I am one of the ninety and nine

Living where I do, it is easy to feel like an ant in an ant hill.

Hi, my name is Jana and I'm a stay at home mom and an active member of my Church.

...Just like nearly every.single.woman. on my street, in my neighborhood, in my town, in my county, in my state.

I am one of the ninety and nine
I’m not perfect, but basically I’m doing fine
I have not lost my way I have not gone astray
I’m just one of the ninety and nine

It's easy to feel lost in the crowd. To feel like nothing I do is highly significant. I'm not the beacon on a hill that I might be if I lived elsewhere. People don't need my example, because they already do what they do better than I do.

I am here in the heart of the fold
I’m not mindless, but I try do as I’m told
I’m not tempted to run
and become the lost one
I am here in the heart of the fold

But today the thought came to me that, yes, "I am one of the ninety and nine", and that's okay. If it weren't for people like me there would be no fold. There's someone who thinks my contribution is significant. HE knows that being one of the ninety and nine isn't easy. HE knows I made this conscious decision to be faithful. HE thinks I stand out and sees me in a slightly different shade of white from the rest of the fold.

You are one of the ninety and nine
Have you any idea how brightly you shine?
You are safe in his fold
and it’s time you were told
That I know where you’ve been so I know where you’ll be
Because all of your life you’ve been following me
You are more than just one of the sands of the sea
Or just one of the ninety and nine
You are mine

**lyrics, Ninety and Nine, Michael McLean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjt2w9spiwU


Don't mind if I do shamelessly brag

We all know that's what this is, so I'm just putting it out there.

Saturday I woke up at 2:30am, headed out the door with some awesome friends, froze my butt off waiting for a few hours, and then ran 13.1 beautiful miles. It was SO not as bad as I expected it to be (although my old lady hip disagreed yesterday).

Here are my stats:
Finish Time 2:29:08 (my goal was 2:30:00. Barely pulled that one off.)
11:23 average mile pace
183/282 for females in my age group
1390/1949 total racers (male and female)

So to sum it up, I'm slow. And it doesn't make me any less proud of my accomplishment. I trained hard, I crossed the finish line, and I kind of loved it. So here's to hopefully many more half marathons and to still thinking anyone who wants to run a full marathon is bat crazy.


I hate thinking of witty titles

Get this. In my 4+ years of blogging I have NEVER gone an entire month post-less... until now. Sorry, May 2011. "Things" happened. I just seem to have lost my vigor. What happened to my once almost-daily blogging habit? Perhaps my life just used to be more interesting. Here are the "things". In no particular order.

***Miss Norah's hips were pronounced "perfect" today. Which means the saga is over. Checkups a few times a year throughout her childhood, but besides that we are home free. She still isn't anywhere near crawling, or even rolling really, but she has started locking her knees in standing position and bearing weight on her legs which is HUGE. I cannot express how grateful I am for modern medicine. I think I will cry when she steps into her first dance class and I get to watch her use her little body like every child should be able to. (I tried to upload an adorable video of her laughing, but I gave up after AN HOUR. Um, blogger, it's not 1997 and I don't have dial up internet. )

***Big D did T-Ball and pretty much loved it. He was an absolute midget compared to every other kid on his team. Poor little guy. He also finished up gymnastics for the year and had his final performance. It was adorable. Clint has made it very clear to me that this is a hobby for his preschool years only. Whatevs.

***Joy school ended (with a bang... at the smelly petting zoo). Good news: lots of stress off my shoulders. Bad news: It means the start of forrealz preschool in the fall. He's basically gonna graduate from high school next week at this rate. Why oh why?

**Dallas surprised me one day by showing me he could do this all on his own: No joke, I did not teach him and had no idea he had such mad skills.

**Clint is doing fantastic at his new job (duh). I love that he doesn't wake up grumpy and nauseous every morning anymore.

***There is now evidence in our home that Norah exists, thanks to new family photos. You probably already saw them on FB and I'm too lazy to upload them here. But they are awesome, thank you Carrie!

***I lost sleep for almost a week after watching the "Sister Wives" get driven out of Utah. I'm not an advocate of polygamy, I just hate watching history repeat itself. It really bugged me. A lot.

***I broke 2 iPhones in 2 days (that's a story for another day) and had to live like a cave woman for a whole month. I nearly cried when it finally got replaced. It was pathetic, really.

***T minus 5 days until my half marathon. Cue butterflies in my stomach.