I need to change my blog header. It will probably happen never.

9 weeks and 2 days ago we welcomed this little nugget into our family.
Jude Russell Bishop
June 18, 2012
6lb 14oz, 20.5 inches

He is nothing shy of pure perfection.  Honestly.  What baby comes out with a huge mop of long blonde hair?  Weirdest thing ever and we love it.

Since I last posted, we also moved into our house.  We have had people asking for pics.  I promise to get those pictures up sometime before the mortgage is paid off in 30 years.  And very likely not a moment sooner.


Sarah said...

cute! and congratulations!!

trish said...

Oh I miss him. Those pics just make me want to reach through the screen and squeeze him. I love how his little foot is hanging over the basket :) And how is it possible that he is already 9 weeks old??

Natalie said...

Ur kids are so beautiful and they have the best names! When I finally have kids can I just copy u? ;)