tape

I have warts (not the STD kind). Three big ugly ones in a clump on the top of my left foot. My OBGYN commented on them at one of prenatal appointments... he said they looked like Mickey Mouse. Just what every woman wants to hear while her legs are up in stirrups.

I have tried doctors, countless over-the-counter solutions, apple cider vinegar.... you name it. The latest attempt:

Duct tape. (http://www.warts.org/duct-tape-wart-removal.html)

I'm not holding my breath.


...and I wished I were dead

Every Sunday Dallas comes home from church with a picture he has colored. It's great and lovely and I'm glad they do things like that with him in Primary. But seeing as I'm a bit anal about clutter, lots of days I wish he would lose the paper before we make it home. One less thing to keep track of, right? I just don't want to live in one of those houses where stacks of papers have taken over every square inch save a few narrow walkways (you know, you've seen the TV shows about houses like that).

This week, he came home with a darling picture. It really was. I put it on the fridge. A day later the refrigerator clutter got to me so I threw the picture in the garbage can while he was asleep.

Fast forward a few hours.

My well trained son is throwing away his fruit snacks wrapper and I hear the saddest, most pitiful voice I have ever heard say, "Mommy, you threw away my picture? It's not garbage Mommy." It was literally like a scene from a movie as his lip curled out and he walked toward me to make him feel better.

....and I wished I were dead.

...and the picture is back up on the fridge where it belongs.


Good News/Bad News (by Clint)

The Bad News: This little peanut has to go back into her harness FULL TIME for at least another month. I think Jana and I have grown accustomed to the last three weeks of her only wearing it at nights because we both shed tears over it (hers external and mine internal--because I am a MAN, after all).

The Good News: I'm just grateful to live at a time when we have wonderful doctors and that we've caught this issue pretty early. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing, wonderful, caring, beautiful, organized, funny, active, talented wife beside me with our two adorable children. Things aren't perfect. But they're perfect enough for me.


A good start to 2011

I got to spend a long weekend, mostly just at home, with my little family. It was nice and quiet and relaxing.

We got 9am church and didn't have to deal with a child who should have been napping during church time!

The gym was a zoo this morning, and it put a huge smile on my face. I love the new year - a fresh start and so many people so resolved to better themselves!

This morning I started another 8 week challenge (it's not too late for you to join in, although if you already had Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast you might miss a point or two ;)It feels really good to have already worked out, eaten a healthy breakfast and read my scriptures by 8am.

Just out of curiosity: How many of you, my lovely readers, are doing the challenge (or did the last one)??

Here's to 2011!