Remember me?

Yeah. Me neither. We are still alive and kicking. Since I last posted... ...We found out our baby is a boy. Just about 11 weeks until little Jude enters our world. ...We bought ourselves a house. Just waiting for some repairs to be done, and hoping to close and move by the end of this month. ...Norah has turned her little self from baby to toddler. With all the joy and terror that comes with it. ...Dallas is reading his first words. Simple and few, but what???? I didn't sign up for this growing up thing. ...I have become a grad school widow. I seriously never see Clint. I hope he still remembers us in 2.5 years when it's over. I am panicking over all of the impending changes in our little world. All for the best, but life has been pretty comfy cozy for the last year or so and I am bracing myself for the coming months. Until my next post, friends. Which will likely be when Dallas graduates from high school :)

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diana said...

Yay for baby Jude!!