A new phase

Today is Clint's first day at his new job here:(LDS Church Office Building)

We are SOOO excited about this new opportunity. It is a fantastic job in a fantastic place and in contrast to his previous job/company which did nothing but bring a whole lot of trauma into his life (and mine), it is a pretty exciting change. And I am more than a little proud of my man. Plus, honestly, is there ANYWHERE cooler you could work than for the Church? I would argue that there is not.

He did leave me with this disclaimer, however: "Just so you know, I'm on the top floor. So basically if terrorists ever decide to attack the Church, I'm a dead man." Thanks for the heads up, babe.


my excuse

"Blogs are out, but people are texting each other..."
- Ryan Howard,
The Office

...I'm not gonna lie, I kind of agree.


Run For Lindsey

Lindsey Karr is my adorable neighbor who is battling brain tumors. She and her husband, Josh, have had a year I can't even imagine going through but are always SO positive and are such an amazing example of "Living Through Laughter". She wrote out her life motto and it brings me to tears every single time I read it:

Laughter is transformational. It can take the dreariest of life’s moments and change them in an instant to something that eases heartache and suffering. Laughter is contagious. It can cause others who are filled with doubt and worry to become lighter and more joyful. Laughter is an attitude. Finding humor in situations that would normally cause anger or despair is healing for both body and soul. This is something that it has taken me 10 years, four brain surgeries, two series of radiation, seizures, shunts, and pirates to learn. When I was 14 I had brain surgery to remove a giant tumor that had taken up residence in my left frontal lobe. Then at 16 it happened again. And yet again at 18. This time, after surgery, the doctors decided that radiation was the best course for eradicating any lingering tumor cells. So the tumor cells that had dwelled in my brain decided to pack up and move south. I didn’t realize that these rare cells were able to travel through my spinal/cranial fluid. So after a few years of being healthy, I was surprised to discover that I had five new tumors along my spinal column. They were the same type of tumors as before, but inoperable. All of this was discovered over a five month period, during which I was in immense pain, which led to seizures, which led to the neuro ICU for a week, which led to a fourth brain surgery; this time to put in a shunt. Radiation treatments began as soon as my body could handle them. I also was bed-ridden, needed 24 hour care, had no control over my bodily functions, and was losing weight like crazy. (I know what you’re thinking, ladies, and this is NOT the way to lose it!) I couldn’t sit-up, and I couldn’t see, and migraine-level headaches were constant. And yet somehow, through everything that I was suffering, I was gifted with the ability to see the humor in situations. And to laugh, and encourage those with me to laugh. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely days when I cried as well. Yet I was able to move past the darker, gloomier clouds in my life and see sunshine. Life is not so serious that we cannot take a moment to enjoy blessings, or experience gratitude, or see the little funny things that happen on a daily basis. Search for the erratic, the ironic, and the slapstick comedy of life. Because you know what? Laughter truly is the best medicine.

You can check out Lindsey's blog here: forlindsey.blogspot.com

A 5K has been organized for her for May 14 and I wanted to get the word out for everyone to come join in the fun!

I'm stealing the post right off of her blog, because they have all the info in there :)

We are so excited to announce RUN FOR LINDSEY 5k! Lindsey has touched and influenced lives everywhere, and this is our chance to give back.

May 14, 2011
Inlet Park in Saratoga Springs, UT
Race will begin at 9am
Registration is $15 per entry
visit: http://runforlindsey.com/ for more information

A Living Through Laughter T-Shirt is available to purchase for $10. This shirt shares Lindsey's motto with the world. The first 50 participants to sign up for the race will receive a t-shirt included in their registration fee. In an effort to raise as much money to pay for Lindsey's medical bills, 100% of the proceeds from the race registry and t-shirt sales will go to Lindsey. Shirts will be available to everyone.

Where ever you may be, coast to coast, you can share Lindsey's message and her story by wearing a Living Through Laughter tee!
Many companies are sponsoring the race and Lindsey's cause and we invite all companies interested in sponsorship to inquire by emailing sponsor@runforlindsey.com. All sponsors will be featured on runforlindsey.com, sponsors donating $100+ will have their logo on the back of the Living Through Laughter Tee, and will be recognized by thousands as a supporter of Josh and Lindsey Karr.

Please visit www.runforlindsey.com to register for the race or purchase Living Through Laughter t-shirts.

Because together, we can help the Karrs!

Ways to donate:
2. Support Lindsey through Deals That Matter. Local charities have raised thousands of dollars in a weeks time, but this was only made possible because supporters share the information with everyone they know.

Run for Lindsey Button: Post this button with a link to runforlindsey.com on your blog.