"We are marching toward better days"

"What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?  How else can we put ourselves in harmonious relation with the great verities and consolations of the infinite and the eternal?  And I avow my faith that we are marching towards better days.  Humanity will not be cast down.  We are going on swinging bravely forward along the grand high road and already behind the distant mountains is the promise of the sun."
 -Winston Churchill 

Romney/Ryan 2012


I need to change my blog header. It will probably happen never.

9 weeks and 2 days ago we welcomed this little nugget into our family.
Jude Russell Bishop
June 18, 2012
6lb 14oz, 20.5 inches

He is nothing shy of pure perfection.  Honestly.  What baby comes out with a huge mop of long blonde hair?  Weirdest thing ever and we love it.

Since I last posted, we also moved into our house.  We have had people asking for pics.  I promise to get those pictures up sometime before the mortgage is paid off in 30 years.  And very likely not a moment sooner.


Too many words.

It has been a frustrating few months. That house we went under contract on in February? Still not moved in. Turns out it never had a certificate of occupancy (even though it's 5 years old) because there is a bit of grading that needs done in the yard and there are two back decks that need to be built to bring it up to code. We have been not-so-patiently waiting for slow city workers and even slower bank workers (it is a foreclosure) to cut through all the red tape and get it done so we can close.... And we're still waiting. With a baby coming in just a few weeks, my patience has been thin. But we love the house, and it's such a good deal that it's worth the wait. So baby boy will be born without any of the baby supplies I was sure I needed with my last two babies (everything we own is in a storage unit completely inaccessible). I'm hoping it will just be a lesson in how superfluous a lot of those "things" are anyway. He'll have diapers, a pack of white onesies, and his mama to feed him. Hopefully that covers it for the first few weeks or months. The positive side to all of this has been the immense gratitude I have come to feel. When I get frustrated, I can't help but roll my eyes at myself and remind myself how many people would do much more than wait a few months longer than they'd hoped in order to be able to raise their family in a beautiful home in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Tough life I have (sense the sarcasm). I have parents who have let us overstay our welcome in their home and have never once made us feel unwelcome. They are my heroes. And I have a beautiful baby on his way, who will not care or even know that he doesn't have his very own perfectly decorated nursery or a different outfit for every day of the first year of his life. He will know nothing more than that he has a family who Loves every ounce of his teeny little self. And that's what matters.


Remember me?

Yeah. Me neither. We are still alive and kicking. Since I last posted... ...We found out our baby is a boy. Just about 11 weeks until little Jude enters our world. ...We bought ourselves a house. Just waiting for some repairs to be done, and hoping to close and move by the end of this month. ...Norah has turned her little self from baby to toddler. With all the joy and terror that comes with it. ...Dallas is reading his first words. Simple and few, but what???? I didn't sign up for this growing up thing. ...I have become a grad school widow. I seriously never see Clint. I hope he still remembers us in 2.5 years when it's over. I am panicking over all of the impending changes in our little world. All for the best, but life has been pretty comfy cozy for the last year or so and I am bracing myself for the coming months. Until my next post, friends. Which will likely be when Dallas graduates from high school :)


The year 20-something...

Is it wrong to say that my days/weeks/months/years really blend together since becoming a stay at home mom? Kinda feels like the movie "Groundhog Day" sometimes. I'm not sure why that is, because it really is a crazy time of life! So, true to form, 2011 felt pretty uneventful despite being packed with chaos, but I will count that as a blessing. We went on a cruise (Clint's first) and have been itching to get back ever since. Clint started his new job at the LDS Church. I ran my first half marathon and was so hooked that I ran another a month later. Clint went back to school to begin work on his graduate degree. We celebrated one year with our beautiful Norah and 4 years with Dallas. We marked 5 years in our townhouse and then rented it out and moved in with my parents while we house hunt. And one day after moving, we found out we are expecting #3. 2012 promises to be exciting, and inevitably more stressful as we move into a new home, welcome a new baby, and Clint officially starts his MBA program. I hope to grow as a mother, shrink as a person (after giving birth), and continue to be blessed with more than I deserve. Bring it on!