Student wife

Starting today, I am once again a student wife. Clint is finishing up a few prerequisites in preparation to start his MBA program next year. I am proud of him, and super nervous for both of us. He is still going to be working full time, which means he will be insanely busy and I will be insanely alone with the kids A LOT. It's the right thing for our family and the right time to do it, but it's still frightening. It feels like it's been forever since we had to worry about homework and test deadlines. Good news is, I feel like everyone's husbands are in school lately, so I will have plenty of shoulders to cry on when I need it, right ladies? ;)

(I'm also secretly jealous because I am DYING to go back! One day.....)


Worry wart

Dallas is a very cautious child. He worries and frets and worries some more. It takes a lot of time and thought to decide what slides are safe at the playground. He makes sure everyone has a seat belt on every time we get in the car. He plans ahead: He talks daily about the ten children he wants to have when he grows up and comes up with lists of all of the things he will need "ten of" (ie ten scooters, ten toothbrushes, ten beds, etc...)

And his latest worry..... losing teeth....

"Mom, I don't want my teeth to fall out when I'm ten years old."


My Norah

My *almost* one year old is finally beginning to attempt crawling...

May not seem like a big deal (in fact, you might even say it's about time!), but for the little girl who was stuck in this thing...
...until she was almost 9 months old, it is a MASSIVE deal.

In 2.5 months she has learned to bear weight on her legs and will stand against furniture, learned to roll over, and now is *this close* to crawling. I could not be more proud of this one.


I can't keep up

Why can't I be one of those moms where every single picture is perfect and professional? Instead I get pictures like this...

...adorable subjects, terrible pictures. Okay, so it's 50% because I take every single picture on my phone and don't own a nice camera and 50% because even if I did own that camera somehow my pictures wouldn't measure up anyway.

Thanks HEAVENS for faces like the one above that trump good picture quality any day.


No big deal.

I just spent that afternoon with Michelle Branch. Up close and personal.

My husband is the radio contest king and it paid off big this time.

I have video. Good video. But blogger+video=no bueno. Anyone else have that issue? If you know me, I'll post video to Facebook.


The massacre

Remember this post about my lovely little tomatoes?

Just days later, tragedy struck. Dallas and I went outside to water our little garden one afternoon. About an hour later, Clint returned from work with a handful of little green tomatoes in his hands... Little green tomatoes that had been plucked from my tomato plant, taste tested one by one by a neighbor child, and then discarded on my front porch (which I was too beside myself to remember to take a picture of). I'm not going to lie... I grieved. Literally: depression,denial, anger -- the whole shebang.

Once I completed the grieving process, the tomatoes were moved to the back "yard" (shhhh don't tell the neighbor kids) for safer keeping. We are making some progress in starting over, and I'm beginning to think my life will go on. Maybe.


the library

Do you remember going to the library when you were a kid? I seriously loved it. It felt so big and magical. Free books and a nice old lady reading to me in a circle with my friends? Yes please. Also, I would LOVE to go back to the San Ramon City Library next time I am in California and take a gander at that place again... I'd bet big money that it's actually pretty tiny.

Recently our city opened a "library". Yes, the quotation marks are on purpose. It makes me laugh almost every time I go. It is so tiny I don't even think the skewed view of my 3 year old thinks it's big. But he certainly thinks its magical.

The best part: it's like a 5 minute walk from my house. And I get to look at this when I look down on the stroller all the way there. Hand holding all the way there. Every time.

And we come home looking like this.

I love the library.