One {half} year older and wiser too

This little beauty is 6 months old today. It boggles my mind.

She is a bit small for age and a bit behind physically (thanks to the Pavlik harness), but that's just part of what makes her her and I love it. I feel so grateful to know that she will catch up... all in due time :)

But don't get me wrong... plenty has changed since she entered our worlds six short months ago. She sleeps at least 11 hours straight every single night and has for months. She eats her solids like a champ. She can hold her own bottle. she is binky-free and quite the thumb-sucker. She giggles at most everything Clint and Dallas do.

It's true what they say... time goes by so much faster as you get older. When I think about it, I really feel like she's going to be all grown up TOMORROW. Luckily that's not exactly true, so TODAY I am going to cherish my teeny tiny little girl, and secretly hope she doesn't catch up as quickly as she's expected to. Is that wrong?


Another three year old funny

Dallas (pointing to a birthmark on his foot): "what's this mom?"
Me: "it's a birthmark"
Dallas: "what's birthmark means?"
Me: "it's just a spot on your skin that you'll always have. Even when you grow up big. It makes you special."
Dallas: "what's special means?"
Me: "it means there's no one like you. "
Dallas (with a horrified heartbroken look on his face): "NO ONE LIKES ME???"

So sad. I am ruining my child.


A little "off"

You know that scene on The Office when Pam is living in New York for school and she and Jim can't get a hold of each other and even when they do talk they are just a little "off" for the day.

Is it normal to feel that in a real life marriage?

Not that anything is wrong. I don't need a bunch of meals showing up on my porch from the Relief Society because I made everyone think my marriage was failing. I REPEAT: WE ARE STILL VERY HAPPILY MARRIED :) In fact, it's probably a really good sign that it's been bothering us both...

Life is just so insanely busy with multiple kids, multiple jobs, church callings and school. For the last few weeks, I literally almost never saw Clint. We slept in the same bed every night, but our schedules just never matched.

When we finally did spend few hours in the same house on Saturday, weird things kept coming up that I normally would have told him already... things the kids had done, things I had talked to my family about, small items of family business that needed attended to. But we were so out of the loop from each others' worlds.

I realized how lonely that made me feel. I missed the ONE person I have talked about everything to (good and bad) for years. I just feel like life is a little "off" right now and I want it back. I want 20 minutes to sit down and talk to my best friend.


Take 2

Yesterday Norah got the green light to be harness free up to 12 hours a day (she still has to wear it at night and for naps). They did this once a few months ago, if you recall, and then put her back in it... so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. But for now we are enjoying it oh so much. It's funny how that silly apparatus has made me appreciate tiny little things that I would have taken advantage of without it. Some examples:

Yesterday, she wore shoes.

Today, she is wearing a skirt (that I made for her for Christmas and she has not been able to wear until now).

Her legs are the tiniest, shortest (sorry I passed that gene on), cutest things I've ever seen.

I can actually see her little pink painted toes.

When she sits in her car seat her feet go all the way to the edge (In general, she seems SO much taller when she's not all curled up in the harness).

We went to the grocery store last night and NOT ONE person asked "Awww, what happened to her?"

So long Pavlik Harness. You will not be missed. And you are not welcome back.


The reverse mullet

Norah's hair is terrifying. Bald everywhere but a tuft on top. I feel like if I cut the top, it will look like a little boy haircut. Not to mention the Dennis the Menace hairs in the back that never lay down. Ever. Exhibits A and B:

To add insult to injury, she is becoming intolerant of headbands, so most days she just looks homeless. Like so:

Until I spent the evening crafting it up and came up with this:

It's working for now, and she is rocking it.

Girls are so much pressure, no? You throw a pair of jeans and a hat on a little boy and he's cute as can be. But an unkempt girl is her mother's fault... I'm not a huge fan of the pressure.