my pride & joy

Early this year I was called onto the Relief Society board in my ward over Provident Living. It was short lived. I was probably in less than 6 months before Primary sucked me back (I say that jokingly... I love Primary). But 6 months was the perfect amount of time to put a bee in my bonnet about such important things as food storage, emergency preparedness, and gardening. All of which I am naturally terrible at and completely uninterested in. So, this spring I planted my "garden". I live in a town home with no yard, so it's really 3 pots by my front porch. (Let me preface the rest of this by saying I kill plants. A lot. I love me some fake plants in my house, cuz the real thing just ain't gonna last. So this is a big deal).


Yeah, my first success. It turned into this... and it was mmm, mmm, good.

I really can't understand how this makes me so proud. I mean, I did grow 2 kids and this should pale in comparison. But I burst with pride when I look at these pictures. It's weird, I know.


Free PDF pattern this week!

Remember my fantastically talented little sister over at ReadJame? Well, this week only she is giving away a FREE pdf pattern for her one size fits newborn-toddler "bandana dresses" to anyone who becomes a follower of her blog AND/OR adds her button to their blog AND/OR blogs about her blog AND/OR posts her link on Facebook.

Let me just attest that if you have a little girl you NEED this pattern. Okay, I haven't made any because I have the hookups and she has given me more than a few of them, but Stacie claims they are pretty easy to make ;) But they are honestly a little girl wardrobe staple. The ONLY dress that fit Norah properly when she came home from the hospital. And now she STILL wears them as a very very fat little 10 month old (she wears it as a skirt now). The. best. ever. Don't believe me? Here are pics of Norah in them then and now.

And a picture of Stacie's 14 month old and her newborn both wearing them:
So head on over here: http://www.readjame.com/2011/07/bandana-dress-pdf-pattern-free-this.html and check it out!


My new favorite quote:

"The gospel is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable" -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland quoting President Harold B. Lee

How true is that?? No matter what your "gospel" or your "truth" is, isn't that exactly what it should do? We are comforted by our beliefs when times are hard and we need an extra "push". But when things are good, it again gives us a "push" to go BEYOND, to be better, to work harder.

I know my gospel "afflicts" my comfort at times (paying tithing, feelings of inadequacy, knowing I could be doing more and teaching my children more, etc), but it has also comforted me in times of affliction which is well worth it all.

You have to climb the peak to see the view.